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  1. Genuine question that I'm not sure has/hasn't been answered yet - will Rangers (and the other clubs publicly calling for action against the SPFL/Neil Doncaster for what I can only conclude is false accusations now) be held accountable and therefore be punished for bringing the game into disrepute? There must be some form of punishment for this otherwise what is to stop clubs releasing statements with false accusations every time they don't get their own way?
  2. Do clubs technically have 28 days to submit their vote?
  3. Amazing start to this card, RIP Prices Eye
  4. None worth doing on a work laptop that won't ultimately get you sacked when discovered.
  5. I see Coffey forgot he had a knee injury
  6. Replay also has ads mid-match (not sure if this is also true when live) therefore you miss some of the matches...
  7. Has it been confirmed yet who Clancy gave the second yellow at the penalty? From the highlights it looks like either Brown or Kamara (both where booked later in the game and not shown red for second yellow so it can't be). https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/50942595 37 seconds
  8. Might just be nonsense but heard a rumour there was a pitch inspection at Hampden tonight with another one tomorrow at 9am? Anyone know if this is true or not? BT and their daft amount of coverage will be fuming if the game is off
  9. What is the best way to improve time/pace after completing couch to 5k/10k without losing the ability to do it? Should you restart from Wk1 but run faster or keep doing the final run but try and run faster?
  10. As I'm still new to this sport I still don't 'support' a team and as casual as casual gets. London Chargers would be a great option for others like me who don't yet have a team and are very new to the sport. P.s I hate myself for not watching this sport earlier. I was finally persuaded by a few of my colleagues and I fucking love it.
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