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  1. Doesn’t Scotland just have more of a heroin culture?
  2. What a minter of a club statement. Rules and rules and it’s always been the case that if you have 12 players, you play. I don’t think there’s been any example of a team having a game postponed AFTER all the self-isolations are complete. Frankly the club have themselves to blame for allowing covid to spread within the club. I just hope that the players go out and play for the win on Saturday and not play the martyr like the club already is.
  3. Am I missing something here?
  4. The only contraindications listed for these vaccines are people who have had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine in the past. Similarly, those who had a severe allergic reaction to the first dose are contraindicated for the second dose. The idea that there are a significant number of CEV people who are contraindicated for these vaccines is pie in the sky nonsense
  5. Is Cop26 expected to lead to increased taxes on these things? I’m no climate change expert but I’m disappointed by the lack of investment in sustainable alternatives. It seems like there’s a culture war where half of the population want to stick their fingers in the ears and ignore climate change while the other half want a return to a much simpler life where only a very small percentage of people ever travel outside the country of their birth. I want to see them come up with sustainable ways to keep our cheap city break, for example, why not build planes that run on renewable energy? Or what about a high speed bullet train that can get you anywhere in Europe in just a few hours?
  6. Absolutely no one said that this makes up the “majority” of the unvaccinated population. The “covid in the last 28 days” will be in the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands. Medical contraindications to the vaccine are borderline unheard of. There are only a very small number of conditions which contraindicate these vaccines. If we are ranking the reasons why people over 18 have not had the vaccine, my gut feeling is that it would be along the lines of: 1. Apathy/don’t think they need it/can’t be arsed/think they’re too busy 2. Mild hesitancy over potential side effects 3. Covid in the last 28 days 4. Batshit mental anti-vaxxers 5. Medically exempt from the vaccine
  7. Not necessarily. They may have had covid in the past 28 days or be medically exempt. I don’t really buy this idea that large swathes of the 18-30 population are genuinely too busy to get the vaccine though. IMO, if you’re going to implement vaccine passports then you need to give at least a month’s notice for people to get their first dose and a further two months after that for the second dose so they’re a non-starter until at least Halloween time, albeit that may be an ideal time to implement them going into the winter season when respiratory viruses gain the upper hand
  8. Well yeah, if these passports aren’t introduced until full vaccination has been offered
  9. You think the SG are going to give young people the choice of missing out on events or shelling out £100+ a shot for a PCR?
  10. I reckon that Neil Ferguson c**t just makes up his “forecast” depending on how the wind is blowing every week
  11. Well this take aged like absolute milk
  12. Team GB finish the Taekwondo with 2 silvers and a bronze but it would have been at least 2 golds and a silver (possibly even 3 golds) if fights were just 5 seconds shorter.
  13. Bianca Walkden manages it again. 24-22 up and concedes a 3 point head kick in the very last second in the SF. The top seed will fight for bronze later.
  14. See, I’ve no issue with Russian athletes who have proven their cleanliness being allowed to compete in the olympics in their own right under the Olympic flag, but they shouldn’t be allowed to enter any of the team sports IMO and there is no way that “Russian Olympic Competitors” should be given its own entry in the medal table.
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