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  1. To anyone suggesting we move to a back 4, how are you fitting Tierney and Robertson in?
  2. English media will go into absolute overdrive if Hungary end up second.
  3. Scenes as the Budapest crowd celebrate that goal
  4. You just need to recalibrate you view of what a "50 million" player is to account for inflation. £50m in the English Premier League just gets you a decent player in 2021 money. To get a true world class boy you'll be closer to £100m.
  5. Finland going out unless there’s an absolute freak set of results. You can pencil in Belgium v 3F, 1F v Switzerland and Sweden v Ukraine
  6. Buffalo wings are the absolute daddy of chicken snacks tbf. An absolute must have at any bon vivant buffet with al fresco munchiettes and seasonal cichetti.
  7. Yes but my local supermarket doesn't sell it, but does sell Frank's hot sauce and butter which makes making delicious buffalo sauce literally a 3 minute job. Interesting. Frank's Buffalo is below par but buffalo sauce made with Frank's hot sauce is good?
  8. Absolute sitter missed by Poland again. Maybe it’s just not their tournament.
  9. I’m not sure Netherlands or whoever is third in group F would be a hugely surprising semi finalist, although I do think the Czech Republic have the makings of a surprise semi finalist to play against them. They’d likely have to beat Spain in the last 16, but Spain are no great shakes. They’d then possibly have a rematch with England in the QF, but England would have expanded all their energy beating Germany/France/Portugal and having to play in 35 degree heat in Rome could be their undoing. I don’t think it will happen as I think England could go out in the last 16 anyway and their conquerors will go on to win in the QF but I wouldn’t be totally shocked by something like a Czechs/Netherlands semi final
  10. Not strictly true anyway. 2016 there was 9 groups and one automatic qualifier. That meant that as well as the top 2 qualifying, there were 5 spaces to fill from 9 third place. The best third place qualified directly and all remaining 8 went to the playoffs. 2020/2021 there was 10 groups and no automatic qualifiers. That meant only 4 spaces left from 10 third place sides so the bottom 2 would have missed out. We were 9th out of 10 in the third place table after results against the bottom nation in each group were discarded so would have missed out. Although interesting that UEFA are now moving towards 4 team playoff streams per berth and single leg matches rather than just having two teams playing a H&A playoff. I wonder if even discarding the UNL, UEFA could have chosen to give all ten 3rd place teams and the best six 4th place teams an opportunity in the playoffs.
  11. Leicester Square genuinely looking like the first outside superspreader event then?
  12. Btw I don’t think being left footed rules those guys out of playing RWB. They can cut in on their left foot.
  13. Any 3 at the back system relies on top class wing-backs. Think about it. If playing 4-4-2/4-3-3/4-5-1 you have the width provided by both full backs and wingers, but in a 3-5-2 or 3-4-2-1 formation it’s entirely on the wing-backs. 3 at the back is great for fitting Robertson and Tierney in but does rely on a better RWB than O’Donnell. I hope Patterson can fill that role.
  14. Mods - please move this to tartan army ramblings
  15. Have uefa confirmed the format of this yet? The format from 2020 can’t be repeated like-for-like as a spot must be reserved for Germany as hosts. I would therefore imagine that league D (given the reduction to 7 teams) of the nations league will lose their automatic spot. Sorry North Macedonia. As a fudge they might give nations league D group winners the first right to get into higher league playoffs where group winners have already qualified. So my guess is we’ll have 10 groups again (4 groups of 6, 6 groups of 5). Germany will play “centralised friendlies” against one of the groups of 5 and league A finalists will go into 4 of the other groups of 5. Top 2 qualify and then leagues A-C playoffs get the final 3 spots. Germany + 20 from qualifying + 3 from UNL = 24. If this format is adopted then we should be going all out to win our nations league group that will be played in June/September 2022. Not only would doing so guarantee us a spot in the league B playoffs, but it would also get us a top 20 ranking and we’d be in pot 2 for the qualifying draw. So not only an extra bite of the cherry but a much higher chance of qualifying via the traditional route. The group will consist of: Pot 1: Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia-Herz, Iceland Pot 2: Finland, Norway, Scotland, Russia Pot 3: Israel, Romania, Serbia, Republic of Ireland Pot 4: Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia From pot 1 I’d take Iceland. They’ve never really been able to consolidate their success from 2016 and look to be on the downwards trajectory. Bosnia aren’t great but a trip to Sarajevo has 2-0 defeat written all over it. The other two sides are a class above us imo. Pot 3 I would take ROI but we’ll draw Israel again nap. Pot 4 I know little about these teams but my Armenian colleague tells me they have a great up and coming generation and are hopeful to make Qatar so maybe we hope to avoid them. Montenegro is the one I’m drawn to. In practice I suspect finishing 3rd in our group will be enough to get us a playoff since most league A teams will qualify directly, but topping our group would significantly increase our chances at qualifying through either of the available routes. Finishing bottom and relegation to league C would be a total disaster.
  16. Buffalo wings are ridiculously easy to make at home. Buy a bottle of frank’s hot sauce for about £1.50 in Tesco and mix it 50-50 with butter then pour it over chicken wings.
  17. Buffalo sauce is made with hot sauce (usually Frank's hot sauce) and butter. Lather than over some bird's eye chicken dippers and you have an incredible snack. Who the hell is claiming that any old spicy chicken is buffalo chicken?
  18. You just need to think how much better we’d be if we had a proper talisman. Lewandowski with Poland, Pandev with North Macedonia, even further back to Shevchenko with Ukraine are all examples of how an international squad can punch above their natural weight if they have a forward who you can back to find the net given half a chance.
  19. I think he deserves at least the WCQ's and probably even a chance to make the next Euros
  20. Rebumping this thread as we move on from our own involvement into more of a general discussion on the rest of the tournament. Permutations for today: Group E - 5pm Sweden have already clinched qualification. They will win the group with a win over Poland or a draw and a Slovakia/Spain draw. They can finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Slovakia have 3 points. Their task is simple. They will qualify if they take at least a point against Spain but will be eliminated with a defeat. They can finish anywhere from 1st-4th in the group. Spain have 2 points. They will advance to the knockout rounds with a win, but a draw will only be enough for them if Poland fail to beat Sweden. They can also finish anywhere from 1st-4th in the group. Despite having only 1 point, Poland still have matters in their own hands. They are in the same position we were yesterday. A draw will definitely not be enough, but if they beat Sweden they're in the sweet 16. Group E winner will come to Hampden, most likely to face Czech Republic. The runner-up will play Croatia in Copenhagen. Third place likely going to Seville to play Belgium. Group F - 8pm France have already clinched qualification. They will win the group with a win over Portugal or a draw and a Germany/Hungary draw. They can finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Germany will qualify with at least a point and will top the group if they win and France fail to beat Portugal. If they lose to Hungary, then they will be eliminated if Portugal take anything off France, however if France beat Portugal then Germany will qualify in third place unless they lose by 3 or more goals. Portugal will qualify with at least a point and will top the group if they win and Germany fail to beat Hungary. If they lose to France, they will be eliminated if Hungary beat Germany, but if the Germans take at least a point, then Portugal are through unless they defeat is by at least 3 goals. Hungary are in the Poland/Scotland/Croatia scenario. Win and they go through, fail to win and they go home. Simples. The group winner will go to Bucharest next with Switzerland as the most likely opponent. The runner-up will go to Wembley to face England in the pick of the last-16 ties. Third place, should they qualify, will most likely be headed for Budapest to play the Netherlands in another meaty looking tie.
  21. So last night’s results mean Finland are all but out now. They’d need a freak set of results including France to beat Portugal by at least 4 goals to sneak through. Ukraine have a better chance of progressing, they only need one of the following two scenarios to play out: Poland fail to beat Sweden AND Slovakia/Spain is not a draw OR France beat Portugal by 3+ AND Hungary fail to beat Germany
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