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  1. I like that there’s new blood on the SNP front bench. Black is the left leaning ideology I hope to see more of in a new independent Scotland, she in particular is what will inspire & capture the younger voters in years to come. Exactly the change required IMO.
  2. Ffs! You are delusional! Sarwar is a burning ember in Labour in Scotland. As one of my mates commented today, it used to be that Labour were a stick on red in Scotland, not any more. Ask yourself why? it’s certainly not because Labour have drifted to the right, it’s definitely not because Labour jumped into bed with Tories in 2014, its not 100% because Labour have told us to eat porridge, it’s because Scotland wants to govern itself. The sooner the left wing of the Tories start asking where they’ve gone wrong, the better. Labour are a fucking disgrace!
  3. Sadly, I don’t even think this instance would be anywhere near the worst case if it was all properly investigated.
  4. @Jedi Larger sample, properly weighted, has SNP on 58 seats in the next UK general election, Labour with 1. I wouldn’t pretend that this would be the real result, however, surely you’ve got to realise the poll you posted yesterday is utter tripe?
  5. Other than Jedi apparently taking a sabbatical, every Labour announcement makes me detest them even more than I already do. I’ve always been left leaning & was a shop-steward at the tender age of 22, so I guess, a natural Labour voter. However, I’ve always been pro Indy, joined the SNP just before the vote in 2014, have been somewhat disappointed in the lack of radical ideas that I thought would come with the base support they had post 2014, so cancelled my membership in 2020. I will always vote Yes in any future ref. The absolute neck of Sir Keith (1 MP north of the border) Starmer trying to tell me, what’s best for Scotland has infuriated me. I’ll be renewing my membership of SNP tomorrow & hoping that Labour die in England & Wales as they have done here. Absolute power hungry charlatans that will sell any morals they may or may not have had down the river for a sniff of King Chucks crotch as they kneel before him begging to form a government. c***s.
  6. I watched a documentary about this a few years ago, I can’t remember the name of it unfortunately. The documentary research showed that the “established premium brands” were spending so much on advertising for market share - a side effect of this was that new smokers would probably ask for a known brand. The main thrust was to win existing smokers from other brands. It didn’t go back as far as the 50’s / 60’s & before when advertising was certainly aimed at encouraging new smokers - Marlboro Man etc etc. It wouldn’t bother me for alcohol advertising to be banned, if the concession was that there was a grown up discussion about the ridiculous alcohol ban in Scotland, it’s utterly ridiculous that you can attend Hampden for a gig and get absolutely hammered on wine & spirits, but attend a match & you can’t even get a beer!
  7. Your confidence in the majority of Tory voters may be misplaced I fear.
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