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  1. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    We have known it was a possibility but now it’s reality that Ferguson’s here, still gutted Tam left but onwards and upwards and time to get behind the new guy and hope he takes us further on our already quite successful journey welcome to Kelty Mr Ferguson
  2. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Meant to say big well done to Kelty Hearts woman’s team in winning the league and cup double this season
  3. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Though it can’t be denied it has/had its fair share of both old firm supporters would say its more a Kelty heartsy place now from what I see , most young uns all kicking about in Kelty replicas which is nice to see look towards the Ballingarians for staunchest village lol
  4. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    No club statement about Ferguson so maybe just in contention for job with others ?? Personally would give him a chance as knowledge of the game is without doubt priceless and who knows might be a good fit as long as it doesn’t totally derail all the hard work already done but I’m sure the committee will proceed with due diligence
  5. Scotland v Portugal

    Well only 3-1 to Portugal reserves only a friendly means nothing at least we can get focussed on qualifying for World Cup 2022 cause already no chance of the Euro’s with that fucktard in charge
  6. Scotland v Portugal

    Ffs bring back Strachan , genuinely believe we have taken too many steps to count back since McLeish got the gig
  7. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Shire defo deserved win but if two top teams in league can’t go at it hammer n tong what’s the point ??
  8. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Thoughts on a new manager Colin Cameron would do a turn perhaps ???
  9. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Decent display today in a hard fought game I thought , kudos to shire though deserved the win
  10. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Decent game , shire deserved the win but at least we put in a good bit of effort considering the events of the week , well done shire best of luck next round
  11. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    What a game with under 20s tonight and a bumper crowd
  12. Stirling Albion Thread

    Scotland manager!!! cannae do any worse than that poor excuse we have at the moment, eyes just stopped bleeding after watching that last night
  13. Time for Eck to go already!

    McLeish looks like a job for the boys selection , put him out his misery now please as that last night was like watching a pub team solution Michael Stewart as he seems to know everything about everything there is to know about football and was absolutely an amazing player (joke) seriously though I’d give Mcinnes the gig although our managers just left Kelty Hearts so???
  14. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Would be happy if current back room staff and possibly Skip and Dalziel step up till end of season
  15. Always Kelty being bankrolled, aren’t all teams being bankrolled or am I missing something???? Youll find Kelty putting foundations in at every level so there’s a natural progression of players from kids to first team hopefully but all teams need financial backing pure and simple fact