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  1. In the livi game they gave away a penalty for handball (harsh maybe) but having given away the penalty, did their player get a yellow card? Don’t think he did, if not what the Fck is the rule? Several other teams have had players yellow carded when it’s a handball even when the ball is fired against a hand/arm. Where’s the consistency??
  2. Bloody Jack Ross. Scout a bit further afield would you. (Yeh I know he had him at hibs but still)
  3. We could have a barometer Blue Peter style which goes up on the big screen and for every sectarian chant/song it goes up. A sectarianometer if you like. If it caught on and was published weekly might shame some of them, but doubt it.
  4. Agree, Ross has burnt his bridges and he reaps what he sows from now on in my book, I had wanted him back before he knocked back our approach. However I doubt he’ll ever think he should have stayed another season with us. He absolutely maxed his pulling power when he did. He’d have had to get us up and minimum got us into the top 6 to stand out the following year, had he just kept us up it wouldn’t have attracted such an offer. Had he stayed with us an extra year and then moved to Aberdeen or the likes he’d still have had to do well with them to get such an offer. Sunderland was a free hit for him, he was always still going to get an offer from a Hibs or an Aberdeen if it hadn’t worked out (barring a total disaster.) Being biased, I think he should have jumped at a chance to come back but not our problem now.
  5. Are you suggesting we had to get him pissed to get him to accept
  6. Morecambe are in the relegation zone, no idea how long he has been there but Hopefully the settlement takes that into account. We’d have loved another team to take Stubbs, Craig or Rae off us to name but a few.
  7. Sadly this is karma for laughing at Dundee earlier this week. Barry Ferguson for assistant?
  8. Is he definitely out of contract in the Summer? If so I agree its a strange one given the amount of clubs that we meant to be watching him.
  9. I’m sure bigger teams will consider AInwick but I’ve not seen anything yet to suggest he’s been approached for a PCA? Also I’m sure he gave an interview where he said money wasn’t his biggest motivator and he was happier with saints than he’s been elsewhere. (Or maybe I dreamt that).
  10. Makes me nostalgic for January signing Duckins Nuneve, as at least his highlights page included international games or Chabbi whose clips at least had him playing in a proper stadium.
  11. Tommy was a coach at some big teams so he must have been highly thought of, but he’d never been a success as a manager which is why giving him the job, then giving him a two year contract when he’d probably have signed a one year contract was madness. He shouldn’t feel hard done by, we boosted his pension which presumably is what he’s doing now, i.e. retired.
  12. Agree, if, and I don’t think it will happen, we end up relegated then he’d be out but if he keeps us up again I don’t see him under any threat, and I doubt the board will jump the gun with any decision. Too early to be thinking this negatively.
  13. John Terry in as his replacement? Has more management experience than Stevie G had when he was appointed and every other team could really get behind hating him.
  14. He’s a cert to score against us but hopefully it’s a consolation. Coys.
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