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  1. After hearing about Atalanda situation, I am wondering what would happen to us if we *Potentially* managed to qualify for European football next season and reach the group stage. I know Fir Park is not suitable for the group stages (I remembered hearing this back before the levante game) but what would happen to us in this case? I mean, it's highly unlikely to happen, but it wont stop me from believing, as it's becoming more of a race not to finish in a european spot this season.
  2. Even when we are trying to avoid 3rd spot we somehow get it?
  3. Well Carrol requires surgery and will be out for the rest of the season. Hopefully Gallagher and long coming back in will give us a big lift. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51587114
  4. I feel that this will be one of those games where we are not terribly impressive but we will get a couple of lucky goals to see Hamilton off. Might be wrong but I am hoping I'm right.
  5. Well, with tonight's result, it means there is a chance the Scottish Cup Semi finals could have 3 out of the top 4. This would mean there would be an extremely high chance of 4th place getting a european spot which will benefit us. I can see abdreen securing 3rd spot soon if we are unable to win our next few games with our bare thin squad and comedians within the mix. I'm hoping we can win the next 4 games since they are all winnable, but I just dont see how we are going to pull that off. It just feels terrible to be a motherwell fan right now.
  6. Well, with Aberdeens result that means the quarter final will be between St Mirren and Aberden. I wish the saints all the best in the competition however from motherwell fans prospective it would be better for Aberdeen to win the next tie. This would leave 3/4 of the remaining teams belonging to the top 4, which would means it would be highly likely for 4th place to get a european spot. Anyway over the 2 ties it was actually hard to determine a winner but I believe we did not deserve it after that poor first half last night.
  7. These replays have been absolutely crazy. Just a shame that us and Killy are on the losing end.
  8. Just looked out of my office and it's nearly pitch black with the clouds and its pouring down. I do t know whether it would be worth playing the game today at this rate.
  9. I'm not sure. What I am hoping is for St Mirren to decide that playing in the scottish cup is not worth their time and potential fixture congestion so they give up Then we would have to postpone the quarter final as Fir Park would.still be water logged. Edit: the actual rules, and specifically the rules about postpoment and replays in rule 20 can be found down below: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-cup/format-rules/ From my understanding, if the game is postponed tomorrow, then they should be looking at playing on Wednesday 19th. If it can still not be played then the Scottish cup would override the Premier ship match during the weekend. I might be wrong so I would suggest looking it up.
  10. Cant believe it but it's True. We've scored 35 whilst aberdeen have only scored 33 this season. Of course Aberdeen have conceded less but that doesn't matter with todays game.
  11. I cant believe I am saying this but hopefully Celtic can thrash Aberdeen like they have with us and Hearts. I know it's a bit selfish but 4-0 or better result will get us up to 3rd once again. And to be honest, It is a result i can easily see happening with the recent performance form each teams.
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