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  1. That’s my girlfriends son tested positive today. He’s 19 and had been self isolating (at ours) since Friday. Girlfriend works in a care home so not at all pleasant when you think of the potential consequences. He’s been really good & has confined to his room since Friday so fingers crossed we get through the two weeks self isolation without more cases in the house.
  2. Fuckin hell, comments section on the bbc article are delicious!
  3. Convenient that he won’t be able to face media about Cummings etc for 2 weeks.
  4. You’ll get to park anywhere in Kent, it’ll be a car park in it’s entirety by then. Then jump on the train into London?
  5. It’s not happening thankfully, too many barriers, the main one being that SSC would tell them both to bolt. He’s built a real team, not a squad of players, you can tell by the way the players celebrated, he won’t risk that by considering wanks that have snubbed Scotland. I can understand why it’s been brought up tho, cos I wouldn’t put it past either Brown or McGregor to try to worm their way back. f**k them!
  6. I’m driving down if anyone needs a lift? Expect 7 hours of YSICB on the journey down. I’ll supply the petrol, you supply the ching?
  7. If it’s got nothing to do with him, it’s got nothing to do with you either.
  8. Yeah, weird that their rise in fortunes has coincided with EU membership. One side of my family were all fishermen, only one left now (small lobster creeler that he operates alone), most sold out about 20 years ago & none have struggled thru they’re early retirement after flogging their boats. I’ve no sympathy for any fishermen or farmers who were pro-Brexit, c***s, the lot of them. As anyone could see, they’ll be sold down the river as soon as it suits the Tories.
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