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  1. Some players and coaches probably have no option but to give them up with clubs really struggling.
  2. Knows how to win the Championship.
  3. Brilliant recovery from some of the 7 or 8 lads who had the flu on Saturday, 4 days later back at it. Whats the secret remedy cure ?
  4. To be fair to the man, he does stick up and say good things about his manager, club and players unlike some others including committee members you read on social media who make silly comments about their teams players and ability. Sure, he’s out of order commenting on ex-players and needs to chill but some others are just as bad, and thats current players they’re talking about.
  5. Agree, Broughty to win the replay
  6. You wonder what the owner makes of it all
  7. Inexperience costing them today in a big game, they’ll get used to it though, early days in their journey to the top.
  8. Just a bit of inexperience in big games.
  9. Darvel wont win it, not with Premier league teams still in it.
  10. Not much Talbot can do if half their squad is off work unwell or do you just go in and see your Doctor and ask for a sick-line for the football ?
  11. What you suggesting an amateur team were paying their players ? Don’t think thats allowed.
  12. Regardless of how much to assemble ex-amateur, pro or otherwise. All of whom are getting paid. Manager and coaches dream to have a squad of 21 to choose from all happy and willing to give their all for club and gaffer. Big developments doon the brae.
  13. Only back to back promotions as well and one into the Prem. 3 Year ago though.
  14. It must be every junior team and managers dream to have oodles of cash at their disposal to re-new contracts and to have that cash attraction to sign good players, it makes the job so much easier doesn’t it.
  15. Benburb or Troon looking like they’re in a scrap together.
  16. No joke, when it’s me i’m talking about, no anyone else and i’m blocked out wae an umbrella or anything else like a pole or a floodlight i just move to the side.
  17. I always find if someone stands directly in front of me at a junior game i take a step to left a step to the right criss cross and vawala, can see the full game again.
  18. Not sure what happened. Bigger job at Cumnock the attraction.
  19. A man that won them back to back promotions and one out the tough Championship had to be a major attraction and favourite to return to the club.
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