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  1. Surely if it’s referred to as a nag, she identifies as female?
  2. I’m no expert on constitutional law (or indeed any other type of law), but I’m certain that this very question was answered by (I think), @AdLib & the answer was that the court can only look at the actual legal situation & cannot take into account any extenuating circumstances.
  3. It’s not a Union now, it’s good old colonialism. If it were a union. Either party could withdraw. Meanwhile, our democratically elected government has to go cap in hand to Westminster begging for a S30!
  4. I hope they do, I’ve nothing against England or indeed, most of the English. I just think we are headed in different directions & now would be a good time to part ways amicably. If we are dragged further to the right & forced to become more insular, things could become ugly. I hope not, but it’s guaranteed it won’t, if we are independent. Vote Yes folks.
  5. I’ll try to find the clip & post it, it’s our Scottish Secretary of State (I think), using “we” to describe all the things the rUK would miss out on if Scotland were to leave. Maybe someone else can assist? I understand people having trepidation over finances, but would urge you to do some research, look at the resources Scotland has, look at our tax take per capita, exports are skewed due to the way the figures are collated, but are still favourable. There are no certainties, however, I’d be very shocked if Scotland turned out to be worse off, after the initial few years. The biggest thing is….. if it’s not going well, we can change it. At present we are dependent on the English electorate thinking the same way as us!
  6. Remember this is like 2012 when the Section 30 was agreed, there will be plenty “buzz” in 16 months time. By the last couple of years do you mean Covid & the political reaction to it?
  7. I wasn’t able to vote in 2014, I will be a strong, unequivocal YES in 2023. I’ll be knocking on doors in the run up to it, engaging with soft No’s in an effort to persuade them. If we shit ourselves again as a nation after the last 10 years of shitshow, we don’t deserve anything good to happen to us ever again. I’ll probably just move to the most brexity, gammony sink estate in England or Wales to serve penance on behalf of all the No voters.
  8. ^^^ Wanked dugs but then did some charity work IMO.
  9. Back on topic, you’ve reminded me that Mackenzie Crook seems like a genuinely good c**t, as does the lad that plays Kurtan in This Country.
  10. I was going to say that, you little thief!
  11. ^^^^ having a quick break before minesweeping the dregs of the empties.
  12. They were allowed to vote in the Indy ref. Don’t see why not this time. 16-18 year old too hopefully!
  13. I imagine EU citizens who have stayed in Scotland will be heavily pro Indy now as opposed to 2014.
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