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  1. The P&B Slow Cooker Owners Club

    Madeline has been in for 15 years now. Reckon she’s done yet? Asking for a friend.
  2. P & B Curry Club

  3. First World Problems

    Shame. Your team died. I feel bad, as you are the only decent Sevco fan on here. Hope your team get pummelled tonight.
  4. c***s At Airports

    Defo flying with Emirates. ^^^^
  5. People voting for a political party based on the team they support is probably the most absurd thing possible. [emoji23]
  6. Wild Animals

    Having dipped into the photography thread, seeing some of the amazing wildlife shots, it got me thinking about the most impressive animals I have seen in their entirely natural habitat. I added a couple over the last month but was unable to get pictures. My list is. Elephants (on a beach in Gabon) Turtle (spotted last Tuesday in the Arabian gulf) Southern right whales (breaching and putting on a show in South Africa) Moose (grazing in Wyoming) Great White Shark (again South Africa). So what from the animal world have you witnessed close at hand in their natural habitat?
  7. People You Dislike For No Proper Reason

    who is he? agreed he looks wrong in so many ways Richard Coles, formerly of The Communards, as seen below.
  8. Maldives

    Only sharks you'll be wresting.....
  9. Quick Question Thread

  10. Do you do fair share of house work

    I have a cleaner, but she insists I clean the house before she arrives.
  11. What Do You Imagine Other P&B Users Look Like

    Philpy at 4.45pm.
  12. Meal Deals

    Adam, I'm never on the desktop version of P&B & can't see signatures on the App, where does your signature come from? I vaguely remember it, but none of the details.