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  1. He probably hasn’t been told what to say yet.
  2. And if they’re brave enough to get their SPFL chums to threaten to remove cup privileges if we don’t bend over.
  3. You were right, it was voted on at the AGM and rather unsurprisingly was rejected. Pretty comprehensively by all accounts.
  4. No chance of reducing the league program imo. If we start at the beginning of October and run to the middle of May that’s plenty of time to get the league played. I suspect some cup competitions will need to be sacrificed including our own league cup but I also expect to see an increase in the number of mid week fixtures.
  5. I must have missed that one. Not sure if a vote did take place but I can pretty much guarantee you I know what the outcome would have been. I will try to find out.
  6. The LL AGM took place at the beginning of June I believe. Hence the reason they can now publishing the revised rules.
  7. Committee and committee fans?
  8. Ross Sinclair was the goalkeeper you had v us. He was on loan from St Johnstone and is one the best young goalkeepers in the country.
  9. Pretty sure the west junior officials would just send an e-mail to all the offending clubs telling them to destroy any evidence.
  10. The circle of life. I feel a song coming on. 🦁
  11. No. We train in Glasgow. Last season we shared New Tinto with Dumbarton, I think Scotstoun and Toll Cross have also been used.
  12. Think he's off to Gartcairn.
  13. Who knows what the manager is thinking. I do know we've lacked options down that left side and although we've been extremely lucky that Jamie Mills has stayed clear of injury, if we're to continue to compete at the top end of the league we need options.
  14. No he’s signed too.
  15. TBH up until now I hadn’t heard any names mentioned, only that some teams were doing it.
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