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  1. Apologies mate. Didn’t realise that was the case.
  2. Brilliant constructive comment there mate. You’re the reason this is a fantastic platform for discussion.
  3. All sorts of (malicious?) rumours floating about that Colville won’t see the end of next week after today’s result, which was a conclusion a lot of folk came to a few weeks back of course. In other chat, How are Dynamo and Lesmahagow finding playing both Saturday and Sunday? Is the Saturday performance affecting the Sunday performance? A 6 hour round trip to Oban on a Saturday is bound to produce some casualties.
  4. I actually wear Caley league glasses and only have an interest in the Central because I’ve a few mates that play in it but if that fits you ‘in the know’ rhetoric then by all means fill your boots. A lot of dancing around facts on this forum in case people’s in the know info doesn’t transpire or evolve to be the truth and it’s quite weird to be honest. Can only presume you mean Falkirk Community, as if that was a difficult few letters to type.
  5. Care to share who?
  6. Does anyone know if Drumchapel Possil have strengthened/changed much from last year? Caught their game at the Green last night and thought they had a couple of cracking individual players - particularly in midfield - but just didn’t gel as a team, which makes me think they’ve maybe brought in some new bodies, or are missing some. I seen they got skelped 9-1 last weekend off Wishaw WW and only 3-2 off them last night but don’t think the 9-1 was at all indicative of their current state.
  7. Can’t disagree with too much of that. Think Harestanes will probably be up there or there abouts in the Central. Any reason for not thinking Dumbarton Accies won’t be up there and Wishaw will? I also think Giffnock will be strong this year. Between Wishaw, Thorn, Dumbarton and Giffnock I’d reckon. Don’t think East Kilbride can be written off completely either.
  8. Have Colville kept a hold of any of their main starters?
  9. Mad how folk can disagree to such a large extent [emoji23] Don’t get the hype over Stepps at all but each to their own.
  10. Glasgow Harp put a list on their Twitter of who they’ve signed so far. 90% of them playing with Cambria’s Caley team from last season. Presumably meaning a lot of existing Glasgow Harp players will be out the door. Don’t agree that Stepps is all it’s made out to be either, it looks good and all the rest of it but isn’t great when actually playing on it. Aye, it’s probably better than most of the grass parks (ie Wishaw, Dumbarton Accies, Thorn, probably Glasgow Harp, and the Glasgow Green parks Finnart occasionally play on) in the league but wouldn’t say it’s a outstanding by any stretch. Grass parks at Dalziel (I suppose it goes without saying, though rarely played on) are better, would say Giffnock’s is certainly up there, as are the Science Parks at GU. Milton’s grass park isn’t too bad either. Wouldn’t say Stepps is much better, if at all better, than any of those I’ve mentioned.
  11. Are Colville keeping any of their players? Have they brought in anyone new of note?
  12. EK will probably be up there in top 4-6. Think the others will thrive in a harder division but would be doing well to be hovering around mid-table. Giffnock will make some improvements having merged with Southside and having more strength in depth, Cambria and Wishaw likely to improve as well I think, building on first season in the Premier, more than holding their own against the bigger and more established opposition. Be a very interesting season, looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.
  13. Probably best to opt for a neutral venue when you’re getting ties like Barra vs Wick! Where is the final of this cup scheduled to be held?
  14. Thanks for clarifying that. If a team from Stornoway drew a team from Shetland, would they sail or fly to the neutral venue? An expensive trip, no?
  15. Pardon my ignorance. I’m part of the West Central Scotland amateur football bubble. Is there any way teams from Lerwick, Kirkwall, Stornoway, etc. could play against a team from the mainland in this format? Is that a usual occurrence or does it happen in the later rounds?
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