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  1. Wouldn't want that shift in the arse end of December 🥶
  2. This was just uploaded to YouTube, unbelievable scenes
  3. Club should be selling PPV for this #boxoffice
  4. http://bettermeddle.org.uk/archive/match.php?season=1984&id=204&type=1 Not much use for the Clyde team but some more match details above
  5. Sick Boy right again @ewan_fife with the prize
  6. Looking forward to watching this double act all season #ChuckleBrers
  7. Good chance it could be! I'm on the laptop just now I got the This page is not working too, but when I went to falkirkfc.tv I was logged in, teething issues it seems I've got the game page up with a countdown now, actually the video feed just popped up now, huzzah
  8. HTH I know some of you might not have Twitter but any issues with Falkirk TV I've had they've been swift to respond if you DM them https://twitter.com/Falkirktv
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