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  1. Busy afternoon for Tommy Robson!
  2. NFL General Discussion

    Not a bad shout. The Browns drafted Nick Chubb in the second round and extended Duke Johnson's contract so surely they may be up for moving Hyde on.
  3. Luke Leahy posting pics of his wedding day to an absolute wid as you rightly point out, Houston comments that he is “punching”
  4. Houstie throwing out the “banter” on Luke Leahy’s instagram if anyone saw that
  5. Just playing devil’s advocate here as I’m not saying 5th would see Hartley sacked but Houston keeping his job after season 1 was probably to do with him very nearly leading us to a Scottish cup win that season.
  6. Falkirk v ICT

    What a bizarre thing to label as a valid excuse
  7. Falkirk v ICT

    Isn't that what he did last week? Or was it a 3-5-2 with Kidd at wing back? I'm trying to predict Hartley's team not what I would play.
  8. Falkirk v ICT

    Fasan McGhee - Muirhead - Dallison - Robson Petravicius - Kidd - Sammut - Greenwood Haber - Lewis Subs: Mutch, Harrison, Paton, Irvine, TOE, Mackin, Turner
  9. Can she not just phone her fucking pal to see if she's just running late or actually not coming? If pal doesn't answer give it 10 minutes then leave.
  10. Murray loses the first set 6-3 but comes back to take it in 3.
  11. Falkirk v ICT

    We should go with a 3-5-2, IMO. Lewis Kidd at right wing back. That’s the formation that’s been working for us in the second half of last season and 4-4-2 clearly isn’t cutting it. Fasan McGhee-Harrison-Dallison Kidd-TOE-Sammut-Brough Petra Haber-Mackin
  12. Mis matched pre-season friendlys

    According to the Liverpool Echo reporter at the game, the keeper stopped playing as he thought it was offside.
  13. Mis matched pre-season friendlys

    Everton now 21-0 up against some Austrian diddies.
  14. Mis matched pre-season friendlys

    One to watch for this afternoon, Arsenal are playing Boreham Wood and Unai Emery has put out a strong side. Already 2-0 after 8 minutes with an Aubameyang brace