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  1. Not unusual for a manager to sign players he has worked with and had success with previously
  2. Just wondering what hill there is down to Newlandsfield. Good few side streets in Shawlands have hills on them mate
  3. Was browsing a Johnstone Burgh forum and this is what they seem to think Is going on
  4. thanks for clarifying hadn’t seen it official anywhere. finished Cambuslang 2 Craigmark 2
  5. Cambuslang 1 Craigmark 0 Paul McColl in the dugout alongside Billy Campbell
  6. I’m relatively new to Cambuslang area as well and try and take in their games when I can. Havent seen any statements at all but just wondering if the club has a position on or intentions of applying for the WoS league under the Pyramid? would be great if they did imo
  7. Shouldn’t have been allowed to be part of the Pyramid. No issue with them having teams in SPFL Development Leagues but I don’t think they belong in the Pyramid.
  8. I think it’s fantastic news that the club will continue and stabilise. However I also think there needs to be a bit of transparency as to who has stood up and saved the club and who is running the place. Also in regard to the club being debt free, does this mean Paul McColl would not be wanting anything back for money he has allegedly being paying to players?
  9. Do you want to bring the extent of the situation into general knowledge for the rest of us seeing as you are alluding to know more? Its been a strange last year or so at Cambuslang, they appeared to be climbing the leagues without any major incident or issues and since the start of this season the proverbial shit has hit the fan.
  10. Heard the Talbot game was called off as the players hadnt been paid and refused to play. The exodus which appears to have started now would suggest that the money is away with the ex manager. Sad days but hopefully Cambuslang can rebuild from this.
  11. West of Scotland Cup is on SJFA Website fixtures on 11th November guys
  12. Should make this thread a sticky, I'm sure many people will ask about this throughout the course of the season
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