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  1. I was pretty sure the BBC only got 1 fixture. Must be getting it confused with something else then.
  2. No. Usually it would end up with 2 old firm ties on the premium channel (Sky Sports, BT Sports, Premier Sports) and a single Non old firm game for the BBC. I will assume that with the old firm playing each other this week, Premier might only take up the Winners quarter final fixture. BBC would still only take 1 Quarterfinal and then 1 semi final at most. In any case, there will be 1 fixture atleast that won't be Televised.
  3. Game has been moved to Friday 16th April at 7pm. Guess @Paisley Ton got his wish. I've updated the OP to reflect this.
  4. Its 1 point to avoid Automatic relegation. 3 points to avoid play offs (assumin the other results go against us). Very unlikely so i would asuggest avoiding bettin on us to be relegated.
  5. Shame that we cant relegate Hamilton in the next game (if we can even win against them). At most they will be 6 points adrift with 9 to play for. Also heared there on the Radio that the Scottish Cup 4th Round fixtures are in doubt as Prince Philips Fineral will take place on the 17th....
  6. Dont worry. Its basically a conspiracy theory board to try and determine the potential outcomes. Im still not 100% sure if there are other ways for us to be relegated.
  7. Yes they can. They already play Kilmarnock today and they can lose 1 game (hamilton) while winning the other 3.
  8. Yeah: Soft penalty - check Saved soft penalty - check Stonewall penalty denied - check Closing in on St Mirren to potentially overtake them - Check
  9. I think it is all but mathematically confirmed. There are 12 points tobplay for and we are 11 points ahead of Hamilton. We are also 9 ahead of Kilmarnock and 7 ahead of Ross County. Hamilton have to win all 4 games (which means killy and county will have to drop 3 points each). killy would need to win the other 3 matches and county could win 2 and draw 1. Its still possible but itbcould happen. 1 win will confirm automatic safety and most likely the play off spot as well.
  10. A defence made up of Lamie and O'Donnell. You can get a better defence from a block of swiss cheese.
  11. O'Hara came on for Roberts. Going to be atleast 3 minutes added on at the end. Hopefully its not too serious as Roberts has been doing well for us since joining.
  12. It looks like he has rolled his ankle on his right foot when coming back down. Yiu can see it in the slower replays.
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