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  1. Well done bsc phenomenal result today
  2. Well done rose excellent result today hope it doesn’t distract you from league 😂 but seriously brilliant result 👏
  3. There will be tension on the tandem ride home if they’ve been scrapping
  4. Looks like Tarmos being a p***k on most chats
  5. Seriously Tarmo why the interest ??
  6. Think Tarmo only had posters of Fash on his wall and was gutted he had to take them down when he signed for us?? Only reason for this hatred of kelty I can see
  7. Went looking for the Caley thread to see this eejits posts kefc but fingers got tired scrolling before I could find it
  8. Trying to buy the league eh , how come you guys are avoiding the pelters 🤣
  9. Not looked in for a while , toiling season so far by the looks of it xgates no too a shabby team though
  10. Can vaguely remember dunipace play at kelty many years ago can’t remember score but think they played in red and white block stripes talking 30 year or so ago
  11. Don’t know mate but think all the Berwick fans are injured as none on here now ???
  12. Was injured as well so will take him a wee while to get sharp again , really hope he does well
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