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  1. Deary me you sound very bitter about GJ and as surely not posted is it because his team beat you in the play offs to relegate your team ? Let’s be honest though your team has been dire for a long time and more than deserved to get relegated. Did Edinburgh City kick you off the park ? I would guess not
  2. Know him well and Mac and they are doing a grand job at the strollers , probably one of the lowest budgets in the league but can compete with the big boys
  3. When will Spartans go for GJ to replace DS? I’m not sure that the strollers will thank me for this but GJ is a class act and would imo deliver promotion to Ainslie Park. He is performing miracles with the strollers on a fraction of the budget that the so called biggest clubs have at their disposal
  4. The only team that has a chance of competing with the LL big boys is Gala the rest are not even good enough to compete in the Lothian’s Ams top league, the best thing is for Vale etc to join the Borders Ams and compete for cups etc at that level
  5. Barry Ferguson is to Kelty as what Craig Levein is to the other Hearts team.... fucking murder
  6. I’d bring back Robbie Neilson in a heart beat, Levein needs to f**k off ASAP
  7. Great result for Civil but surely time for DS to step down at Spartans
  8. Hume has left the club to join Newtongrange star, good move for him
  9. WW will finish in the bottom 3 at best with the signings they are making!! No thought process just signing up anyone who doesn’t want to stay with Dalkeith who at best were bang average last season
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