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  1. Pollokshields East will be flying up today, didn’t see much social distancing at that protest [emoji849] no masks either, I know some will be vaccinated but we JUST DONT KNOW. Third wave incoming, just wait two weeks.
  2. I honestly think they'd go up to 36 rather than 34. 6 divisions of 6. In terms of getting to the 17 games you'd play: - 7 divisional games (Play 3 opponents once and 2 H+A) - Play all the teams in one other division on a 5-year rotation (3 H, 3 A) - Play the remaining 4 teams who finished in the same place as you (2H, 2A)
  3. Given that Eid hasn’t even happened yet I’m going to suggest that this is fake as f**k
  4. Good point. I guess the original data we got coming out of Italy showed an R0 of 2.5-3 and cases doubling twice per week under little to no restrictions, however this was in March where the weather is more similar to May in the UK (i.e. not a time when respiratory viruses have the upper hand) So seeing an R number in the region of 4-5 (which obviously never actually happened, but if we adjust up to remove the impact of restrictions/behaviour...) over Christmas and into January here could just suggest that it’s seasonality rather than B117 being inherently more transmissible. Thankfully we will never get an apples to apples comparison because it had been nicely suppressed by March 2021.
  5. Tough one this. Two absolutely scummy clubs. My disdain for Chelsea is greater than my disdain for City, so with that in mind I'd normally favour a City win, but also Chelsea have already won a CL so it might be less galling if they won a second than City getting another plastic name on the trophy. It would be incredible funny if Chelsea manage to Hibs the FA cup final, top 4 and the CL final all in a two week period.
  6. There is absolutely no reason not to be "comfortable" allowing foreign travel to the nations. They have been chosen specifically based on their low prevalence of the virus, good vaccinations programmes and trustworthiness not to be fudging the figures. Heck, a number of the countries selected are zero covid places that won't even be letting Scots in. Some may be concerned about "reintroducing new variants", but remember that new variants don't matter at all. The Kent variant mattered because of its transmission advantage, but that was in an unvaccinated population. Despite what utter scum like Devi Sridhar might say on twitter or on GMTV, the idea of "vaccine escape variants" simply doesn't exist. Our vaccines are made to target the COVID-19 spike protein which is independent of the variant. This risk simply does not exist in a well vaccinated populace.
  7. Are you arguing against easing here or just the idea that Sturgeon should be led by what Boris says? Worth remembering that the scientific advice they're following is from roughly the same group of people, hence why the approaches are similar.
  8. Out of the euros [emoji24]
  9. Personally believe that chicken and pineapple pizzas are lovely and that 12 inch Hawaiian is absolutely delicious. But I know some BEASTS oppose pineapple on pizzas.
  10. Didn’t the Lib Dems say they’d only talk to the party who had the most seats?
  11. What was the alternative to an SNP minority in 2007? A 3-way coalition led by Labour would have had the numbers to govern, but remember this was when the Tories were still highly toxic in Scotland (only in the last 5 years has it become in any way socially acceptable to vote for them) and this would have given the SNP a great campaigning message for the next election. Red Tories, blue Tories and orange Tories sort of thing. The only other thing they could have done was to VONC the SNP and forced a second election, but I suspect even that would have just resulted in a similar makeup of parliament and maybe an even stronger SNP lead. One thing I’ve never really understood was the LAB to SNP swing in the polls in the year leading up to the 2011 election. In the spring of 2010 it looked likely that the SNP would just be a one term government and less than a year later, they won an outright majority and flipped a lot of constituencies that had been voting Labour for decades.
  12. Isn’t this just the same principle as why a train from Edinburgh to London doesn’t cost double the price or a train from Edinburgh to York or why a 4-bed house doesn’t cost double the price of a 2-bed house?
  13. P&B to settle this debate once and for all. IMO scissors are the greatest implement for cutting pizza followed by an actual pizza cutter. Those who use knife and fork are OFTW
  14. To be fair they’re the only party of the right and also the only party who support Brexit. So it’s conceivable that you could back independence but also favour centre-right politics and want iScotland to be outside of the EU. That might lead you to vote Tory if independence is the least of those three concerns.
  15. Places like Canterbury have surprisingly gone red in recent years, it's a sign of Labour becoming a party of the well educated, socially liberal middle class. If Boris continues down the route of wooing red wall seats with a mixture of small c conservativism and big state spending, these long time Tory heartlands will move more and more away from the Tories. I think what voters in those areas want is low taxes and progressive social values. I agree that the Lib Dems are more likely to take a lot of them than Labour but it does open up the potential for a Lab/Lib coalition government in the future even if the red wall has turned blue for good.
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