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  1. Well, that’s us been out of Europe for nearly 8 hours & ive noticed no significant difference to my life. Bloody Remoaners eh!
  2. The phrase “getting there”. Seems to be only used around this time of there when prefaced by the question “organised?”
  3. Not proportional to earnings I wouldn’t have thought?
  4. Currently working my way through Mcbride’s, Logan series again (in order this time). Not very high-brow but entertaining nonetheless. DI Steel is a fantastic character as are Mcbrides descriptions of her hair & appearance.
  5. Possibly an episode of the Detectorists, but other than that, nothing at all. What another great show the Christmas edition was. The sheer joy when Bob caught his elusive greyling & loved the grey seal banter too. One of the few shows I can watch over & over again.
  6. That’s my girlfriends son tested positive today. He’s 19 and had been self isolating (at ours) since Friday. Girlfriend works in a care home so not at all pleasant when you think of the potential consequences. He’s been really good & has confined to his room since Friday so fingers crossed we get through the two weeks self isolation without more cases in the house.
  7. Fuckin hell, comments section on the bbc article are delicious!
  8. Convenient that he won’t be able to face media about Cummings etc for 2 weeks.
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