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  1. You’ll be glad you got that off your chest
  2. You’re exactly what’s wrong with society, because I don’t agree with your chain of thought I’m wrong, It’s called a freedom of choice, something you don’t seem to be able to accept, and as to the other point you make, there’s nothing natural about it, a man with a woman is natural
  3. In today’s society you’re frowned upon if you don’t accept these homosexuals, It’s a disgrace . The offence for the player should be the same as it is for foul and abusive language unless there’s a rule I don’t know about, that’s if that’s what he’s guilty of saying
  4. There was no guarantee that he would score, his freekick just before halftime half was wide of the left hand post McCabe did the right thing in my opinion, not that you’ll agree Peter [emoji6]
  5. If the Albert can go out and get decent players on a small budget I can’t see any reason why Larkhall can’t do the same, Jamie has done a fantastic job there on a shoestring. larkhall management have to do the same if there’s no money available. I hope they can turn it around but it’ll be a big ask now with the season up and running and players already signed up
  6. Excellent highlights once again from Gerry
  7. The mans got to be given a chance, remember last seasons debacle with Robertson
  8. Glencairn will be favourites on sat but we’re in with a shout if we can get some of our injured players back, it should be a cracking game
  9. Neither is the Penny Arcade the Roy Orbison hit but I bet if you played that at your next home game your fans wouldn’t like it. You’ll always get folk that take a tune out of context for what it is, and mostly it’s down to ignorance
  10. You no a burnie fan now [emoji848]
  11. I agree it was pretty even for the first 30mins but once we scored it was pretty much all Cumbernauld, we actually played the last 17 mins of the game with 10 men on the park and one of them Stefan Law was injured too and unable to do much. I’m delighted with the way we’ve started this season, and we’ve our top goalscorer still to come back from Injury too, so given the injuries we have just now within the squad it all bodes well for the rest of the season when the managers a full squad to pick from. All the best to Neilston for the rest of the season
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