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  1. I'll be there with couple of others.... Any dumbarton chaps want a scarf for their bairn that I acquired at hospitality years ago...... no cat included
  2. Assume you mean your own stadium then , carpetright's in Falkirk.... Nice prediction Good luck getting out of the carpark
  3. Was just going to be my question too, away stand? But obviously still minus 10.......
  4. Yep, watching Zico in his finest hour.... if he'd scored after that mazy run he'd be even more heroic.... Chris Waddle .. at Falkirk! .. spoke to him during the summer in Spain, he wouldn't fit in Brockvillle now .... a particularly greasy pie which actually had more grease than pie and immediately froze on ground contact..... and (as will cheer up Pesadilla) making a complete a**e of myself Good times
  5. I've just sat down to watch malaga WTF happened there? Has Murray really ficked it up? Will I be throwing my season ticket at him next week? Will be going Pesadila in the pub?
  6. I think we be fecked next year if these are the level of 'signings'........
  7. Leyton orient then....this was their aniversary/poppy day strip in November, although only a v it's great, with no sponser and it's avec, when their supplier was Nike.....
  8. Has Murray? His remit should have ebeen to finish better than the p**h we are watching now.... crap loan players, and they are, doesn't work....
  9. Nah mate ... changed from airdrie United ...you obviously have no understanding of scottish football
  10. At least learn to read an look at more than one article and copy and paste the right thing..... "The club's official name was changed in 2013 with the approval of the SFA to the traditional name of Airdrieonians"
  11. I think our pitch stands up a lot better than some other clubs after the usage it's had ... livi and kill look terrible... and obviously it's a home win..
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