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  1. I'll take requests pics wise for a fee. Price negotiable, PM for details. Thanks for the reply though, yeah a hugely important issue and a lot of great work having been done in the area so far (mainly by researchers at Glasgow Centre for Population Health). If anyone's looking for pointers to any reading material on the subject I'd be happy to send some stuff on. Still after participants for this too so if anyone thinks they'd be free for a pint/quick interview at any point in the next wee while the pint's on me!
  2. Hi all, Hope you don't mind me posting up here. I've been a long-time lurker on here (even longer-suffering Dundee United fan), have seen some people posting up with this sort of thing before, and hoped some of you might be able to help out. I’m currently studying towards a Master's at the University of Glasgow, focusing on 'health inequalities'. I’m working just now on a study looking at men’s health in Glasgow, and trying to understand the ways in which wider structural factors (political decisions, economic conditions etc.) come to filter down to impact on people's health through shaping their life experiences and living conditions. Basically, for the study I’m looking for men, of any age and of any health status, to take part in informal interviews or focus groups (both around 1-1 and 1/2 hours) in the next few weeks. The interviews will really be informal conversations, and aren't trying to test your knowledge/interrogate you about health-related behaviour etc, but, essentially, to chat about your life more broadly, and your experiences and opinions (very broadly) related to health. I can send a list of some example questions etc. if you'd prefer to have a bit more of an idea of what exactly I'm looking for. Would be great if some of you get in touch. Just comment below or send me a PM with any questions etc, or if you’d like to meet up for a pint/coffee or whatever before agreeing to it I’d be more than happy to do so. Thanks for reading, Cheers, David
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