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  1. Wrong, watched a few games over the last few seasons with a workmate playing thats all. All over the place blaming everyone else. Good luck though to the 6th manager in 5 seasons. Especially when you see a current players father posting things on social media about a hard working guy who took the job when no one else wanted it. Poisoned chalice.
  2. There i canny get that song out my head now.
  3. I was thinking exactly the same thing doon the road. Tough for Ferry coming in and facing an exodus like that. Honestly can’t believe O’Byrne left to play for another club, finishing at Ladeside would have been more appropriate imo. Other clubs have fair hit Ladeside hard enticing guys to leave. Ladeside fans ok with this ? Makes you wonder if players were playing for the club or for the manager.
  4. From a players dad, oh dear, look out the new manager.
  5. Darvel to win the league. Bonnyton, Rob Roy, Cumbernauld, Kilbirnie and a n other down.
  6. Is £100 a week not the going rate for good players, probably even more now. Gone are the days of playing for the jersey, village and loyalty. Very little loyalty in football nowadays.
  7. Will it still be the Dam Park if the 1st team are playing their the next day ?
  8. Seem to be good players coming in so you’d expect them to beat this seasons finish.
  9. Boy at the work said some committee said that the players didn’t want to play for the old manager. Looking more like its the club with all the departures.
  10. Ladeside losing another good player, whats going on there, cant all be leaving for the money.
  11. I do love an announcement though whether it be dross or no.
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