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  1. You are correct. Thomas Brown is also a LL board member.
  2. My understanding is that if in the unlikely event a colts side finishes top of the league then it’s the next eligible member club that will go into the promotion playoff. I assume something similar would be in place if a colts team found themselves bottom of the league at the end of the season. It would be the next eligible member club that would be relegated.
  3. You make very good points and I don't know what if any real benefits will come from this. I do know if its only £3k for each club then it will definitely be a waste of time. Sponsors, prize money if they can open those doors that's another thing entirely. I do think the standard of player they have in their B teams is far higher than many are giving them credit for though. Ultimately the clubs will decide and I'm happy with whatever they decide. Obviously I'm not as passionate about the whole idea as some.
  4. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong Moonster. I should change my mind and as BSCs only supporter threaten to boycott if they vote it through. Seriously though I don’t get boycotting your own club. It only hurts your club and it’s also worth pointing out George Ross is our club chairman, not George Fraser.
  5. As I posted elsewhere it was never my intention to belittle clubs investing in their grounds. It is brilliant to see the work being done I just couldn’t see the relevance to this particular argument. The uncomfortable truth is if we want to see a properly functioning pyramid we are going to need to play a very political game and maybe there are benefits to this we simply can’t see at the moment. Or you could be absolutely right and it’s a pile of shit and it should be thrown out, never to be considered again.
  6. The comment about facilities wasn’t intended to be snidey. I was trying to point out it had no bearing on this argument as it wasn’t an open invitation as was the case when the LL was started. The ground improvements are for clubs to improve themselves and gain membership to the SFA which I totally respect. Especially for a team like Clydebank who I’m delighted are once again part of the professional game. Clearly it’s up to you what games you go to but don’t let one idiot on PnB limit your choice of games to go to on a Saturday.
  7. I’m sorry Rod abusive was the wrong word to use. Name calling isn’t very nice though and your comments I felt were just a bit over the top considering the manner in which I tried to convey my opinion.
  8. Sorry drs my words are getting me in bother today. I wrongly assumed it was an old firm thing. The point I was trying to make is that these 2 teams are not as important as the 1 you support. If this does get voted through don’t let the one you love suffer.
  9. I gave an opinion and people don’t agree. Genuinely I’m okay with that. I’m not in it to win any arguments intellectually or otherwise. I don’t know if this will work but I’m open minded enough to at least consider the possibility.
  10. Okay I get it you don’t agree with me. Move on.
  11. It’s not very respectful though you can at least admit that.
  12. Or Celtic men. Who knows Gordon and you may be right. Everyone may be right and I might be completely wrong. But what is striking about this is the amount of abuse and hatred this is generating. Even before anyone knew what the proposal was. We all like to think we’re better than them because we’re real football fans supporting what they call diddy teams. Fact is for the most part we’re just as close minded as they are. I’m okay with being wrong so whatever way clubs vote I won’t be abusing anyone over it or completely losing my shit like some on here are.
  13. I gave an opinion in what I though was a considered and respectful manner. Whilst I appreciate and respect your right to disagree with that opinion that doesn’t give you the right to personally attack me with such abusive and aggressive language.
  14. Perhaps it is naive but what is certain is to extend beyond next season will require the member clubs to vote on it. If it doesn’t offer them any value as many are suggesting based on friendlies or playing in the chocolate biscuit cup, after 1 season they will know for certain if it was a worthwhile exercise.
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