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  1. Yeah, the Dundee United game was great as you bought the ticket, got the QR code and scanned that with your phone (or printed it out). Shame that not many other clubs do it. I think it would be easier to get the train but I just got my new car so I was thinking about driving there.
  2. Pretty sure they said at the Dundee United game that Wednesday was the last day to order the tickets and have them delivered. They couldn't guarantee that the tickets would arrive before the game otherwise and therefor could result in people missing out. I honestly am not sure if I want to go to the game or not. Not very familiar with the parking parking situation at hibs.
  3. Hopefully we get the Hearts, Aberdeen and Dundee United squad for this game and ot the Rangers and Dundee game squad. The pressure should definitely be on to continue the good performances and not the Dundee Result.
  4. Would love East Kilbride away. Easy to get to and a potentially winnable tie!
  5. So, 2 teams in the top half that have been a mixed bag recently. 4 point gap with Dundee United in 4th and Motherwell in 5th. QA home win can help close the gap while an away win could give United a cushion between them and the rest of the league (depending on hibs games in hand). After our last few games, I am really unsure. We could come out like the Aberdeen or Hearts games and get a good result and/or display. Or we could sh*te the Bed and produce a performance like the Rangers or Dundee games. My head says 1-2 Dundee United but my heart says 2-0 Well. Also the game is live on Sky Sports for those who are wanting to watch from home. No PPV option this time.
  6. So the 4th round draw is later today after the Brechin game on BBC Scotland. I really hope we can make a run in the Scottish Cup this season as it will smooth out the ups and downs of the league and hopefully give a few coopers extra in the bank. We are due a good cup run right?
  7. Well, at least Dundee United didn't win? What a pathetic performance, and I would say this was worse than the Rangers performance.
  8. Thank god I decided to miss this match. Seems to be impossible for me to be hopeful as a Motherwell fan.
  9. I do hope we don't give away a stupid penalty within the first 10 minutes. Keeping the game 0-0 for a decent period of then1st half will certainly help build confidence in the squad.
  10. Tbf the defense has actually been pretty decent this half.
  11. I would suggest that they invest in a watch to keep a track of the time.
  12. I static for our midfield is to simply ignore it and punt it up to the strikers. As if that will work.
  13. You fell for our trap card. Our plan relies on a low possession value!
  14. Its very strange that overall we have a similar stats for this season so far. Of course Aberdeen have exited thier downward spiral and are recovering while we are experincing the opposite.
  15. Just seen the Scotland squad announcement. O'Donnell is in yest Watt And Kelly aren't? Clarke really doesn't care about the performances that O'Donnell has been putting in has he? He might as well join Clarke right now since he won't be part of the Qberdeen game on Saturday.
  16. Welp, I have no doubt that we (Motherwell) are going to screw this game up as well. Going with the trend and Say 2-0 Aberdeen at least. Still going though as hopefully this could be our break and we can sneak a 1-0 Tony Watt win. If Mcginley and Goss are in the Starting line up then it will most likely be worse. But hey, who knows. Maybe we won't be in q 4-3-3 formation this time?
  17. You can clearly see that from October onwards we have Conceded atleast 2 goals every game. If that isn't a sign to change tactics or ATLEAST having a plan B, then I don't know what will.
  18. From the top point earners to the joint lowest. October has been a pathetic month with only 1 point out of 15(!). We basically need qlteast 7 points out of the next 12 in November at Minimum to keep us on Track and that includes Aberdeen (A), Hearts (H), Dundee (A), Dundee United (H)....
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