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  1. Was going to post in The Spartans page but either blind or they’ve no got one Anyway great signing in Cammy Russell from Kelty Hearts , always put a shift in when selected and knows where the net is
  2. Anything from 120 -200 travelling I would reckon and the young team watched the highlights v Cowden and you looked quite useful up top and took your chances well , should be a decent game hopefully 3-1 Kelty would do Mon the Kelty
  3. Awe the best Cammy always put a shift in when selected , given game time he will score a load o goals in LL , must mean Biabi , Ageyman n Austin all fit ?????
  4. Watched the Ayr & Arbroath highlights and genuinely think 3 road cones would do a better job than your centre half’s n keeper , quite worrying
  5. Don’t mind teams playing like that just brutal to watch and the fact you guys could have possibly won the game had you went for it baffles me neeb
  6. Not a good day at the office today but got something at the death, great strike by Higgy Elgin offered hee haw got a pen (soft as shite) then just hoofed the ball away as soon as they got it Tackle on Alfie should’ve been a straight red but officials were worst I’ve seen this season onwards we go Mon Kelty
  7. Now we are on the international break thought I’d give my assessment of footy seen so far imo The appointment of KT looks to be an absolute master stroke by the committee as feel we are playing a much better style of football than under Ferguson and we also don’t have all the baggage that came with him. Joe Cardle is an absolute beauty of a signing and a pleasure to watch on the pitch , links up play brilliantly with Higgy , reminds me of Adam Moffat senior Barjonas is starting to look way too good for this level now as finding his feet in the team For me though O ware has been absolutely outstanding at the back and going forward All the new guys bedding in well in fact and once Austin gets up to speed it’s hopefully going to be a good season for us So looking forward to Elgin next week rocking up at Kelty in what should be a cracker as they will be looking for a wee bit payback from cup game
  8. Can I just say Biabi has been more than decent for us when he’s come on , fast , strong and causes teams a wee headache with his movement surprised you let him go tbh
  9. Glad they are out this cup at the weekend as gives all the players isolating, carrying knocks etc an extra week recovery
  10. Chucking money about , big spending Forfar surely league title favs now
  11. No making any excuses for your goalie but to be fair the defence was pretty poor as well , everyone knows Cardles shooting on site and boy just stands off him and let’s him , and to get caught out 3 times on the counter is school boy stuff
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