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  1. If it had been called off 3-4 hours ahead it’s a sore one but it’s acceptable, 5 mins is a disgrace. Anyway even if I don’t agree you, you’ve said more than your club have. I don’t have any gripe with bohs fans. I Hope your season goes well. All the best.
  2. Can tell u haven’t lost hundreds of pound this weekend. With an attitude like that I hope of the tie is rearranged at bayview so we can return the favour on a Wednesday night 5 mins before kick off. But my preference is for all the non- British foreign shite to be removed from future competition. The point is the Park hasn’t been playable for days, no effort was made to make it playable by bohs or the groundsmen in terms of covers or ground work. The game could’ve been called off days ago, The bar manager will be laughing all the way to the Ulster bank this morning.
  3. What line did u take ? Money back ? I will also email them, just unsure how to describe such a cluster f**k, in a small amount of words
  4. Delighted he’s turned things round all I want is for east fife to do well at all costs hence my criticism for mr young in which I was not alone. I pay at the gate like everybody else and I’m entitled to voice my own opinion weather you agree or not. last season was an absolute disgrace as was the last 6months of the season before, anybody saying other wise is dreaming. In my opinion and others he should have been gone, east fife disagreed, they’ve reaped the rewards as have the fans, never have I been more delighted to be wrong. U must be purring like a kitten.
  5. Your right Scott but the bad press it would attract for them would hopefully push them towards a deal, and am sure some lawyer somewhere would be more than willing to take spfl on no win no fee cause if he won his fee would be huge
  6. I don’t know if someone can make a cover letter that we can all print off, giving a basic description of the absolute shit show that has occurred, and the multiple failings of bohs, the numerous failings of the spfl and Doncaster over the past few years, and finish it up with please find attached an invoice for all travel expenses and costs occurred if not paid within 28 days we will explore legal avenues. A reckon if we done the above all sent the same letter separately to the spfl with our travel costs attached they might actually have to do something
  7. Only reason any fans wer allowed in that stadium today was to fill the till in the bar. Absolutely gutted. Got to be a by to the next round
  8. That’s only one page.....he’s been generous there’s another page with 14 red L’s on it aswell.
  9. Please mate the more you rattle on the more pathetic you look. You’ve made it clear in the past your a club man, and they can do no wrong on your eyes. A don’t have a problem with that, what I do have a problem with is the way you think that me and nearly every other paying ef fan on here is wrong. Fair enough your opinion differs, but the shite your writing is becoming repetitive and boring. The fact you’ve felt the need to call yourself ‘sir’ says a lot about you and where your head is located.
  10. The old we played well but got hammered [emoji23] absolute nonsense. You’ve been banging that drum for about 18 months now. You think I’ve made that judgement over one game ? How long are you actually gonna give this guy ? A decade ? 2 wins in about 3 years [emoji23]even Montrose look better than us. You think any other team would have entertained that nonsense. ? Failure to take action now will result in us being 9 points adrift by Christmas and some nobody will come in and try and ‘save our season’ and fail brutally. He should’ve been moved on after the league cup group, and that would’ve allowed someone to come in while still being able to do a bit surgery to the squad. His failure to sign/attract a striker is embarrassing and perhaps says a lot about his standing in the football community. But some absolute roaster handed him a 2 year deal. What about all the other corners we’ve lost and were only 10 games in to the season ? They all fouls too ? The ref to blame for the past 35 games aswell ?
  11. The club are delaying the inevitable, they have been since the day we got beat by Brora. He should’ve been sacked that day. They could’ve stopped the rot months ago, but now we’re months down the line and exactly the same bleak situation. Crowds are falling. We’ve barely won a league game in about 5-6 months. How long are they gonna wait ? Surely there’s not a single supporter left thinks young can turn it around ?
  12. Yeah I would have him in a second, not scared to make his feelings known. Our BOD would absolutely hate that the thought of not having a yes man in charge. And in my opinion he’s still the best Scottish striker playing after Griff.
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