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  1. "Will you sanctimonious morons and boneheads keep the personal insults to your inbred selves" Oh dear 🙈
  2. Yes, but you need to follow the formal procedure to notify the LA you're doing that. Otherwise, as far as they're concerned, in legal terms, it hasn't started. It's semantics, really. The club should get the (renewed) permission when the officers are back to work properly - I'm sure it's just a formality, but the new consent does away with any ambiguity about what was properly started and what wasn't. If permission wasn't required, the council would have written back to confirm "permission not required". It's a hassle, but the club will just have to suck it up and wait for the new application to be approved. Because the old consent lapsed 😅
  3. You've lost me, sorry... which football ground are we talking about here...?
  4. It depends where it is. If it's in your back garden, probably not. But if it is in an open park and cutting off public access and actually a 2m high fence, it is needed. And when you get it, you must comply with any conditions attched or the consent will expire after 3 years. When that happens you need to reapply in order to renew it.
  5. The purpose of installing floodlights is so that you can play games of football at night time. I think you've muddled your numbers up a bit - hope you have no ambitions to be an accountant or a business owner when you grow up!
  6. Yes, I think we're conflating issues - The discussion was around perimeter fence / pitch barrier and access via a public park, and meeting criteria to join the EoS League I don't think grandfather rights apply anymore when it comes to club licensing, which is why there's been a bit of pressure this season on some licensed clubs to get floodlights in place.
  7. Hillfield is not one of the examples you used, however their perimeter fence is quite similar to Fernieside. £10k min for a pitch perimeter barrier tho... and they would need permissions in place = cost and time.
  8. Fernieside has no fence, no perimeter barrier, no landlord consent and no planning permission. It is not 'similar' to the examples you have given. The constraints are not solely cost based. And the costs to install a fence and pitch barrier would be considerable.
  9. As I understand it, Coldstream have grandfather rights - the club is a founder member of the SFA and has retained full membership ever since. Thornton have agreement from the landowner to erect a perimeter fence and are in the process of renewing a lapsed planning permission for this. Both grounds already have a barrier round the pitch. The examples you cite are not the same as the situation at Fernieside.
  10. Michael Douglas, Falling Down? One to watch...
  11. Congrats 👍 Sure you won't regret the move - all the best for the new season
  12. Yes I know but my point is that the barrier is the SFA / SJFA for fear of complaints like the last time. If it can be shown that those objections won't materialise then that's an important obstacle out the way...
  13. From other posts it sounds like the stumbling block might just be the potential repercussions from the SFA (and SJFA). Given the application is a month late maybe Livingston need to put the work in and get a letter of support from the SFA and an endorsement from the SJFA before the EoS would be willing to look at the application. Otherwise, accepting the application now may just lead to conflict with the other bodies. As a volunteer led organisation managing a significant number of clubs, in the middle of a world pandemic, the EoS League and Assoc probably don't want (and certainly don't need) the extra hassle.
  14. That explains the sat, mon, tue, wed, thurs, sat fixtures.... Still, presumably 5 league games were played at saughton in April ? (in addition to the 4 at other venues) which isn't bad going for a tired pitch after a long season.
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