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  1. Scottish cup winners not being able to attract or keep players! Sad day for ammy fitba
  2. So much for the colville family brigade! Surely a manager leaving doesn't mean all players leaving to go to other amateur teams? Hung the new gaffer out to dry!!!!
  3. Big Fat Goalie from the burn on the park embarassing himself!
  4. Game too big for the ref! Had nightmare and that's being polite. First goal not even close to being onside
  5. Embarrassing for the league if teams don't fulfill fixtures.
  6. No CPE in the league select team is strange! Any reason for this?
  7. Hahhaha the weasel with the goal
  8. Danderhall goalscorer not on the team sheet? Noticed the video of him scoring has been taken off twitter. Hope it's just an admin error
  9. Eastfield v st pats was a great game to take in. Impressed with both teams
  10. All the best to Bridgewater! St pats only themselves to blame as they missed an absolute barrel load
  11. Goldenhill are surely one of the favourites! Flying and only been beat once all year
  12. I know asking the league for a free week and the game being called off is just a coincidence!
  13. Call aleady made no power problems in area or property. No one from the property reported probs either. Park will probably be double booked next week so the newly wed is back from honeymoon
  14. At least the wedding party got the weather they were After
  15. The mythical power cut! Surely need a better excuse when the rain you pray for doesn't come?
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