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  1. At the time I believe the Ashfield Pitch was narrowed to 50m to allow for track expansion. This meant the pitch wouldn’t pass license criteria. If they haven’t done so already they would definitely need to widen the pitch if they were to go for their license.
  2. Scored in our last 2 games now. After a shaky start against Dalbeattie on the opening day he seems to be settling in nicely.
  3. Fair summary. The loss of Marshall and Ross Smith though injury has definitely had and impact but I did like the look of David Wilson in goal today and with Ross Smith and Ross McMillan hopefully back soon, I’m sure they’ll settle down. I really like the look of our midfield some real quality in that position. Gretna started really well but I think the heads went down after the 3rd went in, which is understandable. They’re a young side but I think they’ll be okay this season.
  4. He sees BSC get a mention and he gets over excited 😆
  5. Honest opinion is exactly how I view the analysis you guys do. Unfortunately that won’t please everyone but for the majority it’s good enough.
  6. Ignore him Rampant its another feeble trolling attempt from Gogsy. On the plus side its yet another post from him about BSC. His new favourite team.
  7. Excellent podcast as always guys. On the subject of WoSL clubs loaning players out for the season. No one really believes clubs decided not to play because of concerns over players welfare do they? The decision was financial pure and simple. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The fact that these clubs are taking steps to ensure they don’t get into financial strife is to be commended, but why they feel the need to treat us all like idiots is beyond me. Excellent work from everyone on their streaming efforts. Keep going guys it’s the only chance most of us are going to get to see our teams play for the foreseeable.
  8. Makes a lot of sense. I can see a fair few others doing something similar. I don't imagine there will be many players who will want to sit out an entire season.
  9. He certainly got off to good start. 1 goal and 2 assists.
  10. We signed Darren Christie who made his debut and scored on Saturday. Couldn't tell you if its a loan deal or permanent though.
  11. To my mind any money coming out of the public coffers should be distributed by Government appointed officials. Not by the SFA/SPFL old boys network. That ensures all the clubs are independently assessed and it doesn't come down to who's clubs Chairmen they like best.
  12. The other question i have is what happens if the SFA secure Government funding to support clubs? That funding should go to the clubs playing on without fans. Not the clubs who've decided to chuck it for a season. Right?
  13. What's so special about August? Are we going to be clear of this pandemic by then? Is it guaranteed fans will be allowed back in by then?
  14. I better step up my game Gogsy posts more about BSC these days than I do.
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