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  1. People who carry no cash are in the place where #smashinglinesbanging9’s has no meaning.
  2. Pint of Skol, circa 1986. Was 15 at the time & in the Marine Hotel in Montrose, was in 4th year and we just removed our school ties. Ironically the owner was my primary school headmaster & never batted an eyelid. Can’t remember the cost but remember my first legal pint was mcewans 70’ and was 86p.
  3. Surely that’s the best bit? Certainly with a sex life as active as mine!
  4. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to a Tory majority, it fucking stinks, but that’s where we are as a nation (UK)at the moment. I’m hoping against hope that I’m wrong, but can’t see it. As an aside, were many incumbent “remain” tories deselected?
  5. I’ve said it often, but I’ll reiterate, this thread is the best part of the forum, we are all human & have frailties. The thing we have in common is the love of football,?Doesn’t matter what team you support, the bond is inbuilt, ffs we’ve all followed our teams through bad periods, and we should do the same to each other. Glad to hear you are greeting for a different reason today, the people on this thread are magnificent specimens (apart from the Dees! Lol). You can DM me anytime.
  6. Mate, you’ll find this area of the forum is a great sounding board & a lot of the posters on here can & will give you great advice having gone through similar to how you are feeling now. It’s an excellent place to talk out your problems & if you want to open up about the possible reasons for feeling the way you are. Best of luck mate.
  7. Shite, Dundee, Are. Today should have been set this question! Look forward to my greenie.
  8. I did the same one day with Ska/Reggae. What a great way to spend a day!
  9. Sneezing while hovered over multiple lines of ching makes me shout “f**k off!”, normally mates repeat the same phrase very quickly. Other than that, sneezing can be a pleasure.
  10. I tend to agree with this. However the problem arises when you’ve got 5 or 6 wee dicks all together, paying individually by card, when if they had cash, they could each give their mate the cash & do one transaction. Of course, the sensible option would be to buy drinks in rounds like normal people.
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