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  1. I like to think of it as winning 9/18 points over the 6 games. If we want to do decently we'll this season we need to beat the likes of utd and County. The old firm games I'm basically writing off but there is a small bit of hope to potentially getting a draw in one? The league cup is the one we're I'm dreaming like it's 2017 again and we're in hampden against rangers.
  2. I just hope that out of the month of October we get a few things done: Try not to lose to the old firm. Win against Ross County, Aberdeen and Dundee United. Get as much ou5 of the hibs game as possible. Maybe get through to the league cup semi's? That seems to be a lot but we really should be winning against County and Utd (we also seem to have Aberdeens number). Hibs I'm a bit weary about and the less said about the old firm, the better. The cup game is a once off and anything could happen.
  3. Typical that we have been great but just unable to score. It is worrying the amount of chances gone astray
  4. Game over. With the defending it might well be 4-0 or 5-0
  5. Obly 3 breaks to make a change.(plus half time). Means we can only have one more break in the second half to make any subs unless it is a concussion sub.
  6. Pretty sure hammell was asking fo4 how long left and It looks like the offical said 5 minutes? Don't think he wanted to risk being down to 10 for a long period but it seems to be a waste in hignsight
  7. Ffs lamie. Terrible header allowed for that goal.
  8. Don't forget the obligatory penalty to motherwell. Hopefully Van Veen will score this one.
  9. Games are on this weekend. Atleast for now. Hopefully hearts are still in their poor run of form when they arrive.
  10. I would have went to the game today.... but I'm currently working. Shame to as it will most likely be Moults first appearance since returning.
  11. Welp. Guess they really don't want people to attend this match. Couldn't they just have one on the Wednesday and one on the Thursday? Surely atleast of them are not playing on the Wednesday the following week?
  12. Ht. Completely dominated the half. Other than a few mistakes fron ourselves we have managed to contain United to some danger less shots. The penalty I didn't think was one and it was a bit tame. Not terrible but it was a bit obvious where van veen was aiming. Good save none the less. Couldn't see his header but it was apparently a good chance missed? His shot thumping the bar at the very end was also a good chance. Need to come out in the second d half and continue this. And to take atleast one of these chances. United don't look to have much with Watt. Knowing our luck he's going to score the winner but he was very limited the first half. All in all only slightly dissapointing that we aren't 1-0 up. Also enjoyed the type of football on display right now. Not something I would have said in yhe past 18 months.
  13. Looks like we are still looking at signing Louis Moult. Don't know how that works but hey, more fuel for the twitter fire. https://planetradio.co.uk/clyde/sport/football-news/louis-moult-motherwell-return-trying/
  14. I would rather have another striker than Moult, but Moult is still better than nothing. We might still get nothing though.
  15. Yeah. Been refreshing everywhere to see if we are going to sign someone. Just people potentailly going out. Would make sense though since we signed the English lad and he's been out bench keeper since.
  16. Looks like Scott Fox might be off to Exeter as well (just a 1 years deal).
  17. Apparently we have an agreement in place for one player. Should be announced before midnight. Don't expect anything else though.
  18. Just seen that the offical Uefa fine for the bottle thrown and flares has been revealed. It's £2,500 for the bottle and £1,780 for a firework/flare in the second leg. Also apparently there was not enough toilets and health/safety equipment in the south stand??? I don't see how that's possible but we have apparently been warned about it.
  19. Oof. I was hoping Jack would be in charge until the weekend. Shame.
  20. Naw, goes to extra time then penalties. The penalty shoot-out out thing is only for the group section as part of that bonus point thing. Hopefully it doesn't need to go to penalties and we make it through to the Quarter finals.
  21. Increasing by the minute. The fact that they have not already sacked him shows that there is atleast some faith in him for the game on Wednesday. I would think a narrow lose would still keep him in the Job as well.
  22. Also just announced the Replacement. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60383590
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