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  1. Someone must have a recording of this so we can verify if it's a sackable offence
  2. Pre-Covid colleague keeps walking around the office announcing to everyone how busy he is (pretty sure he spent about 40% of his day away from his desk telling people how busy he is, the extra hours he puts in and how many emails he gets per minute he's been standing beside you). Since WFH, he's resorted to broadcasting each morning on the teams channel how late he was working and how many emails he has since logging in. Why are some people so insecure in their jobs that they need to constantly hammer home to everyone how busy they are when in reality they're doing f**k all (including being backed up by metrics but can talk a good game to middle management about how good they are)? There was nothing more satisfying this morning (I am still on a high) than seeing his face during our weekly scrum when I asked him that why if he's working so hard for so long he isn't getting anything done.
  3. Considering getting a surface go 2 - really like the idea of being able to use it as a tablet and a laptop, the pen for drawing and the fact (based on reviews and Reddit) it would also let me do a bit of programming in visual studio without much of a difference to my desktop whilst travelling. Before I make the plunge into the surface ecosystem, are there any alternatives for around the same price tag? I'm not interested in Chromebook although would be open to something Linux based if such a device exists. I was also considering the pro rather than the go although I have a feeling this may be overkill price wise for when I'd actually be using it.
  4. Anyone elses audio about 5 seconds ahead of the video or is it just me?
  5. Genuine question that I'm not sure has/hasn't been answered yet - will Rangers (and the other clubs publicly calling for action against the SPFL/Neil Doncaster for what I can only conclude is false accusations now) be held accountable and therefore be punished for bringing the game into disrepute? There must be some form of punishment for this otherwise what is to stop clubs releasing statements with false accusations every time they don't get their own way?
  6. Do clubs technically have 28 days to submit their vote?
  7. Amazing start to this card, RIP Prices Eye
  8. None worth doing on a work laptop that won't ultimately get you sacked when discovered.
  9. I see Coffey forgot he had a knee injury
  10. Replay also has ads mid-match (not sure if this is also true when live) therefore you miss some of the matches...
  11. Has it been confirmed yet who Clancy gave the second yellow at the penalty? From the highlights it looks like either Brown or Kamara (both where booked later in the game and not shown red for second yellow so it can't be). https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/50942595 37 seconds
  12. Might just be nonsense but heard a rumour there was a pitch inspection at Hampden tonight with another one tomorrow at 9am? Anyone know if this is true or not? BT and their daft amount of coverage will be fuming if the game is off
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