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  1. I’d love us to win. I’d hate us to lose. I think we’ll draw.
  2. I hate this guy. 3 better centre mids sat on the bench it’s fucking baffling.
  3. I can only hope that United rest players for the cup semi. That being said, you need to have competent footballers to win a football match and we don't have many of those so United could probably field their Under 18s and still have a decent shout.
  4. A massive well done and congrats to all Saints tonight. A prime example to all on how a club should be run.
  5. Well done tonight lads. You guys streets ahead of us and that wasn’t even close to a strongest team from what I gather. Was impressed by a number of players, especially thought young Henderson was exceptional for you tonight. Looks like a bright prospect. Marcus Fraser also looks to have come on to a real game at Saints which is good to see. Probably be a while before we play each other again so best of luck for the rest of the season and hopefully you go a few better in the cup this time.
  6. In the 85th minute of the game tonight, I heard him scream “we need something”. If that’s the motivation you’re getting from your manager at a pivotal part of the game then what chance you got?
  7. Two horse shite defences fighting to see who’s more horse shite but they’re both equally horse shite.
  8. I could’ve sworn I saw a photo of Randall in training the other day but maybe it’s not full training so you could assume he’ll be out. Hjelde at left back it’ll have to be. Still a decent team on paper nonetheless.
  9. I think we should set up like this: Laidlaw Naismith Watson Iacovitti Randall Draper Lakin Paton Gardyne Shaw Hylton I don’t like the back line but I think it’s the best we can put up at the moment. Good balance in that midfield and inverted wingers so they can come in and link up with Shaw. I know we’ll concede at least once so we’re going to need a goal to get something out the game, may as well set up 433 for that reason. I still think there’s enough games between now and the end of the season that both ourselves and Killie will drop points in so therefore it’s not as big a game as I think the one with Accies is, but if we want 10th we need to be taking something from it.
  10. You should’ve saved some time and not made that graphic mate. The only arsehole that tells you they’re similar is John Hughes and that says all you need to know.
  11. No danger; I’m thinking more of a Morton or Ayr level.
  12. I think most people would prefer their team won than lost. How they do it is what they get paid for.
  13. Can you tell me what that is please? Because I’ve been watching it for 4/5 months and am still unsure as to what this “way” is.
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