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  1. If we go to United on Wed and play a full strength team, I firmly believe this “threadbare squad” shite is a cover up for the fact we didn’t give a flying f**k about the cup this year.
  2. Ramsay - excellent. Looks quick, timing of the tackle brilliant and confident on the ball. Would like to see him at right back to be honest. Drysdale - gave away the penalty and was shaky first half but grew as the game went on. Also looks brilliant at taking the ball out from the back. A.Samuel - meh. Guys a workhorse but if I went up front I’d run around a lot too so does that make me a player. He’s got absolute tree trunk legs as well which I didn’t realise until yesterday. Other than that I’m struggling for positives. B.Paton - slightly anonymous. Similarities to his brother in terms of technique and range of passing, but never really had an influence on the game if I’m being honest. Burroughs - genuinely lost with Burroughs as I don’t know what his best position is. I thought he was terrible yesterday if I’m honest and I don’t like slating players but he looked absolutely burst after half an hour. Positional sense was all over the place meaning Randall had double the work to do. I liked him at full back earlier on in the season and that is probably his best position but I sincerely hope we don’t see him on the wing again.
  3. The rumour has it that County had many players who weren’t match fit - hence the mix and match starting XI. First half was abysmal. Drysdale was class on Wednesday but I thought he looked nervous FH. Interesting to see the penalty again on Sportscene later - looked soft from my angle, but then also thought he was lucky to escape a red as he was last man. Second half was a different story. Would’ve liked to have seen Paton on a lot earlier for Burroughs though who I thought offered nothing and Right Wing is certainly not his position. A little bit gutted as I’d have loved a Scottish Cup run and the way the draw worked out we would’ve been Ball 15 alphabetically and hence would’ve been away to Annan which would’ve been a great day out. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and best of luck to Livi in the rest of the tournament.
  4. Announced by P&J now too. Disappointed, but not at the fact we’re losing him, more the fact it hasn’t really worked out. Part of that U20 league winning team, he was probably the last one in that team with a chance of making it here. Personally, I don’t think he’s good enough for Prem football. I’m sure he’ll grow as a player with age, but I don’t think he’s any better than what we’ve currently got. It’s a shame though because he always gave his all and was constantly hampered with injuries. Best of luck to him. Really hope he goes and makes a good career in the game after everything he’s been through.
  5. Does it go straight to penalties or is there ET too? Can see this finishing goalless/1-1.
  6. That’s actually an incredible losing rate. Fort William-esque.
  7. While you’re right - it was a kick in the teeth - Hibs aren’t really rival club in any shape or form. I’ve seen that worded thrown about a few times on this topic but there will be several places between us and them come the end of the season.
  8. Was an interesting game at FP earlier this season. Thought it was a very even game eventually decided by a bit of a defensive lapse in concentration. We’ve improved since then and, going by Motherwell’s league position, they have too. Be interesting to see Tony Watt’s availability/effort in this game. Hopefully get a full back in before the game and we should be in good nic. Be a good game I reckon.
  9. Seems like a right laugh - Crewe manager doing the announcement for us is pure Cinch as well.
  10. If you get a minute, check the nic of the replies on the clubs tweet about fans being back in. Of course, it’s a bit of a brass neck tweeting it after our alleged vote, but some of the replies are golden.
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