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  1. Out of the current pull of players we have at Kello only 5 players that aren’t locals.. Graeme Ramage, Gregg Millar, Ross Costello, Jordan Quinn and Jack Anderson (who’s been injured this season unfortunately) out of a squad of 17..
  2. Kello Rovers 1-0 Troon means we are safe this season!!!
  3. Kello Rovers are looking for a friendly this Saturday..
  4. Graeme Ramage has been placed on the transfer list anyone, interested parties can contact Mark on +44 7846 101474
  5. Kello Rovers 3-4 Arthurlie. We went 2-0 up before Arthurlie we’re awarded a pen to make it 2-1, Was 2-1 at half time, Arthurlie came out second half and scored 2 quick fire goals to make it 3-2, then soon followed by a 4th, Kello scored a late goal to make it 3-4 in which was a very good game to watch, chances at each end. Felt we could have had 2 pens but ref wasn’t interested. Good luck to Arthurlie for the rest of the season.
  6. Good advert for junior football this game! We went behind 3 times, we had 6/7 clear cut chances that maybe on another day we would have scored! Sending off was a bit harsh but the boys first yellow was continuous mouthing off at the Lino! OG for CR first goal and a defensive mistake for second, 3rd was a great goal. Our first was at the end of some great play with Sean Bennie finishing off , second goal the defender smashed off our midfielder and fell to wee Greg to put away, 3rd goal was a good finish from Jim Wilson! At the start of the game we would have taken the point but with the chances we had it could have been 3 points, CR had chances to win and also 2 goals offside! Better officials this week also was good!!
  7. At our game against Darvel there was a few "referee supervisors" at today's game. I hope that today's referee and assistants get punished as today's game they were very poor for both sides. seems am on moaning about refs every week but very poor once again! Good game today, we missed a Pen then for Darvel to go up 2-1 with 10 to go, we fought back to get it 2-2.
  8. Yes John went to meadow along with Ross
  9. Kello Rovers tonight welcome back former assistant manager John Quinn as our new manager.
  10. Renfrew 2-0 kello rovers, Very poor standard of refereeing today once again, very soft pen for one of the goals. Not one of the players or fans shouted for it.. Red card was a Defos red card. resulting free kick from about 30/35 yards.. took a deflection off the wall and went in. when will these referees get punished for these poor performances?
  11. Wouldn't really agree with the 5-0 was harsh.. shettleston were the better side for first 20 mins without creating very little, few corners. Corner (1st goal) was at the point shettleston were on top and knocked the stuffing out of them, we played better and deserved the points, could have been a lot more in my eyes, shettleston keeper pulled off some good saves and we also hit the bar/post junction. Sending off didn't have any influence in the game at all, there could have been 2/3 more following afterwards. Thanks to shettleston for the hospitality yesterday.
  12. Kello Rovers are looking for a new kitman for this season, and also a physio. Anyone interested please contact Mark on 07846 101474
  13. Martin Shaw and Graeme Ramage. Gary Wilson will be in the dugout to help the boys out on a Saturday also
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