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  1. It was a very intriguing game I thought. The way Malky set the team up was very clever; it stopped Juranovic and Taylor getting any space whenever they floated into the middle. Going man for man and having a centre half spare also meant that when Celtic did bring the ball out from the back, there was few options for Jenz and CCV. CCV must’ve had >200 touches in the game and about 3/4 shots himself. It did mean, however we had no out ball when we won it back hence the subs at half time. The first goal is just unbelievable feet from Jota. Maybe the marking could’ve been better but ultimately it was probably the first time in the match we’d been carved open properly. We get ourselves back in the game through the header and then seemed to have Celtic rocked for a small period. The two goals at the end are gutters though. Celtic’s second is so so preventable. How many times do we see them take a short corner to get play going again. We did well in the first half in terms of getting 2 out quickly to halt a short corner but the tired legs stop us from getting out and ultimately we were punished. Johnson and Tillson over play for the third goal but it’s a lovely finish from Abada. You can’t deny Celtic the win as they were/are the superior side, but I think our resoluteness and defensive organisation deserved a point. Would like to see us have more of a go in the cup game against them as I feel like they are definitely there for the taking when we play them in Dingwall. Must get something from Paisley next week though. ETA: apologies for being a knob and I’m not being a jobsworth but Jenz should’ve been sent off. On a booking, he scores then runs into the crowd. Not a yellow card I agree with in football but if he’d not been booked already the referee definitely books him for that. Again, excuses excuses but worth noting.
  2. Was it even that many? We got one game against Rangers at home IIRC.
  3. Games tomorrow and I’ve not yet seen a thread for it so here it is. County to look alright. Celtic to stick 3 past us doing so. Something along those lines.
  4. Very evening opening to the game with little to no chances. Hearts set up with that back 3 but they were extremely high which gave county a lot of success with that diag into the left channel. Owura, Sims, Hiwula and Samuel all probably unlucky that they didn’t score. You then knew what was going to happen in the second half. Two fantastic goals from Hearts to be fair; first one is extremely well worked whilst the second one is just sheer class from McKay. We seemed to run out of steam in the second half and Hearts eventually managed the game out well but if that’s a sign of things to come for this season then I’m elated. Owura the standout but I thought Purrington was excellent and Dom Samuel looks a different player so far this season.
  5. Good that it’s back, but seems anti-climactic given there’s only going to be a total of 9 league games. Pretty poor turnout in terms of numbers in the league too seeing as there used to be 2 tiers within the reserve system.
  6. Livi 0-2 Rangers Hearts 1-0 County Kilmarnock 1-2 Dundee United St Johnstone 0-1 Hibs St Mirren 1-1 Motherwell Celtic 3-0 Aberdeen
  7. I really liked the look of Hiwula yesterday. Touch was immaculate, looked sharp and has a bit of pace to him. Took his goal excellently as well. Doncaster fans absolutely slated him but he got decent reviews from Coventry and Fleetwood fans so maybe it was just he was in the wrong place last season. Olaigbe was a thorn in the Dunfermline side when he came on as well and he came close to scoring himself. Looks quick and direct which is all you can ask for from a winger.
  8. William Akio has just posted a photo on his Instagram story of himself on a plane. Seems odd that that deal hasn’t materialised yet seeing as he was so heavily rumoured but maybe this might be him coming over now?
  9. I think if we can get one more centre half in the door this will honestly be as strong as we’ve ever looked at the start of a top flight season in my opinion.
  10. Haha fair play. Serves me right for being a cocky c**t.
  11. We’ve near enough got two players in each position now, so I reckon it’ll be a first 45 XI that’ll be fully changed at half time.
  12. That’s absolutely not what I’m saying at all. If there was a pedophile working for the club I support then I would be the first to criticise the decision makers at County, in the same way as the vast majority of decent County supporters with a hint of morals about them criticised the decision to hire a man who had made several racist comments. In time, we all realised that nothing was going to be done about our worries and the best thing to do would be support the club - not the manager. Your post is clearly using racism to point score. You’re trying to get a reaction out of us by making a joke about racism. That is what I am pointing out as strange behaviour.
  13. Point scoring over these sensitive types of topics (racism, sectarianism, pedophilia etc) between football fans to get a one up over an opponent is strange and scummy behaviour.
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