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  1. He looked as if he took out O’Halloran on the break and then tripped over him. Probably an injury from the impact of a fall would be my guess?
  2. Thought County were extremely unspectacular yet solid at the same time. Whilst Saints definitely looked the the more likely, I can’t actually remember them getting in behind us apart from Spittals booking. I think there’s gonna be a lot of these types of games for us this season; not pretty but just trying to grind out points and clean sheets. I’d far rather that than pretty football but conceding goals at will. We will, however, continue to concede penalties as that is so far into our DNA that you can’t get it out. Saints looked solid and to be fair looked like they probably could’ve turned it up a gear at times. Obviously lacking a natural finisher but that’s obviously no secret and once they can get one of those in they’ll probably hurt most sides above them of which I doubt there’ll be many.
  3. My assumption would be that they were just going to let season ticket holders in with the initial allocation, and then when they found out they could have more they put them on general sale for the Jailend, hence why it probably looked/was so empty.
  4. The constant shite about Malky was getting boring. The season will be even longer if everyone keeps bickering about our manager. Can we all not just support and back the team?
  5. No matter what the topic of conversation on a post, you still manage to have a dig at Mackay in one way or another. Understand you don’t like the guy and you’re quite entitled not to but f**k me you’ve made your point.
  6. Has anyone else not received their season ticket yet? I bought mine a good 2-3 weeks ago and still haven’t received it but unsure if they’ve sent them out or not.
  7. Much better than Tuesday. Spittal was extremely lively and linked up very well with Callachan down the right hand side; first goal comes from Spittal slotting in Callachan who’d made a run in behind the Montrose defence and this same run made several other chances for County. Another headed corner goal for Iacovitti, before good build up set up White for the third and a pearler of a strike from Spittal for the fourth. Boys switched off from a quick free kick and allowed Montrose in to pull a goal back but by that time game was comfortably won. • Back three of Donaldson, Watson and Iacovitti is extremely well balanced. Donaldson, whilst rash in decisional sense, is excellent at stepping out with the ball and has a good passing range. Watson is a good leader and is rarely outmuscled, and Iacovitti is obviously dominant in the air. Maybe lacking a bit of pace but the fact there’s 3 defenders compensates for the lack of pace. • I can see Spittal and Vokins playing as the wing backs when Paton returns from Canada duty. We know what we get from Spittal, hard working with a wicked delivery. Vokins is fairly similar, seems quick and has a great delivery. Both aren’t the greatest defensively (Vokins not been properly tested over 2 games so maybe unfair to make a judgement) but they will definitely provide attacking threats from wide areas. • Callachan looks like a breath of fresh air in middle of the park; confident, happy to take ball on back foot and drive at defenders. Him and Paton will link well in the middle of the park. Could do with another holding midfielder as I sometimes feel Tillson is a bit of a passenger as games sometimes pass him by, however Cancola seems to be that defensive midfielder type so we’ll need to see what he’s about. • Not sold on Dom Samuel up front at all. Not sure on his general strengths; doesn’t seem overly quick, is weak on the ball and his decision making is poor. Expecting White and Shaw to be the focal two up front of Samuel doesn’t improve. Overall, could do with 3-4 more quality additions to bulk up the squad but early signs on the style of play and shape are promising, in my opinion.
  8. Question for those going to the game today; I’m assuming the “N” followed by the set of numbers on the ticket shows Im in the North Stand? Or am I being stupid?
  9. 100%, the shambles that has been the last 2-3 months is all on Roy.
  10. Ah yes - entirely on Mackay that we got rid of the lot of our Under 20s, that we always use in this competiton, 12 months ago.
  11. Both of these are spot on. It’s a long term project it seems so he’s here for the long run I can only presume. I’m not saying at all that he’s going to be a world beater and lead us to a top six finish and a good cup run, I just feel like a lot of people want him to do bad; which I personally find strange but respect. Every person is entitled to their own views about a person and I’m not going to begrudge anyone for disliking him after his previous actions. Me personally, I supported the club when David Goodwillie signed and I continued supporting after. I will do the same for Malky, but I respect if people don’t. However, it does baffle me that supporters now want the club to do bad off the back of a managerial appointment they don’t like.
  12. Take out his personal views because I don’t think they will be taken into account by a board that didn’t really care when they appointed him originally. The point made about footballing knowledge is nonsense though. If anything, his views toward football would be anything but outdated having coached and overseen the modern era of Scottish footballers. Can’t wrap my head around why so many County fans reckon he’s going to do disastrously poor and be out by Bonfire Night.
  13. Just a query because I am seeing this a lot; why do a large quantity of County fans assume he’s going to be gone early? No malice intended by the way, just a question.
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