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  1. Playing any sort of ball in the air against him never works. He always plays well when I watch him or against the Shire. This is true and add to that his positional awareness which is among the best I've seen. Fitness levels is the only issue I can see.
  2. Sorry Newkie I'm not following?
  3. Promising signs for next season though. Ricky Miller absolutely strolled through today's game.
  4. Cheers mate. And well done today a very well deserved win.
  5. Isn’t that what I said? 😂😂
  6. I find it’s the personal touch that makes all the difference. 😂 I get where you’re coming from Alan but it’s no real excuse imo. They were so far off it today it was like watching a different team. No complaints about the result and as I’ve said I don’t want to be too critical because they have been brilliant all season. Hopefully we’ll see a positive reaction on Friday against Cumbernauld Colts.
  7. If means that much to you I’ll apologise now. Gogsy I’m sorry. Are we still friends?
  8. We believe you Gogsy really we do. Not raging just give you some back mate. 💛
  9. Bad day at the office. It happens 🤷‍♂️
  10. Only thing more of a shambles than the EOS QC are your posts Gogsy. You should be more concerned about your game next week. Don’t think the money men at Kelty will be too chuffed if the QC is all they have to show for their investment come the end of the season.
  11. Jerry’s absolutely fine. We’ve had a cracking season and can’t fault the players. Off day today but to be fair can’t say that’s happened very often. Certainly not as often as others who’s teams have thrown shit loads of money at mediocrity. Hopefully we can pick ourselves up and go on a wee run to the end of the season and perhaps pick up some silverware.
  12. Decent result for Berwick. I know from experience just how tough an away day Cumbernauld can be. Far better teams than Berwick have went there and lost this season.
  13. Awful game. Dreadful to watch.
  14. You’d know all about junkies in Paisley anatno?😂😂
  15. Don’t take it to heart Craig I could have mentioned pretty much every other team in the Premiership v Celtic or Rangers. Point I was trying to get across was that we didn’t park the bus.
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