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  1. And have been directly responsible for most of the goals conceded this season.
  2. For me the problem starts at the back. They've sat far too deep all season (Dallison is the biggest culprit). This brings our midfield deep, which leaves the forwards isolated. The defence then compounds the issue by launching the ball long whenever they get it. This means the forwards have to hold it up for a long period if the midfield (not the quickest) are ever going to get up in support. What generally happens is the forwards don't hold it up, the opposing team wins the ball then pass through the lines and we're under pressure again. We will never score goals or create chances playing in this manner. The defence needs to push up 10 yards for us to even start to look like a team. The only issue with this is pace at the back, though with Mcghee back in the centre it might be a bit better. As it stands, the midfield have no chance of creating anything and the forwards are getting no service.
  3. I don’t disagree with a lot you’re saying, but I think the elite thing is a game changer in terms of recruitment of players and I can see why smaller clubs are just thinking ‘we’ll pick up the drop-outs’. Clubs like Falkirk need several scouts watching all the elite academy games so they know this market inside out. Personally, I’d keep the big clubs away from the young kids as I think they get a better chance at Falkirk, Livi etc.
  4. But, I think the issue is will Falkirk get these players at pro-youth level now that the elite academy system is in place and secondly Celtic, Rangers, Hearts are all looking to poach anyone you do have before they sign pro forms.
  5. The problem Falkirk and all other teams with academy's outwith the elite are/were going to have is that the elite academies are going to hoover up all the best players, even more so than before. They are going to be sell it that only by playing in the top tier are you going to develop to be the best player you can be. So, Falkirk and all the other non-elite clubs are going to struggle to recruit players and if by chance they do, Celtic, rangers, etc will come along and take them and pay minimum compensation. It'll barely be worth running an academy for the return. Alternatively, clubs like Falkirk can wait on the drop-outs from the elite academies at 18/19/20 and sign them then and give them the platform to play first team football and develop from there. Take Zak Rudden, Andy Irving. They might not make it in the first team at Rangers and Hearts, but they might at Falkirk if they get released. That's where Falkirk and the rest have to look. And, it doesn't cost the running of an academy.
  6. It’s a loan signing. Although, quitongo could be decent if fit.
  7. Young striker will be coming in too.
  8. have said the same 're the throw in on our thread. what you don't see from the highlights is the exact same thing happened 5 mins earlier so Irving was warned. he's a good young player though and one of our bad bunch I'd still be happy to give a starting slot to. Hartley hooked both he and Harrison at half time and I'm sure it's because they were mainly at fault for queens two first half goals While I don't think it looks great on Irving, if you look at the first throw-in, Dallison is picking up Dobbie and Irving is on the thrower. Roberts tells Dallison to pick up Harkins at the next one. I don't think Irving even knows Dobbie is now free. One other thing, why would you let an 18 year old midfielder whose weakest part of his game is defending pick up Stephen Dobbie..? Surely Roberts should have marked Harkins at the second throw-in and brought Irving in front and left Dallison with Dobbie..?
  9. Fasan Muirhead Harrison Russell McGhee Paton Irving Robson Frox or greenwood Haber Lewis Put russell in the centre defence as he has a bit of pace and it might allow the defence to push further up the park. Less distance then for the midfield to cover to protect the defence and support the attack. At the moment there is far too big a gap between the defence and the attack. If the defence can push up 10-20yards, the midfield and defence won’t be as exposed and the forwards might get some support. The worry is the ball over the top, but hopefully Russell can cover.
  10. Dead simple, defence plays way too deep because they’ve no pace through the middle. It results in a massive gap between the defence and the forwards that the midfield (who are not the quickest either) cannot hope to bridge. Dallison doesn’t want to defend, he wants the midfield to do his job for him. No mate, you mark your man, take responsibility. Hartley needs to recognise this. If the defence sits too deep, it concedes the whole park to the opposing team. We should have done that to queen of the south. Dobbie doesn’t have the legs from the half way line.! personally, I’d put Russell to centre defence for a bit of pace, drop dallison and put robson to left side.
  11. If you watched the rangers boys last night they played like an academy team. Good movement, kept the ball on the deck but lacked the aggression and physicality of men’s football. They’re the two things academy football doesn’t have and two of the key components in the men’s game. When an academy boy steps into men’s football he has to learn the difference very quickly and how to adapt. In a lot of cases (ie Sammut ) they’re probably playing with poorer players technically and having to deal with the physicality and aggression. He’d probably have been more comfortable playing in the rangers team last night. He needs to learn quickly.
  12. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Took them a while though...
  13. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Are they paying the minimum wage yet to their employees..?
  14. Old Firm Colts in L2

    I'll give you an example. Kerr McInroy, Jack Aitchison, Euan Henderson, Robbie Deas. All current U20s at Celtic. If they were at Hearts, Motherwell etc they'd likely be playing in the first team. They'd want these boys playing and developing to get a couple of years out of them and then sell them. However, they are currently not good enough for the celtic first team. So, if Scottish football is to benefit, where's the best place for these kids development. Celtic U20s or Hearts/Motherwell/Hibs first teams..? Rangers, Zak Rudden etc would probably be first team at a lesser light in the SPFL by now. Not hoping to be part of a colts team in league 2.