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  1. Did AZ Alkmaar send their 'B' team to Tannadice? What an embarrassment. Without Rangers and Celtic, our top league is on a par with the League of Ireland. And folk are furious about B-Teams at Tier 5, calling it tinpot, as if the Lowland League is the problem, citing 'sporting integrity'. 7-0 is a shambles. Some stats from tonight: MoM Pavlidis (2 goals +2 assists) - played 32 times for Dortmund B Reijnders (2 goals) - played 92 times for Jong Ajax de Wit (1 goals) - played 56 times for Jong Ajax Evjen (1 goal + 1 assist) - played 56 times for Jong Ajax van Brederode (age 19) - CF played 12 times for Jong Ajax NOT TIN-POT. Mon the Lowland League
  2. No, they really aren't - the quality standard in these leagues is enhanced by additional clubs that can sustain full-time professional football players: a best v best environment. What is 'tinpot' is the fact that Scottish football is beholden to a backwards conservative majority resistant to change.
  3. That aspect of it, absolutely. You can definitely add Italy to that list who have a number of tinpot aspects to their game outwith and including Juventus U23s. Strange... So you're now saying Italy - European champions - their league is 'tinpot'? In the name of 'integrity' all these other nations and top clubs and managers have got it wrong. Meanwhile, Motherwell got put out of Europe by Sligo Rovers.
  4. Right, so Spanish, French, German and Dutch football is 'tinpot' aye?
  5. You’re failing to recognize the key point, which is that B teams exist in top leagues across Europe alongside other professional clubs, and in several instances at T2 and T3 – It is normal. The same would have happened in Scotland but for narrow minded ‘tin-pottery’ demonstrated by the same bloc of mediocrity that thwarted relegation from L2 (and promotion via the pyramid) for decades. Inevitably, Lowland League clubs will continue to help perennial strugglers find their natural level in the game – which would be hastened if more promotion / relegation places become available.... probably unlikely without a complete overhaul of the league structure.
  6. The 'tin-pot' leagues in Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and Finland all restrict promotion for B Teams and have limitations on cup participation. But they're typically found at Tier 2 or 3 (sometimes T4) in their respective professional leagues.
  7. Suggestion from last year that the professional clubs could breakaway: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/john-nelms-spfl-shake-up-24203006
  8. But, not everyone is prepared to receive advice or accept change based on evidence or the merits of a proposal. There's a parochial resistance to change in Scottish Football caused by self-interest at every level - hence the sluggish 'pyramid'. People will oppose B Teams even if it could be shown to work. There needs to be strong leadership by the SFA and professional clubs to make necessary and overdue changes. Otherwise, the tail will continue to wag the dog in terms of decision making.
  9. Glasgow = 1.7m (Barcelona 1.6m, Vienna 1.8m, Prague 1.3m) Edinburgh = 530k (Lisbon 505k) Aberdeen = 230k (Porto 250k) Dundee = 150k (Braga 190k)
  10. Not sure why you'd think that. Portugal has 6 clubs with B teams in the structure. Austria = 5; Spain = 6; France = 12; Czech Republic = 12; Netherland = 6 and so on
  11. It would be reasonable to compare against clubs and cities of a 'similar stature' rather than comparing countries by population. Quantities of people in urban areas (critical mass) tend to sustain successful football clubs (eg 50k season ticket holders + global reach). It is football clubs and not countries working day to day with elite young players in a professional environment, and paying for it. None of the countries in your list are strong by club co-efficient (reflecting the strength of their leagues + top clubs): 17. Norway, 18. Denmark, 19. Croatia, 30. Slovakia, 35. Bosnia & Herzegovina, 36. Finland, 40. Ireland, 47. Georgia Do many of these countries feature clubs of 'stature'? Compared to the top 10: 1. England, 2. Spain, 3. Italy, 4. Germany, 5. France, 6. Portugal, 7. Netherlands, 8. Austria, 9. Scotland, 10. Russia Those in bold feature B teams in their league structures (Italy has 1): it is quite normal, and most operate at T2 or T3 in the pyramid. The top 5 clubs in the English league feature several top class European players with B team experience. As shown across Europe there is nothing inherently wrong with the concept of B-Teams but if implemented properly in Scotland they should not be so far down the order as the Lowland League. They should be part of the Professional Game - which realistically is T2. It is time for a wholescale review of the league structure from top to bottom. We currently have a trickle of promotion / relegation between leagues which is not adequate. The structure is not shaped like a pyramid - it is a column. There's not much between the top WoSFL and EoSFL clubs and those in L2 or L1, certainly when it comes to potential - and many of the towns and clubs are of 'similar stature'. There is a volume of clubs who could operate competitively at T3 if the structure broadened out at that level to accommodate them - again, this is something you typically see across Europe in various league structures.
  12. The powers that be the SFA are fully supportive of the move: https://slfl.co.uk/lowland-league-welcome-sfa-pyramid-review/?fbclid=IwAR00KeIGnf6aeYgM1X-M1oG1tYiT6tuXmKZJ1-61wlSLHNDaclVBvXPsUQ4
  13. The 11v4 vote suggests otherwise. B Teams are a success in Europe, and there's no reason why they can't be a success in Scotland. Classic: Man City 4 v 3 Real Madrid midweek and 15 of the starting 22 players featured in B teams across 6 countries: Austria, France, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain. On average they played 30 games each in a pro B team, typically at tier 2 or 3 in the respective league pyramid against other FT professionals. All of them play for their country. Benzema the best striker around? Played 20 times for Lyon B team at 17-18yr old, it was part of his development. Why not in Scotland? Probably not in the Lowland League, I'd agree - they should be in Tier 2 or 3.
  14. A 'blend' of timing and circumstances, of which B Teams played a part. This is "The hidden side of everything" if you believe the principles behind 'Freakonomics', which inspired 'Soccernomics'.
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