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  1. Will try , gonna be a big step up for us , hope you guys get right back up
  2. Think Barjonas may be waiting to see KT outcome hope both stay , Botti and Black good squad players but probably need better for step up , Donaldson never really got a chance due to Jamieson being pretty much safe as houses all season , cannot wait till next season now , cracking deal in early bird season ticket (already purchased) Mon Kelty
  3. I would give it to Joe Cardle let him cut his teeth with us
  4. Think he’ll talk to anyone offering a full time contract mate so probably true
  5. Kelty champions Raith cup winners cowden and pars made playoffs () East Fife eh mmmmm eh so not all bad
  6. Now that playoffs are finished our league next season looks a right cracker of a league , hope the KT situation gets sorted asap as can’t be going into that league unprepared would take a mid table finish right now if offered , lot of teams wanting to be challenging to get into the championship next season think we will be well short with squad we have
  7. As said last season it’s fine lines between top LL sides and league 2 sides , I still can’t believe Cowden are down after seeing them match us in the 4 games we played this season just lacking something up top , sort that out and keep most of the squad and you will be at the top end of LL I’m sure All the best lads
  8. Season long problem no one to score goals , thought it looked a pen, Bonnyrigg managed the game well
  9. Congratulations EC see you guys next season
  10. Our weekly mob of 4 will be there and heard a good few others are heading along bud
  11. Your right he had earned the right to move on and if he does we would wish him every success but staying with us and having another decent season hopefully(mid -table, possible play offs ) wouldn’t do his s CV any harm at all and maybe a better gig than Raith
  12. Would be sorry to see KT go but if he does we will hopefully pick the right man for the job again , any young up and coming coach/ manager can see he can cut his teeth at Kelty , get as much help as we can possibly give and be able to move on if a bigger job comes up no hassle a cracking club to be involved with for anyone , still hope he doesn’t go though
  13. Seen both play us a few times , obviously pumped at Xmas by Annan but think EC the slightly better team , Big Hoops playing for Annan so wee soft spot for them in this tie but struggling to get a Rizla between the two , tough one to call but at least there will be two new names to grace League one next season Best of luck to both Annan & EC
  14. First 4-0 thumping at Kelty he will be out the door
  15. Thought was it Miller ? Was lucky not to get sent off for pulling boy back before you got a foul on keeper , Swann shouldn’t be doing that after being booked but fucking harsh sending off like but again made the ref make a decision , if that’s a penalty then stop football now please the Bonnyrigg player fouls your boy imo last goal just shite marking really , that big lump will be playing next week probably so different problems for you guys but go get the job done
  16. To be fair Hughes is bitterly bitterly disappointed, it’s been the whole season and pre season so it’s Grants fault not his
  17. Will put Bonnyrigg on coupon next week Not over yet but got to get goals from somewhere , 4 up front n go for it
  18. Commiserations to Montrose got to be a hard one to take but Kudos to Airdrie for that comeback well done
  19. Best of luck Cowden , got bloody 4/1 for you guys on coupon easy money , early goal and games yours
  20. Would’ve went but on a work trip down south , best of luck Cowden , I will take Bonnyrigg on coupon for you guaranteed you’ll get a result then
  21. Fantastic result EC not over but looking good for the final and at least someone getting promoted, well done
  22. Think if KT does move on to pastures new we could maybe see Cardle step up to a player / manager role ?? hope it doesn’t come to that but Kev’s made clear his ambitions
  23. Best of luck to all involved , having seen us play you all at least twice this season think Forfar got the edge but nothing in it
  24. All for the pyramid but Mon Cowden fek Bonnyrigg
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