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  1. I was a very harsh critic of Charles-Cook after his first few games, but it seems a run in the team is doing his confidence the world of good and he actually looks like there is potential for a decent player there.
  2. Or going all the way to Dingwall and being consigned to the relegation playoff - swiftly followed by a rather humorous penalty defeat to *checks notes* Hamilton.
  3. What I want the team to be: Doohan Randall Donaldson Iacovitti Reid Draper Paton Kelly Stewart Mckay Hylton What the team will be: Laidlaw Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs Vigurs
  4. I am not too sure what the final score of this football match is going to be but I think Hibs might win this football match because Ross County aren’t very good at football matches.
  5. Didn’t watch the game as I had zero motivation to pay to watch it (knew it would be another awful slog) but by all sounds it seems like Arbroath were unlucky not to get anything from the game. Best of luck for the rest of the season too.
  6. All I can recall is the free-kick at home to Saints. Apart from that nothing really. Hope he does well at Partick mind but I reckon he’ll be off at the end of next season anyway.
  7. Number of times I’ve seen we’re only Ross County and we don’t deserve to be in this league etc; absolutely sick of it. Who does deserve to be in this league then? Hearts/Falkirk/Dunfermline etc because they have a bigger fan base? No. We’re here on a results based basis therefore deserve to be here. And for as long as we’re in this league we should be aiming to be as high as possible in it instead of always being happy with surviving by the skin of our teeth each season.
  8. I think we’ll play a back 3. Cooper-McTominay-Porteous. Then Robertson and Fraser as wing backs. Don’t agree with it at all but I think that’s what Clarke will do personally.
  9. I paid 12 (TWELVE) Great British Pounds to watch that hurl of shite tonight. Worst stream quality i’ve ever had, topped by the worst County performance of the season so far without fail. Utter shambles from back to front. Said it before and I’ll say it again - Kettlewell is not the man to lead this club forward.
  10. We’ve been crying out for wingers for as long as we’ve been in the premiership so don’t get your hopes up.
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Does a fine job at centre back but his ability on the ball is almost wasted there. Would love to see him play in front of the back 4 as he’d definitely give us more than Vigurs there.
  12. Think the problem this window has been the signing of too many squad players. Nobody has really made the squad that much better; instead just signing a couple of players that match the ability we already have (or lack of it).
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