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  1. On your last point, I think it really depends on the draw we get & subsequent results. I think he’s doing a fantastic job & don’t doubt his man-management skills in the least, everyone wants to play for him, which hasn’t always been the case under previous incumbents, we had a couple of poor results in the summer, but I think he’s realised that his normal tactics won’t work in every situation & he’s adapted now. In short, I’ve persuaded myself to give him a ten year contract. Never felt so good about a Scotland squad .
  2. Have you not seen how well the Tories are doing in the polls? Tsk
  3. I’m off to bed, but, I guarantee that the current Labour leaders namesake would be twirling in his grave now, if not scrabbling through the soil to strangle the current incumbent. Hardie would be shocked, it was called the Labour Party for a reason, long forgotten by the Westminster elite, it makes me sad. it’s an insult to the party name, it’s origins & it’s whole reason for being, that Keith is willing to go right wing just for power, f**k him, f**k the Labour Party & by f**k, we need independence as soon as possible.
  4. I’ve not insulted you once, not sure why you’d bring this up with me? Very strange.
  5. Sorry, you can’t get away with this, you claimed that other than flag shagging “make Brexit work” Labour had no right wing policies, you’ve been proved wrong & no amount of emojis will disguise that.
  6. Ffs, I used to be an SNP fanboy, not any more, but they are a means to an end for me, then I can cast a true vote. I’ll vote SNP till the minute we are free from small minded, flag shagging ideologues that make up the two largest parties in the soon to be defunct UK. To compare the mistakes the SNP have made in government to the Shitbin that Labour & Conservative parties have subjected us to since the early 2000’s is imbecilic in the extreme.
  7. Ok, so I should prove a Celtic or Rangers fan, cos they are the only likely winners?
  8. No, you didn’t, but you did ask about right wing policies that the current Labour Party have, I’ve given you one, I expect a full apology, in writing.
  9. The Greens are a far more viable vote than either Labour or the Tories, so not sure your point is as good as you think it is?
  10. Yeah, forbidding any opposition front bencher from attending & supporting strikers on a picket line is pretty right wing, in my opinion. Even the fucking disgrace of a Tory party allow former pickets to be in the cabinet.
  11. I hate Tories, their children & their children’s children. All c***s, it’s devastating to see that these absolute sub human specimens are in power, it’s time someone decided to riot! Not me though, I dislike riots.
  12. This might just work! If only Ukraine were in the World Cup?
  13. It never happens, but an early goal by any means would really be helpful in this one!
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