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  1. League of Legends

    Playing league again.. forgot my account and had to create a new one. Does anyone still play this on EU West and want to play? I also have a mission/achievement I need to do on PvB if you don't want to do PvP.
  2. Shortage of referees

    Can't really blame ammy referee's for opting out of the abuse, I've always said I'd love to see how much players would still play if any mistake they made they were hounded
  3. Will Scotland ever be good again?

    Surely if we concentrate on improving domestic football (including a higher quality player coming into the country) by getting a better TV deal and marketing our product better the quality of Scottish player will improve and in turn our international game will also improve. If all clubs had more money and got some decent talent in the door, the Scottish players around them would also improve (take Celtic for example) and even if the decent Scottish talent left the country, they'd be going to play for better clubs rather than falling into the Championship or below and being stuck in a black hole.
  4. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    The CL is coming home!
  5. Coefficientwatch

    A great first round for Scottish football so far assuming no one fucks up! It'd be great to see all teams involved progress further than Round 2 and maybe even beyond.. how would all clubs doing well affect the coefficient?
  6. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    Which subreddit did you get those from and do you have the others?
  7. That wasn't the question and to be honest my second point was more of a 'has he suddenly developed' than a dig which is great when written in text. However it does make you wonder why the typical stand out players (not insinuating myself as I can hardly kick a ball) don't move onto semi-pro or senior football - maybe that's why we've failed to qualify for a competitive tournament in over 20 years?
  8. FIFA 19

    Been reading those rumours since 2010, doubt it'll happen
  9. Is Luke McGowan doing any good down in Ayr? I used to play boys club with him and imo he was never a 'stand out' player with us?
  10. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Can we rename this thread brexit is a farce?
  11. Fishing

    Trawling as killed the Clyde, not sure about the Forth. Also idiots or inexperienced people (you can usually tell the difference) keeping smaller fish has killed the ecosystem.
  12. That referee badge looks remarkably similar to the former rangers badge..
  13. Title is a bit misleading - this is more of a Scottish Premiership survey than an SPFL Supporters survey. Survey completed - good luck.
  14. https://gmfc.net/2018/06/20/motherwell-forward-maclean-joins-on-loan/ Ross MacLean joins on year long loan from Motherwell. Deal includes a recall option after 6 months depending on his performance which suggests to me he might be a decent player for us?