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  1. I know you are and you're right: Self preservation / me-first attitudes instead of collaborating to improve things for the greater good seems to be the Scottish Football way. Honestly, where is our place right now on the world scene as a footballing nation? Take the national team and the top level clubs in a European context... then work your way all the way down to L2 and just think if the top league is poor / mediocre, how bad are Brechin? Is that league really so important in the grand scheme of things? Just no very good is it?
  2. I would expect that in the course of the 3 years, Camelon and Dundonald (and possibly Blackburn who knows?) will have displaced some of the lower LL East clubs, and by then the West clubs will have served the penance you crave.
  3. But that wouldn't necessarily change if the right sponsorship is sought. If they finish high enough up the league at the same tier, they'll have earned it.
  4. But as time has shown, the world continues to spin for Berwick Rangers and East Stirlingshire. No footballing apocalypse - life goes on.
  5. The leagues are loosely focussed around the major cities: Inverness, Aberdeen & Dundee; Edinburgh & Perth; Glasgow & Stirling; It's a high-level approach to the problem, no point worrying about 'detail' just now. But it shows how the Tayside Juniors could reasonably fit in to the pyramid, and a pretty decent West League for the strong Junior clubs to aspire to. And also, strong leagues for clubs in the professional structure to 'drop' into, even though they'd most likely be BETTER OFF.
  6. But Camelon don't have a licence(?) The thing is just to illustrate a point for now.
  7. Some might say Scottish Football is a dead horse - The national team still can't qualify for football tournaments. What is so appealing for the likes of Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers to be in a national league? What would they be giving up? The standard between bottom half L2 and top LL is comparable - but they don't have to trail their players and officials all around the country for, mostly, pointless games of football. And it is 2 feeders: Highland League and Lowland League, exactly the same as it is now.
  8. POSSIBLE ROADMAP: Season 2020/21 - Aberdeen & Dundee Juniors to form a 'Superleague', feeding into the HFL; West Juniors join the pyramid exactly as they are, feeding into the LL. East Juniors (West Lothian and Fife join EoS league) Season 2021/22 - Continue with the league structure, clubs progress towards SFA Licence Season 2022/23 - Dissolve L2 and promote the LL and HL to tier 4 to look something like this (based on current standings):
  9. They'll have to go somewhere and it won't be the LL. I think the whole L2 should be absorbed into the regional set up other than the top 4, making it 3 pro leagues of: Prem (12), Champ (12), League 1 (12). Below that its LL or HL at TIER 4. Standard is quite evidently comparable between these regional leagues and L2. Brechin are a big club, but if they're that good they should get out the HFL - or will they? Maybe they just found their natural level. There are simply too many clubs in the 'pro leagues' still playing each other 4 times a season and travelling all over the country for what? Elgin to Cowdenbeath in a league game - how is this advancing Scottish football?
  10. Woul they need to displace weaker teams in the HFL? in time this league could operate ALONGSIDE the current HFL at the same tier. So in a similar vein to discussions around LLW and LLE, we would have a HL north (as existing) and a HL south (Tayside and Aberdeenshire) Clubs get licensed (and can do a Broxburn / Penicuik / Bonnyrigg in the Scottish Cup) and after a couple of seasons the winner plays off with the HFL north for pyramid entry. The clubs will get stronger and facilities will improve.
  11. So for Lochee / Carnoustie / Broughty the question is would you prefer this or travel to Berwick / Tweedmouth / Hawick instead? Just.... some common sense eh. P.S. add Brechin City...?
  12. Correct 👍 Three things can happen in time for next season: 1. West Region Juniors join the pyramid feeding in below the LL. 2. East Region Juniors join the EoS 3. Tayside Juniors and North Juniors form a "Dundee / Aberdeen" Superleague
  13. 100% YES! Do what's best for your club, and ultimately it will be best for everyone. Why should Pollok / Clydebank / Auchinleck be held back out of some misplaced nostalgic loyalty to the likes of Harthill / Lochore / Glentanar? Because you are all inadvertently holding them back as well - That's what's happening. NOTHING would change for the vast majority of West Region clubs, other than having the opportunity to get a club licence, play in the Scottish cup every year and potentially earn promotion to the Lowland League. In time, I do think there should be a LL West, and LL East - but for this to happen there MUST be a commitment made by clubs first. In response to the North and Tayside conundrum, I think there should be a HL North and HL Central. For this to develop, the North Juniors and East (Tayside) Juniors should get together to form what is effectively a new 'Superleague' of clubs from Aberdeen and Dundee. Then we have a clear structure around our major cities: Highland League North: Inverness Highland League Central: Aberdeen & Dundee (and if Tayport / St Andrews / Luncarty prefer this route, allow some geographical leeway) Lowland League West: Glasgow & Stirling Lowland League East: Edinburgh & Perth This is not rocket science, and as far as I can see EVERYBODY would be better off. But it needs a start. Please...
  14. Deluded AF. AMAZING that people actually believe this has any chance of succeeding, after sitting through years and years of procrastination.
  15. It's not even a 'jump', it is just disconnecting the West Assoc from clubs on other side of the country.
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