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  1. All due respect but it should be 12 points out of 12. Hopefully get Buckie and East Fife away as never been to either.
  2. Not sure if that’s supposed to be an effort at calling me a racist, so nice try if so. Creative. Next you’ll be calling me a gypo!
  3. Hi mate. Sorry for taking so long to reply. How’d you get on tonight?
  4. This is all my personal opinion on his tenure in general but the majority of fans I’ve spoken to have the same reflections. His first role in a coaching capacity was with the Under 20s if I’m not mistaken. Whilst winning the 20s league was a great achievement, we had many first team players (often first choice) playing in matches and the majority of our younger players had been sourced from larger clubs who had released boys as they weren’t good enough. These boys then didn’t get a sniff of the first team whilst both McIntyre and Coyle were in charge and were all subsequently released. When we were relegated to the Championship, the board took the cheap option and appointed Fergie and Ketts as it was the cheap option. In my opinion, we had a very good squad for the Championship yet made extremely hard of work of winning a bang average division (Ayr were a one man team, United were poor, rest were jobbers). Nonetheless, we got promoted and won a cup and in general it was a decent season. The 2019/20 season was generally fairly boring. We conceded lots of goals and very rarely dominated games. In fact, only win I can recall from that season that we were actually dominant in was a 3-0 win v Accies in the very first game of the season. Pretty confident that we would’ve been relegated that season if it hadn’t been cut short. Next season, Fergie moved upstairs and Ketts was given the role himself. I try to forget that season as it was generally brutal and there were no fans, but the football we played was turgid and our defending at times was laughable (regularly conceding 3/4 goals in matches). He was sacked after a 2-0 defeat to Hamilton in what may be the worst game of football I’ve seen from a Ross County side and there’s been some amount of shite. One thing I will say was his recruitment was generally very decent. In his tenure, we signed Jamie Lindsay, Ross Stewart, Spittal and Charles-Cook who were all successful at County. However, he also signed Joe Chalmers, Simon Power and Coll Donaldson. That being said, I’m not actually sure how much of a recruitment team we had during his tenure so I don’t really know how much say he had in those transfers. Reading this back in summary, it seems as if I dont have a good word to say on the guy. He used to have a lovely house although I’m unsure if he still loves up here. Genuinely do wish the guy well though as he is very well thought of up here as a player.
  5. f**k sake lads - I’d have done the exact same in their situation had we qualified for Europe. Big piss up with their mates I personally don’t see anything wrong but that’s my opinion. Im not a massive fan of smoke bombs myself but as far as I’m aware nobody got hurt and we had to wait a wee bit longer for the players to come out for a wee clap at the end up. Lighten up man. As for the police; not sure what about 50 officers and stewards are meant to do when circa 1000 people come onto the park - it’s physically impossible for them to stop. Think there’s probably a tinge of jealousy from some County fans on social media today to be honest. Fair play to United, have never liked them after 2010 but they’ve been more deserving of 4th than us as they’ve amassed more points and that’s the long and short of it.
  6. Have it on good authority that today was RCC, Spittal and Paton’s last hoorah.
  7. I’m confused - I was certain he’d signed a 2 year deal last summer?
  8. Caleys best result this season is County finishing in the Top 6. Enjoy Cove next year x
  9. This is honestly incredible. It should genuinely be at least 5-0. What the f**k did Malky say to them pre-game? Just stand outside your box and hope for the best. Expect nothing like but this is embarrassing.
  10. Wow. This could get dirty. Just pray we’re still in the mix Saturday now as tonight is a write off if it wasn’t already.
  11. Look lads, we’ve all slated the colt teams all year but, in fact, I think this would be a great opportunity for Rangers to showcase the side that has been playing in the Lowland League and ensure no first choice players are hurt with an extremely tough schedule coming up over the next 10 days.
  12. I’ll be honest, County’s pies aren’t what they once were. That being said, Haggis Pies are still a solid 8/10 in my eyes. There’s a new chicken pie that is meant to be half decent that I’ve no tasted yet.
  13. My favourite part of the game was not the 90 minutes, but rather the 15 minute drive back over the bridge listening to Charlie Christie’s greeting rant on Sportsound post match.
  14. I said at the start of the split I reckon 5 points would’ve been enough for us if the win comes against either United or Motherwell. The importance of next Saturday is absolutely colossal. We win that and I think that’s it done.
  15. Can’t see anything other than a comfortable away win. Think they’ll react from their game last Sunday and we may feel the wrath. Hope I’m wrong. Just hope Hearts can beat United today so that tomorrows game is a free hit.
  16. Celtic (H) - Sunday 24th (2:30pm) Hearts (A) - Saturday 30th (3:00pm) Motherwell (H) - Saturday 7th (3:00pm) Rangers (A) - Wednesday 11th (7:45pm) United (H) - Saturday 14th (3:00pm) In all honesty, I think that’s the perfect fixtures. Having had a look at Motherwell’s games, they’ve got a far harder run than us - two home games against Hearts and Rangers. For me, beating them at home is an absolute necessity if we’re going to finish 5th. Hopefully we’ll take a big support to Hearts too for the last away Sat 3pm of the season. Can’t see us getting anymore than 6pts, but we didn’t think we’d get 4 from our last 3 games to make it here in the first place…
  17. Of course I’m getting miles ahead of myself and there’s plenty of work to do if we’re going to play in Europe next season, but does anyone what rounds would we enter in if we were to get into the Conference next season? Never had to take an interest in this sort of stuff before.
  18. Nah, you can’t. Tickets had to be bought by 2pm yesterday - which is just daft if you ask me but I’m not the ticket expert amongst us.
  19. Surprised there’s not a match thread yet, but you don’t need to tell anyone the importance of this game. We seem to be taking a decent support through by all accounts to - cannot wait but also shiteing it.
  20. Quick question lads, are the turnstiles electric or are they old school? Obviously it’s physical ticket but is it scanners you lot use?
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