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  1. Off to Patricks, should be the link they need
  2. I can exclusively reveal (leak) that the home strip is navy blue #itk
  3. All aboard… HMS Piss the League now departing x
  4. We're back baby All about the Falkirk x
  5. Goalkeeper Paddy Martin - June 2023 Luke Holt - June 2023 Defenders Paul Watson - June 2023 Blair Sneddon - June 2023 Ryan Williamson - June 2023 Brad Mckay - June 2024 Leon McCann - June 2024 Midfielders Callumn Morrison - June 2024 Steven Hetherington - June 2023 Aidan Nesbitt - June 2023 Craig Mcguffie - June 2023 Seb Ross - June 2023 Strikers Jaime Wilson - June 2023 Finlay Malcolm - June 2023 Still get the fear looking at what's left
  6. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2022/05/03/first-team-squad-update-2/ We can announce that the following players will depart Falkirk Football Club at the end of their contracts: Robbie Mutch Paul Dixon Aaron-Taylor Sinclair Cammy Williamson Mackenzie Lemon Gary Miller Charlie Telfer Ben Weekes Samuel Ompreon Leigh Griffiths. The Club can confirm that Anton Dowds has signed a pre-contract with Partick Thistle and will also leave Falkirk at the end of his contract. The following players have returned to their parent clubs at the end of their loan agreement: Jevon Mills Keaghan Jacobs Jaze Kabia The Club wishes to thank each player for their service and wishes them the very best for the future.
  7. Time to fire up the greenie machine x
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