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  1. Dont think Mcgachie has played enough. Bump Tam Orr up top and stick Nicky Low in there surely Few players should be in it but it’s a tough one with just 11 slots
  2. 😂 Jerry didn’t claim to be better than your lot mate but god we are seek fed up beating Bonnyrigg when we play them 😂😂
  3. Weir Currie Tapping Reid Linton Dishington Easton Orr McNabb Austin Megachie pretty attack minded but like goals n plenty in that team
  4. Relegate and any team that finishes bottom regardless of league imo that’s what failure deserves
  5. My understanding is that it’s to retain jobs with the government paying up to 80% of wages if companies are struggling to keep workers on the payroll up to a max of £2500 per month per person who can’t work because of covid don’t quote me on that as haven’t fully read it properly as will have to get my head round it for my buisness, meaning I guess that no one should lose their job hopefully because of this virus , personally think after watching the nightmare scenarios in the Italian hospitals the shit has still to hit the fan and we will be in full lockdown by end of next week be sensible and stay safe all 🙏🏻
  6. Agree top two up no relegation top of highland and lowland invited into league , premier league a 14 team league, easy as that
  7. Hearts getting pelters for asking staff to take 50% pay cut till the £18k mark , better getting something instead of fek all in these times , I’m a buisness man as well and no income spells disaster whatever size you are or manpower you have , really hope everyone gets through this unscathed
  8. Regardless of what the outcome is there will be no doubt be plans from A-Z as no one can call a timeline on this
  9. Don’t know ins and outs just heard it on news so assuming players want to finish season and surely they should have some sort of input in the final outcome 🤔??
  10. Just hope the NHS is ready for the impending baby explosion in November/December due to no sports , house never been cleaner either , play this season out !!🤔
  11. One player far each team standing two metres apart doing keepyupies last man standing wins league 🤔
  12. Think a solution is if no games played then standings as they are , spfl excepts two more teams into league football , no relegation , top two teams of each league promoted as they are, premiership goes with 14 teams playing each other 2 times ?🤔
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