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  1. Any team in the fifth round is a good draw , would’ve preferred a home tie against yi but looking forward to my trip to paisley
  2. Only a few seasons old neeb now they had some real belters in the 90s they would be worth getting
  3. Spot on neeb , thought big Agy gave the defence a totally different problem when he came on as well , two full backs were brilliant but for me the energy and commitment from Higgy is what keeps everyone else on it
  4. Know it wasn’t ideal the players having to walk through that at the end yesterday but unfortunately with the covid laws they can’t use the normal dressing rooms which is a farce , all teams have had to go through it and on a league game it’s the way I head home and most fans are pleased and giving the players applause and encouragement, think it’s been an easy target for fans to vent after months of poor form
  5. Gotta be the biggest and best win in clubs history , fully deserved yesterday The spirit it that team is bloody awesome fought like dogs for each other yesterday someone posted on FB last night it was 5 year to the day we beat HoB 4 -0 I the junior cup (what a day that was) and now look at us , aye we’ve spent cash to get here (which successfull team hasn’t ) but journey into the EoS , LL and now SPFL has been phenomenal and no matter how much cash gets chucked at something you’ve gotta have good leadership from the top down and Deans vision of where he seen us going to the committee to the appointments of managers Tam got it all going , Barry let’s face it attracted a better quality of player to our club and KT has just taken us a step higher again so thank you so much as never expected or thought I’d see us at this level ever We don’t have a lot of history as is pointed out and we are just a play toy for a rich man according to some but History is there to be made and we are creating a little of our own
  6. Thing I found yesterday was you kept lobbing a long or diagonal ball to your left winger who often had a bit space n time but did hee haw with it usually allowing Finlayson or Philp time to get back or win the 50/50 punt in the air , must’ve went for that option at least 20 times to no avail , when you had it on the deck and played through the middle you created more chances imo
  7. Can I just say boys I met in the pub were a hoot , great atmosphere in and around the park the day , thought you had first 10 mins of each half then a bit of a meh game in between but big Agyeman coming on turned it and your defenders didn’t like him running at them , heard Gordon raging at a few teammates about getting fucked into him , overall well chuffed for us and thought we deserved it in the end
  8. language Timothy Firstly it’s imploding and don’t think we will , would think if we get promoted that would be us hovering at that level , have the fan base to sustain that imo but hey could be in the premiership in a couple of years far surpassing your stagnant team on all levels
  9. Yeah know Bangors had a fall from grace mate,Got relatives in Colwyn bay so took in a few games over the years , bit of rivalry between the two , defo like top end East of Scotland /bottom LL standards I’d say mate
  10. Played for Bangor city 2nd tier of Welsh football equivalent of east of Scotland imo
  11. Looking forward to your guys visit this weekend for the cup tie just hoping we don’t get leathered, watched your euro games and held your own against Galatasaray so just a bit down on luck at mo but surely you’ll hit a bit form it’s next week you start Gonna stick ma neck out for a 1-0 Kelty win Mon Kelty
  12. Think we need a settled back 4 personally I would rather see Philp at right back and Peggie left back as they are our players instead of giving loanees the game time, bring them on as subs if needed , Oware n Forster are good enough together but I think Hoopers better with the ball than Forster so ? I think DJ is a decent keeper but just doesn’t command his area imo so I personally think good old fashioned nut job of a keeper is required to complement the defence
  13. Totally in control for 60 mins then city got shit together and totally deserved the point fair play
  14. Decent place get yourself a pint of venom to warm you up
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