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  1. Scottish cup highlights channel bringing up unwanted nightmares again.
  2. Most likely premier/viaplay/whatever will pick the 2 old firm games. BBC Will pick the Darvel vs Aberdeen and Hearts vs Hibs. If the Premier/Via play pick the Edinburgh Derby then BBC will pick whatever its firm games doesn't get picked so don't expect any issues with Kick Off time Its a good enough draw where we would be expected to win and its somewhere new for a change.
  3. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw is on tonight after the Ayr game (which is live on BBC Scotland). Motherwell and the other Premiership teams enter the draw at this stage.
  4. They are also having freindlies/training I'm Greece. Basically the teams that are going over there are arranging friendlies to help keep fitness up/practise. No doubt they will be behind closed doors though so I would not suggest going for that reason alone.
  5. It appears that its just a potential friendly that is being discussed. Not finalised just yet. Tweet from Flow
  6. Much better that second half. Still not clinical in the final third but hey, as stated above every tackle was a foul throughout the second half. Disappointed we didn't manage to get all 3 points but it atleast stops the losing rot. Now we have time to recover regroup and rethink our strategies(I mean, maybe taking shots or passing to our own players quick and more often would help).
  7. Absolutley lost all composure. We will need almost 6-7 new signings just to stay up at this rate.
  8. Once again another defensive f**k up. I'm seriously tired of this.
  9. Well. There's your 2 up front of moult and van veen. I cannot for the life of me seeing this going wrong /s.
  10. When they play against us? Yes. Every other time? No. This is what I feel is a must win game. If we win, we have a recover period of 4+weeks, go I with a high and close the gap between those above. Lose and we fall in the Killie, Utd and county relegation group. While I would say we haven't been bad, we keep losing easily defendable goals and it's costing us points left, right and centre.
  11. Just fyi, the flag was already up so VAR could only attempt to overturn the decision if it was an obvious error. So even without VAR it would be ruled offside. The intent is that most onfield decisions would remain the same unless it was obviously a mistake. Morris Tackle is one that should have been highlighted though (and the build up to the actual 2nd Celtic Goal) but those are the breaks with VAR.
  12. What is with us and losing 2-1 this season? St Johnstone, Kilmarnock, Rangers, Aberdeen and now Celtic.
  13. You know. One of these days we will beat Celtic Today is not one of those days.
  14. Just heard that we have asked for the Christmas eve game against Kilmarnock at home to be moved to the Friday 23rd. No confirmation yet and Kilmarnck would have to agree as well.
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