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  1. Excellent post and really sums everything up about our rise and this season , we've been on the up for last five years so was always going to be a reality check when we came up against it . One thing for sure the face of the lower leagues of Scottish football is changing and Kelty were at the forefront (in recent times) in that happening with regards to the junior teams exodus , always frustrated when we lose even when we were playing the likes Lochgelly Albert n Dunfermline Jubilee many years ago but by god loving where we are now and long may it continue
  2. Won't make it today got to be a reaction to last weeks mauling hopefully Mon Kelty
  3. Airdrie 0 Peterhead 1 Alloa 2 Clyde 0 Dunfermline 3 Edinburgh 1 Kelty 1 Montrose 0 Qos 1 Falkirk 0
  4. Cammy Russell banging them in for Spartans always thought he was worth keeping hold of
  5. Been a bit flat this season to be honest after the promotions up through the leagues but Saturday aside we've more than held our own in games but can't see out results at times , personally don't think Potter has got the best out of what's available to him and as Leo says will probably lose a few of the older lads and have to become more self sufficient financial wise , see this as a good thing as we might see the fruits of the youth teams come through , still pinching myself we are here at this level and hopeful we can stay here for the next wee while
  6. Well done and deserved Falkirk , thought wee Max was superb and got the whole team going after going behind , best of luck in the semis
  7. Well done Airdrie a proper humping the day , some clinical finishing from you guys and utter dugshite from us
  8. Yeah I know probably a bit harsh on Fash but he is well off it , don't think Philp's hearts in it with us anymore either unfortunately, work to do in the summer would love to see Sinclair in goals , commanding CH brought in and Charlie Reilly up top that would do nicely for starters and maybe Tam Courts back in the dug out
  9. Shitshow total shitshow ti be fair Airdrie been clinical , but fek it Potter out
  10. Absolutely rotten first half , had the best of the first 10 but shocking after that , would take Austin off at HT he's done at this level
  11. Down to bare bones again for this one , would've started shearer today nothing to lose
  12. Too true , to be fair Dean has delivered everything he said he would and more when the club first decided to apply for league status and leave the juniors , in fact he set the tone imo for what's happened to all the former junior outfits , wish him all the best whatever he does as got us in dreamland in the timeframe he wanted , Raith would be silly to ignore any input from him
  13. All just wishing they lived in Kelty the be fair on a serious note it's been a big transitional period for Cowden this season , I think if you'd have kept that squad from last season or most of you would be top 3/4 minimum , too much change this season to expect anything other than what's happened and some signings I've heard have been atrocious, hope it all starts coming good and best of luck for today Gala got some pretty decent players in their team
  14. Airdrie 2 Kelty 4 Clyde 1 QoS 0 Edinburgh 2 Alloa 2 Peterhead 1 Dunfermline 3
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