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  1. I’m not wrong and I can assure you my sources are impeccable. 😉
  2. Interesting take on ambition. Finishing at the bottom of league 2 every season but it’s okay we've got sponsorship so we’ll get paid for being shit. The LL have never been offered automatic promotion or an SPFL 3. These are the facts.
  3. The SPFL can’t even agree on a back up plan if they can’t complete their 27 game season. Pathetic
  4. You still haven’t told us what exactly it was that the LL & HL dismissed out of hand. I have no knowledge of any offer EVER being made by Doncaster or anyone else at the SPFL. Our reps may indeed need to get off their arses. You my friend are talking through yours. And by the way this, oh look at all our sponsors is a desperate attempt to validate the absolute shambles that is the SPFL.
  5. I'm asking you. Your the one flapping your gums.
  6. Im not aware of an offer from the SPFL ever being on the table, perhaps some other posters on here will have better knowledge?
  7. That is my fear. I’m hoping I’m completely wrong though and we can file this alongside the Americans faking the moon landings and the Beetles replacing Paul McCartney with a lookalike after his death.
  8. It’s a good shout and hopefully an idea the clubs will try to push. I’m of the opinion this has little to do with testing and more to do with self preservation. Then again I do like wearing tin foil hats.
  9. Most squads have 25 players, your probably looking at a minimum of 32 to 33 players and staff for each club. Even at £2k a week that is likely to be beyond the majority of clubs in the LL.
  10. As far as I’m aware the testing would be PCR tests which depending on who you talk to would be in the region of £5k per week.
  11. I don’t know the full details but one is to complete the remaining fixtures over a 10 week period, one involves a split with reduced fixtures and the 3rd is to get to the 50% of games played to call the season on ppg. The final one being nul n void. Throw into the mix the possibilities of extending the season and the fact teams not competing for the title could play on, even if the champion club is involved with the play offs. They have put a fair bit of effort into planning however it looks as though that may all be in vain if the SFA do as some are predicting and only allowing teams who test to resume.
  12. No. That cannot be determined until they know when they can restart. My understanding is they have 4 possible scenarios and will make a decision once they know when they can resume.
  13. Mac shouts at everyone. Don’t take it personally it just his thing.
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