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  1. 5/ 10 - for Monday. Couldn't buy an answer on any Aussie question for love or money.
  2. 6 / 10 for Thursday. Annoyed about my answer music question. Annoyed generally about the comic relief quiz. 4.
  3. I impressed myself with a 7. The quiz night was brutal. All a blur.
  4. A new guessometer early birthday present.. Result a warming 7/ 10 for Monday.
  5. 19 for Joe. Great Zeppelin album- still have a well thumbed copy..
  6. Lost for words.. Cup winner... Massive coupon buster of a result. Commiserations to pleslie99 and NJ2 and well done to Eednud for bringing home the bacon.. Tynieness bring the champagne on Sunday morning..
  7. Your eminence The Captain sends his most humble apologies, thought I had submitted my mighty score of 5 earlier.. It seems I forgot. Nag away kind of suits you..
  8. Three Word Story...

    Without malt whisky