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  1. St Johnstone awaits the winners chance of a good crowd for both Kelty and Montrose, all to play for
  2. Personally I think funding will stop from GM and rightly so as he’s put his money where his mouth is to get us this far and hopefully league1 this is where I think we will hopefully settle Would be more than happy to plod along at this level with maybe a chance of promotion every now and again , a decent cup run etc don’t think that’s out with our grasp if current crowds stay the same and better away crowds rocking up Certainly a lot better than the Juniors were anyway
  3. Bit of a stalemate yesterday , Montrose by far better team first half but not much football by either team to be fair , Kelty got a bit more into it second half but again not a lot of football on offer , lots of niggly fouling by both teams Hope Higgy is ok as key to our team this season , probably wouldn’t of minded going out yesterday to Montrose as it’s going to be another slugfest up there and hopefully no injuries
  4. Montrose at home in the cup this Saturday , should be a decent affair Played them pre season and although shouldn’t read anything into it thought we did more than alright against a tidy outfit 2 -0 Kelty will do
  5. Deserved a start after some good sub performances and Austin been off it last couple of weeks so at least KT no bothered about mixing it up a bit
  6. Good 3 points today for Kelty , shame Stenny had couple of players missing but it is what it is the now for most teams Good to see Philp & Ageyman starting , Black has also been some signing rarely puts a foot wrong, Barron was excellent but for me Tidser looked like he had half an hour on the ball every time he got it just class Two good goals and a fine win Big lad at back for Stenny is it Jamieson ? Played really well handling Agyeman well which must be a nightmare
  7. Not really been brilliant at home but still getting points on the board is all that matters and finding ways to break teams down Think Philp has to start as much better than Finlayson in every department imo , Reilly could be pushing for a start and if Barjos fit then happy days Would like to see KT start with Austin & Agyeman and let Cardle on for last 25 to run at a tiring defence Stenny bang on form so a 50/50 game here but would like a 3-1 Kelty please
  8. You get Stirling Uni with their full strength team and they will give anyone in league a game , remember Kelty going 2 down in first 20 mins against them till they worked out how to stop the two whippets up front How’s Peggie, Carstairs n Flynn getting on ?
  9. Is Easton playing well? Was always making things happen for us last season
  10. Braw !! never got a programme today as all sold out good to see him in squad
  11. Sturdy performance today with Forfar not causing too many problems , subs were key to the win so KT wondering if any updates on Barjonas and Reilly injuries as getting those two back would be some boost to the team
  12. Great subs by KT , Philp a must start for me but ?? , close game but 3 points is all that matters Mon Kelty
  13. A tight affair coming up I suspect but going for a 4 -3 Kelty win , Austin double , 3 Pens for Higgy
  14. Dick Campbell 2 1/2 year contract would jump at the chance I bet , would get you up to where you should be by end of the season , would defo be worth a punt
  15. Kelty are huffing and puffing at mo but still grinding out results , Barjonas missing is noticeable but as long as Higgy keeps doing what he’s doing (boys and absolute machine) we hopefully keep getting the results 3-1 Kelty
  16. Just pure banter at this game with fans as most of us all went to same high school became friends got pished together etc etc etc and we’re awe sound
  17. Pished it, stroll in the park Nah decent effort Cowden no much in it but Braw win n 3 points , you’ll pick up points playing like that every week
  18. Looking forward to this , Kelty playing a wee bit better away than at home so hopefully that continues tomorrow then Cowden can start picking up next week 3 - 1 Kelty will do
  19. Hope Ross turns it round for you guys but not till next week
  20. Predict a tight affair but hoping for a wee 2-1 Kelty to try keep a bit of a cushion The Kings at the cross decent or bar in ground but usually heaving match day , Kelty Ex service mens club and Kings a 5 minute walk from ground
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