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  1. Clyde 2. Edinburgh 1 Dunfermline 2 QoS 0 Falkirk 2 Airdrie 0 Kelty 2 Peterhead 1 Montrose 3 Alloa 1
  2. Fingers crossed pal , we really need to get a win on Saturday to salvage a poor first half of the season imo , was always going to be a hard season but genuinely thought we had the team to push for playoffs but sometimes I need a reality check , we are playing Dunfermline, Falkirk, Airdrie and only a few year ago it was the juniors , we have come so far and it’s gotten a lot harder obviously and we aren’t getting our own way Stay in this league and go again next season Mon Kelty
  3. That he did neeb , to be honest wasn’t much between the two teams just clinical finishing when it mattered onto next week with a full squad hopefully
  4. Starting a bairn in goals could go either way for the lad mon Kelty
  5. Sandy Clark is it still 1999 only joking hope he gets you guys going in the right direction
  6. Hope so neeb but league safety has to be the priority so hopefully not rushing players back for this one today , Partick in a bit of a stop start season so we will either sneak a win or get hammered Mon Kelty
  7. probably not but good for coming off the bench as long as he’s no in the huff
  8. That’s Ronaldo looking for a team now , would like to see him at Kelty for last few months of the season
  9. You want him back , personally I think when he’s played he’s offered very little to be honest , still young but LL player imo , heard good things about Reilly though and seems to know where the net is , good find
  10. Can we get Charlie Reilly looks a decent player so I’ve heard
  11. Scottish cup on Saturday free hit at Partick Thistle , following week is a must win game against Peterhead , we are playing no too bad just can’t seem to score and almost certainly going to concede , Potter getting enough out the team ?? Or time for a fresh approach only saving grace so far this season is Clyde and Peterhead have had worse runs than us but both have also beaten us,week on Saturday will make or break our season I think
  12. A worse game of football you’ll never see , Cardle takes his chance and we win it I reckon , Jamieson WTF , still as long as we stay in this league we can go again next season, If Low and Tidser are fit for next week I hope they get rested in the Scottish , need them for league duty more , Hope Thomson is ok after going off , we have absolutely nothing from the bench , rant over , red wine time Mon Kelty
  13. Just pish neeb on out part need to take chances ,still think we will be safe in the league though
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