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  1. Wait, is that like the Dundee United game we're you just print off your ticket (or show it on your phone)? I have a season ticket so I never had to do that for a home ticket.
  2. I've been to 4 Away games this season. We have lost all 4 games this season... ... I'll see you guys for the Aberdeen away game!
  3. Well, it's really the Midfield thats has been dissapointing for the last 3 games in a row that doesn't seem to be changing very soon. Imagine of you excellent striking partnership never got that many good chances because when the ball went to midfield they would either stop and pass the ball backwards or just put it up with no target in mind. Its not just 1 bad day but the 3rd bad day in a row with some tougher games coming up very soon as well. Nothing Against Dundee United but I'd expect them to be atleast top 6 when the season started so it was always going to be a tough game but the manner that we lost is what's frustrating to me and many other Well fans.
  4. Even after that performance, I think there is one thing that everyone can get behind
  5. Alexander's interview stating that we were the better team and should have won. What game was he watching? The last Motherwell game at Tanadice?????
  6. I simply don't understand how Alexander looks at the last 2 performances, sees that Grimshaw and SOD are issues and then ignores them? We were winning because we were actually making opportunities and defending well. Now we are doing neither and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Honestly I won't be surprised to lose to St Mirren and Rangers which would result in Septembers Manager of the Month lose all 5 games in October.
  7. 3 games in a row where the tatics seem to be: Don't attack Concede goals that any semi professional should save Give up. No Plan B once we go 1-0 down and it shows. Midfield was atrocious and defense was poor for nearly every cross. So much space and procession was given away AND it was in areas where they could actually do harm. I thought that plan was to shepard the ball to try and force long shots? All I saw was nearly every attack going through on goal instead. Also waiting until 10 minutes left to make some form of sub is atrocious as well. Something needed to change and it only happened after it became pointless. The season will start to go down hill if we lose to St mirren next as I bet you the Rangers game is a sure fire loss with these kinds of performances.
  8. clancy coming in there with his imagenary fouls to deny us a goal back. otherwise we have been terrible once again. defense is a shambles with SOD being useless and grimshaw taking any attacking threat and passing it back. Mugabi has also been extremely suspect as well. also the corners have not been working at all but we still keep trying the same trick. WHY?
  9. In my opinion, the current top 5 and Aberdeen are what you would expect to the the top 6. Now that usually isn't the case but I would have thought after a tricky season that Dundee United would push on after becoming more stable. I always hope for Motherwell to get top 6 and potentially more but the first goal is to push ourselves far away from the relegation zone. Its going to be an interesting game. I do hope that Van Veen starts and that we finally get a penalty our way.
  10. We have been extremely poor the first half. So many bad decisions and we can't even get a cross in. You could give us a penalty and we would pass it back to a celtic player (not the keeper) some how.
  11. Just this on the SPFL twitter account. Who would have thought at the start of the year we would have a better record than celtic? Also that possession value seems a little too high for me.
  12. Got a good feeling about this match. Hopefully we will be able to keep a clean sheet atleast and do t do anything stupid in the first 5 to 10 minutes *cough* Kelly *cough*.
  13. Just love that little jab by the BBC at the end of the Lawless Article.
  14. Just wondering if tickets will be avilable for the Dundee United away game? I've been to 3 away games this season.... and we lost all 3 (2-0 airdrie, 1-0 Dundee and 2-0 hearts). I really hopping to watch an away win for once after my last one (the 3-2 against hearts with that seedorf strike). I assume there shouldn't be any issues as the red zones have since been relaxed.
  15. Absolutely terrible from front to back. Not a single performance that I would say was even passable. Passes didn't work, we let them in and then only tackle in the bloody box. Give daft penalties and more. Ffs ojala lost his mind midway into the first half.
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