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  1. Where’s manky jacket? He could complete a grade ‘A’top ten in the shit parade.
  2. Someone I know..... knocked the G from Angus Kitchens sign in Montrose, amusing at the time.
  3. It’s Monday, definite lag in reporting. That said, encouraging figures. Maybe the fact that we’ve taken longer to relax (the lax) lockdown is contributing to these numbers?
  4. Oooft! Controversial! Also f**k all to do with what’s being discussed. Away back to your mums bedroom & stop polluting the forum with your absolute worn out “patter”
  5. I’m sorry, I’m against violence of all types, but, I’d have punched her fucking teeth in, picked them up & put them on the parked up trailer. That’s a nonsense right there!
  6. Yeah saw that, it’s absolutely shocking. I think I was drunk when I watched it & cried for that guy.
  7. I transited in the twin city airport 5 years ago. Could have been me. In all seriousness, Trump coming out with - “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” probably won’t help matters.
  8. Anyone know who’s pulled the short straw for tonight’s briefing?
  9. Whilst I mainly agree with your second paragraph, I sincerely hope we aren’t moving towards a “(slightly) better than rUK” narrative, that’s not good enough in my opinion. I think the SG response has been fairly lacklustre at best. The main difference I see, and am glad to see, is that Nicola has been front & centre throughout this whole sorry business. She’s very clued up on it & Ive not once seen her shy or shirk away from difficult questions- unlike that bumbling fucking deranged buffoon in 10 Downing Street!
  10. Every time anyone addresses the PM they should call him “Mr Joris Bonson” I think my favourite clip of all time.
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