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  1. Airdrie v East Fife

    I think sir you are a p***k End of
  2. Airdrie v East Fife

    I'm sure those boys know where the golden rivet is...........
  3. Yes I'm actually a dog typing this, better spelling than you though
  4. Is nobody else no getting a bit sick of this twat? Humour it is not.....
  5. Correct, I think this boy comes under the most feckin rocket we have seen,.... if he wants he can come and gives us his views at the game... I've got my normal seat so will wait... . One of my son's partner is polish if you need help, my nephew is spanish, can do norwegian too , help with the grasp of language
  6. Jack Harper

    Meant to post earlier, spoke to a few guys at malagueno game last week , jack was superb for the b team last year and deserved his move into the big team (he's still listed in the b team). They reckoned him playing of a striker is the biz.... And they have nil points and just 2 goals this season with him not there! - although all of the team bar 1 are 22 or under
  7. Israel v Scotland

    Radio said 10 thousand and about 200 odds - israiels voted with their feet apparently coz they are pants.....
  8. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    Hurrah, another defeat and we could be bottom......
  9. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    So Raith Arbroath draw, best result.... oh wait a minute ....... how long can this go on.......
  10. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    Ffs yet again week after week , thank feck in I'm spain... Can someone pass on that Findas is a fud......
  11. Jack Harper

    Was hoping to see him on Sunday at Atlético Malagueño , but he's in the big team now..... Will try and see what the locals think
  12. Airdrieonians v. Brechin

    Unfortunately I'll be watching Atlético Malagueño on Sunday, so gonna have to miss....
  13. With the conditions the remit was simple - try and hit the fecking target..... why leave Conroy out? He could have had a shot or too, and was it wilke taking the corners, pish.... FINDUS DOES NOT HAVE A FUCKIN CLUE
  14. Arbroath vs Airdrie

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to a pie today....... But to be honest it was crap, sold out of the black puddny things, steaky but undercooked and not very good And football it's not too difficult.... we're hitting with the wind, try and hit the fucking target, oh wait findus leaves Conroy on the bench , so no good corners or range shots in goal, 1 down at half time was always going to favour Arbroath who knew how to approach it and take their chances FINDUS IS A FUD if I wasn't in Spain next week I'd have a banner, but may give it to Pesadilla
  15. Arbroath vs Airdrie

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to a pie today.......