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  1. Looking forward to hampden ??! 9-1 in the last two games hate to think what it’ll be after the next one, what an easy win
  2. Hahahahahaha looking forward to hampden ??!
  3. Can always rely on the wee team to help us turn things around ♥️
  4. Too much time at Celtic park mate, always cheated never defeated
  5. Did you watch it when we won 5-1 or you that much of a part time fan you didn’t show up ?
  6. Aye gutted hibs aren’t in the final, would be lovely to get another 5-1
  7. Hibs crying to be relevant when watching their parent club in the final is the highlight of their season
  8. Hibs’d it as usual, at least you’s have a final to look forward to
  9. hearts winning the new year derby at Easter road hibs fans being racist as usual total joke of a club
  10. There’s normal class There’s first class then there’s hibs class rsg dolled by the Jambos in their own back garden as usual
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