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  1. Nobody, not one single person even said that, except you. Just made it up. Ironic you continually saying other people are thick / brain dead / stupid. Just more of the same parochial nonsense...
  2. Here's one for you... Jadon Sancho... £73m transfer to Man United. I'd expect some of that money will filter back to Watford and Man City who invested in the player's development. His transition from youth to adult pro football included a 3 game stint in the Dortmund B team at just 17yr old.
  3. I don't think it should be exclusive to Rangers and Celtic and I doubt they do either - if other clubs can afford to support a 2nd FT pro team then the same opportunity should be allowed for Hearts/ Hibs/ Aberdeen etc
  4. I agree they need to be at higher level than LL - it's not what they wanted but the best they could get, for now. Certainly wouldn't see any value in starting FT players down in T8 or T9 - would be a waste of time and money and defeats the purpose.
  5. LOL - His 6 x Ballon d'or wins count for nothing, what a loser. But to correct you, he did win the u20 World Cup and a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics among his 148 caps and 75 goals for Argentina. Kenny Dalglish won nothing with Scotland mind - could do with him dusting down the Puma Kings eh.
  6. What, you believe that they went from u17s or u19s to B team competitive football against professional adults, and it didn't improve them?
  7. 'Natural ability' - What is that exactly? The Barcelona B team is part of the Academy and coaching structure - it's a component of their pathway to the 1st team (for players and coaches) - the transition between youth and adult football at the highest level of the game.
  8. No, it's to help the Scottish National Team. If the league standard improves, so will the players = best v best. So if the next Messi signs for Rangers and plays for a season in their B team, or even Stenhousemuir the Hibs B team, it would raise the standard of that team. It would improve those around him, and provide a challenge for those playing against him (who, mostly, will be Scottish).
  9. Aye ok, shut the door on the way out eh I suppose it didn't help Guardiola as a player and as a manager either
  10. Messi is Argentinian - he's helped out with their national team a bit. Spanish football is a joke, aye? What B team did Ross Forbes play for?
  11. I translated a bit from this article on the Czech Republic: "The B-team primarily serves the needs of the A-team, but our main goal is to develop our young players. We set goals to train and play with the same intensity, difficulty and game expression as the A-team shows us. A possible move would be a strategic step forward, we have set it within two years, "said Jiří Bílek, a member of the Slavic leadership, for the club website. "Compared to the junior league, it will definitely be a jump for the boys. On the one hand, there is already a game of promotion and relegation, and older players are also appearing in the competition, which awaits the boys for the first time. I wonder what it will look like. We can also count on the fact that players from the A-team will play for us in some matches, “added the coach of the Pilsen reserve Pavel Horváth. https://www.idnes.cz/fotbal/domaci-souteze/zmeny-nizsi-souteze-cfl-msfl-divize-b-tymy.A190625_160334_fot_dsouteze_jic They're quite good as well - certainly papped Scotland anyway.
  12. Ah ok then, so just cancel the whole thing? The B teams are also used for players returning from injury. Lionel Messi played 22 times for Barcelona B team - can you explain the downside to that one...? He's quite good likes.
  13. No, it simply means that some international players have benefitted from B teams in the pathway at their clubs.
  14. Ukraine had 6 players in their squad last night with B team experience including Zinchenko the 1st goalscorer (Jong PSV). Yarmolenko - Kiev 2 (35apps) Stepanenko - Metalurh 2 (16) Sydorchuk - Metalurh 2 (17) Malinovskiy - Shaktar 3rds (39) Makarenko - Kiev 2 (30) and Switzerland has: Benito - Benfica B (5); Elvedi - Zurich B (24) Ajetti - Augsburg B (6) Widmer - Aarau B (9) Xhaka - Concordia Basel (feeder team) Zuber - Hoffenheim B (3) Sow - Zurich B (20) and Borrussia Moenchengladbach B (32) Shaquiri - Basel B (19) Gavranovic - Shalke 04 B (5) Others in the last eight with B teams in their league structure include Spain, Italy, Czech Rep. Out the comp are Portugal, Croatia, Holland and Germany. In the Czech Rep, B teams were introduced en-masse at Tier 3 in 2019/20.
  15. The rules in other European countries governing B teams would have nothing to do with Scotland. Why would you not support B teams in the top flight? That's not what I said. I said that on the same basis (i.e. for the same reasons) that the European countries do not support B teams in the top flight, neither would I - and nor should the SFA. Why do you ask, do you think they should? You think Rangers B should be in the same league as the 1st team? Radical, but I don't think your idea will pass.
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