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  1. I think they are both belters, pwopa naughty 90's style 👏
  2. Forfar chairman confirming he wants the Navy Blue Pound next year #somoney
  3. COVID19 has significantly higher mortality rate than the flu. Unlike the flu you can be contagious for weeks without developing symptoms, nobody is immune to the virus, and there’s no vaccine — so many more people will end up catching it than those who catch the flu if we don’t act. There's potential for enormous chunks of the population needing medical care at once. Larbert hospital for example doesn’t have the space (860 beds), equipment, or staffing to have thousands of people in A+E at once. With the Falkirk areas 65-75+ population of 30,000, even 1%+ of that is going to be a disaster resource wise. People with coronavirus or normal flu who would otherwise survive will die because there isn’t space for them, or there’s a delay in getting the necessary treatment. Another factor is people with unrelated problems who aren't able to get treated. It's absolutely worth it for this sustained period of battening down the hatches to save lives and help the NHS. America for example If the worst-case estimates do happen, over 1.5 million Americans die from COVID19. America and Britain's total civilian and military loss over WW2? — 870,300 people Keep Calm and Carry On though eh! 🇬🇧
  4. https://www.opera.com/features/free-vpn Opera Browser has one built in, use it all the time for FTV
  5. Alan Archibald at the game, scouting their play off rivals no doubt
  6. If Lee Miller scores I'll be helicoptering up and down the West Stand
  7. Get in touch with them on Twitter or email [email protected] and they’ll get you sorted
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