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  1. Where are Donner from? Who do all their boys play with on a Saturday? Who do the Haggs boys play for on a Saturday?
  2. Could not agree more. Genuinely interested about the world of Ayrshire amateur fitba but this is pathetic (or embarrassing, as previously stated).
  3. Think we’re all pretty much in agreement troops. Likely they’ll take a leaf out of Castlemilk’s book for next season, I imagine. Sure one of the boys who runs the Gow has an account on here and can give us their take on it. In other news, Harvester playing Wishaw United (largely comprised of all the young lads born 1997-1999 who used to play with the Wishaw Wycombe Sunday team). A decent enough young team but Harvester will probably have too much experience for them.
  4. Just because the big teams in big games get big crowds doesn’t mean it’s any less embarrassing, unfortunately.
  5. Hard one when you’re playing both a Saturday and a Sunday, especially with mostly the same squad for both days. Very difficult to prioritise given how good they’ve been in the Sunday leagues for the past two seasons or so. If they don’t get to the latter stages of the big cups, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrap their Sunday team next season and solely focus on their progression through the Central.
  6. Ayrshire amateur football is quite embarrassing, isn’t it?
  7. I don’t think Lesmahagow will struggle for a team on a Sunday if they get to the latter stages of the big trophies. When the core of last year’s Sunday team are there every week, they’ll be as good as anyone.
  8. Bearsden allegedly fielding an unregistered player.
  9. Must be frustrating for the good sides in the Airdrie and Coatbridge setup with teams chucking it as soon as the going gets tough. Really feel for the Bullfrog and Lesmahagow in particular who’ve faced the same nonsense for two or three seasons now. Bullwood a good addition to the league in terms of player quality. Be good to see who wins the Sunday Trophy this year in the absence of a dominant Castlemilk.
  10. Good to see Netherton finding their feet quite quickly in comparison with other new teams from North Lanarkshire in the past few seasons. Cleland and Newmains taking a season or so to find their way, taking 6, 7 and 8 nil pastings every week, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Netherton. Perhaps the folk running them have learned due to the involvement with founding other teams. Good to see. Have UB got back on track? Seen they were really toiling pre season (as a lot of teams do). Good news if they have.
  11. Keeper training groups would probably be quite useful for a lot of teams/goalies in the Central Belt. A position that doesn’t really get a lot of attention at training at most teams which is unfortunate. Would be interested to hear if there are any groups for 21s/amateur goalies to pass on the details to a few boys from Lanarkshire who’d enjoy a few GK sessions.
  12. Most notable results in the West is probably St Joe’s being knocked out and Motherwell Thistle defeated as convincingly by Parkhall from the division below them. Given their poor start to the season, Glasgow Harp beating a Drumchapel PYM team is maybe a bit of an eye opener as well. Most other results fairly expected, I’d say.
  13. Their game with Wishaw High during the week got called off at short notice as well. Don’t know if it’s anything to do with being able to get players or whatever but you’d imagine both are linked.
  14. Apologies mate. Didn’t realise that was the case.
  15. Brilliant constructive comment there mate. You’re the reason this is a fantastic platform for discussion.
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