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  1. Yeah, It seems that the antibodies themselves tend to disappear after a few months or so, which means plays could potentially catch the virus again in January/February time. Any mass postponed games during that period could really wreck the ability to finish the league. But its only a game. Peoples lives are definitely the priority, even if it means the season gets buggered.
  2. Especially for teams with smaller squads. If it happened to rangers or Celtic they would still be able to put out a decent team with half of their squad out. Teams like St Mirren simply dont have that luxuray unfortunately
  3. Lets hope that Ross County and Livingston dont get any positive cases. Otherwise we will end up with a gameless october. Also, i wish all those affected a speedy recovery. Also f**k COVID-19.
  4. Oh. I assumed from the headlines that this would be similar to the Kilmarnock situation. Still shite that this has happened
  5. At this rate we will end up playing Zero Games in October. Wish the players infected a speedy recover but ffs man i just want to see us playing again.
  6. Just heard about this. Hopefully he makes a full and swift recovery. TBH, this time is probably the best time for someone (in either Rangers, Motherwell, Celtic or Aberdeen squads) to get it as this is the international break and no games scheduled until the 17th? The lack of League cup games certainly helps. Hopefully this was only an isolated incident and that everyone else is safe. My Brother and dad tested positive recently and while they are ok, they are just tiered versions of themselves for the past week. Certainly would not wish it on anyone.
  7. It appears that the SPFL are going to set up an investigation beford scheduling a new date. You who what that means! SPIN. THE. WHEEL!
  8. So the game is off, but i wonder what actions they will take following this. It is already a tight scehdule and Kilmarnock may have to forfeit 2 league cup matches due to this. Extremely unfair on them but i am not sure what other alternatives could be put into place.
  9. I migbt give this match a watch if it goes ahead. Always been wary of watching us after an old firm thrashing but it could lead to less pressure and therefore a better match. The fact that its now 5 players and a staff member affected, and how close it is to the match i would expect the game to be called off. If this game is called off then our next match would be st mirren in 2 weeks time. We could end up spending 3 weeks without playing football which could be a massive blow or benefit (depending on who you ask).
  10. Hopefully everyone keeps safe and those who have been infected recover without any other issues. I assume this may put our game into doubt if these 3 are players? Could potentially have a situation similar to St Mirren where 3 key players are out.
  11. Im meaning more fir this specific game. We have been giving away penalties left right and centre over the past few weeks (6 penalties, 1 for glentoran, 2 for coleraine 1 for hapoel and jow 2 for ramgers.) There is just something not right *cough* Lamie *cough* with our defence.
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