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  1. I just had an old usb plugged (5 minutes ago) in and was viewing pictures however its now died. Is there any way on windows i can open the recently viewed pictures?
  2. Great fight by Cory McKenna there. Cage Warriors seems to have some decent talent now.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/48349536 English stream
  4. Listening to a game in a language you have no understanding of? I'd consider that stranger tbh.
  5. Will the game be live anywhere with English commentary? I can't face watching on Alba in silence.
  6. These past few months have been very exciting for me. I've mainly invested in Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) and all seem to be steadily growing especially Tron and Ripple. I'm not sure if I'm falling for a lot of lies although XRP have been signing a lot of major banks on the platform and I feel that the rocket could take off soon. At the moment I own 2625 TRX and 1125 XRP with a combined value of $135.96 although I've calculated that if either of them get to the heights of ETH right now (approx $269.17) I'll be buying that lambo. Are there any other up and coming coins that I should be monitoring?
  7. Don't they need to sell their Rangers shares to own anymore of Morton's? Based on that, hasn't Dave King structured in such a way it's more or less impossible for them to get out?
  8. Colleagues and I are thinking of running a fitness challenge in June to see who can get the most 'points' in a whole month which shouldn't just be calories burned or distance etc as it should work for multiple different types of workout, age etc. We're thinking something like Avg % of Max HR / Calories or some sort of calculation including distance, weight height etc. We've tried to use fitrockr however some of the folks are getting points for walking to the shop and back and the idea is only workouts should be included (my argument was walking to the shop is a workout!). We're doing this in Excel. A similar idea to what we're looking for is MyZone however not everyone is willing to pay $160 for the heart band.
  9. boulderdomb

    FIFA 19

    Are all the servers down? I can't get connected on either PS4 or PC/Origin
  10. Surely re-introducing Lynx and Wolves are dangerous to the people that regularly walk the munros, west highland way etc every year? Will there be any laws and regulations on weapons to defend yourself should you encounter one?
  11. Does this mean the clubs posted above most likely won't be in next seasons Scottish Cup?
  12. This has been ongoing since December and been a media blackout due to Irish laws. Check sherdog forum.
  13. Will Fort William ever become a better club? Is the will/ability there or is all the attention for being so poor taken over?
  14. Being these are the only two options then Strachan however as others have said I'd rather give up on the NT than watch either of these managers again.
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