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  1. Aaaand there it is. No wonder mugs like this welcome him in to their club.
  2. Says a lot about the ‘fitbaw fans’ sticking up for a rapist tonight. Shame on you all.
  3. What happens when you do next score from a corner, are fans allowed to cheer/clap the following corner?
  4. What about a dangerous free-kick outside the box? Are they allowed to clap/cheer then?
  5. So you're telling fans they should only clap or get behind the team when there's a clear goalscoring opportunity?
  6. You lot really are a miserable bunch. You've now got a supporter moaning at fellow supporters for getting behind the team at a corner.
  7. Shame Niall was away. They’re usually Better Together when he’s helping out.
  8. Not seen the interview. David Hancock posted a photo of his car on the RaithTV Facebook page which had an ‘AYE’ sticker on it. I like RaithTV but there’s absolutely no need to show off their political agendas. Won’t be watching another video from them again.
  9. Looking forward to another public apology from baillieinleeds tomorrow.
  10. Not always as simple as that. Alot of people (myself included) can't afford to spend that kind of sum at one time regardless of knowing its coming or not. Get a better job then.
  11. Hit the Channel behaving like ISIS claiming responsibility for something he had nothing to do with
  12. Any Raith fans getting the train on Saturday? Could share taxi/minibus from Dundee station to make it cheaper for everyone.
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