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  1. She actually ended up winning 6-1 in the third set
  2. Back three and back five are entirely synonymous terms. Three centre halves and two wing backs. Some people consider wing backs to be part of the defence and some consider them midfielders but either way, 3-5-2 and 5-3-2 are the exact same formation (or 3-4-3/5-2-3)
  3. I don’t see Robertson being rested for such an important game but if he plays the CL final and the Ukraine game, and we do well enough to win that, and he subsequently plays in Cardiff too, there’s a 0% chance he’s playing three UNL games in a week. Taylor or Hickey will 100% start the Armenia game unless we lose to Ukraine and he gets his rest between Ukraine and Armenia.
  4. Increasingly looking like Raducanu’s US open was a fluke unfortunately
  5. By that logic Robertson also won’t play against Ukraine?
  6. Norrie cruises through 7-5 6-2 6-0 and Evans leads by two sets and a break now
  7. Came through easily in the end 4, 2 and love. Evans and Norrie both a set and a break up in their first round matches. Raducanu plays later.
  8. I wouldn’t rule out going to a back four. The 3-5-2/3-4-3 was implemented to fit KT and Robertson together so KT being absent could mean 4-3-3 is preferable Gordon Patterson-Hendry-Hanley-Robertson McTominay-Gilmour-McGregor McGinn-Dykes-Adams Of course, playing that lineup could easily switch to the 3-5-2 in game by just asking McTominay to drop back
  9. 3 options for what to do about Tierney, do you directly replace him with McKenna/Cooper/Hendry/Souttar, bring Robertson into LCB (with Taylor or Hickey at LWB) or change the formation altogether and have Robertson on the left side of a back four?
  10. Agreed, but we usually play both when they are available.
  11. When was the last time we left a fit Lyndon Dykes out in a competitive game? Never a great idea to leave your goal machine on the bench
  12. Armenia game will be the rotation game imo A team: Gordon McTominay-Hanley-McKenna Patterson-Gilmour-McGregor-Robertson McGinn Adams-Dykes B team: Marshall Hendry-Souttar-Cooper SOD-Jack-Ferguson-Hickey Armstrong Christie-Brown Leaves Ralston, Taylor, Turnbull, Stewart and the two young keepers as ringers
  13. Goalkeepers: Gordon, Marshall, Kelly, Clarke Defenders: McTominay, Hanley, McKenna, Cooper, Hendry, Souttar, Patterson, Robertson, Hickey, O’Donnell, Taylor, Ralston Midfielders: Gilmour, McGregor, Jack, Ferguson, McGinn, Armstrong, Turnbull Forwards: Dykes, Adams, Christie, Brown, Stewart
  14. Patterson and Gilmour included but no place for Tierney
  15. Liverpool played the maximum number of games possible this year (unless you count things like the community shield, super cup and club World Cup). That’s 38 league games, 13 in the champions league, 6 in the FA cup and 6 in the league cup for a total of 62 matches across 4 competitions. If Ramsay goes to Liverpool and establishes himself as a good quality understudy to TAA, there’s no reason why he can’t be starting 15-20 matches per season across all competition plus another 8-10 appearances from the bench (especially given that the move towards 5 subs looks like it’s being made permanent)
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