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  1. We certainly is it the hard way. Those subs really made a difference for us both defensively and going forward. Shame Van veen only got to 29. Oh well.
  2. Are we trying to let Dundee united score now? That's nearly 4 good chances that they should have buried or made a better attempt at.
  3. So we are definitely singing sacked in the morning right? https://twitter.com/dundeeunitedfc/status/1662503933422469120?t=ZtCcslZLUfUUzGtmRwCf9w&s=19
  4. Well thats it confirmed. Van Veen needs to score 4 goals tomorrow to win the golden boot. 3 to equal Kyogo and 1 more to beat it I mean it's unlikely or its not impossible.
  5. flares are the burning ones, that cause an actual fire. Then there's the smoke bombs that cause different colour smoke. Flares are the dangerous ones as they will cause fires and burns (the pitch was literally on fire when the flares were dropped on them).
  6. Dargo was for the SPL/SPFL which all started in the 2000/2001 season. Viduka is the best postwar record and Van Veen is now equal to it.
  7. We really just didn't bother with any build up play that second half. Well atleast we have a chance to confirm Uniteds relegation on Sunday.
  8. Also, speaking about the flares, seems someone from the Motherwell team has went over to take pictures of the damage. Cam only assume that this will result in repayments for the damage caus3d behind closed doors (like situations like this are usually resolved).
  9. The only thing that I can think of is that VAR thought it was a red but spent a long time checking for the offside. Only when the confirmed the "onside" is when they asked the ref to come to the monitor. And you know what happens when they do that. A shame really because a yellow would suffice. Then again this is the second game in a row that VAR has decided to step up for us.
  10. I didn't see it from my view but the fact that it took so long i can only assume they had some though against the offside? Who's the VAR team tonight anyway?
  11. But that's the rule now isnt itm. They don't flag until after the attack has been completed.
  12. And now there are some arseholes throwing flares onto a plastic pitch..... Cant believe the stupidity of these guys.
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