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  1. Oh, sorry for the Double post but the Motherwell colts/B team will be drawn in the Spfl trust trophy today at 1pm. We could getbthe following: Albion Rovers Cowdenbeath Bonnyrigg Rose East Kilbride Spartans East Stirlingshire Would like away to East Kilbride as that would be a nice away day to go to. Pretty close as well.
  2. Also, the game against Partick isn't even confirmed either. It all relys on Partick ground being ready by that time. If you remember the state of Particks ground last season......
  3. I would suggest contacting the Ticket office as it was available for me previously (I have already bought my ticket so I can't check it now).
  4. Just FYI in case anyone missed it, the ECL 2nd round home tickets are now on sale for season ticket holders £15 for an Adults and probably less for others. Should be going on public sale soon as well.
  5. There's Bailey Rice off to Rangers. Another Youth prospect scooped up by the Old firm and will most likely get no play time with them. Wish him all the best though.
  6. Not an explicit requirement. Basically we would need some back up if our home and away clashes its the opposition away from home. Or if it breaks the kit rules for uefa competitions
  7. Unless we somehow make the group stage then I doubt it. Last year's away top would fit the bill for the qualifiers.
  8. Are we sure we are playing in the Europa Conference League and not the SPFL Trust trophy?
  9. I doubt they will go with claret with how the home top is mostly claret this season. I would assume white would be the obvious choice based on this rotation but we will find out this week. Hopefully.
  10. Seems like a survey/ballot I'll be going out to Season ticket holders to identify the demand for the 2nd leg of the ECL 2nd round Let the chaos begin
  11. As @Well Well stated, it gets automatically uploaded to the card. For games not part of the season ticket (I.e. cup and Euro Games) you log in online and buy the tickets through the account assossiated with the season ticket and they should then be uploaded and usable for the match. If there is issue with the card then i would suggest going to the ticket office to see what they can do.
  12. With the rise in the cost of living, I wod have expected a large decrease in season ticket renewals/purchases. How many people had a season ticket last season but now couldn't really afford to spend the £350~ due to Electricity and food costs? Still glad the sales have been going well so far.
  13. Does anyone know if the Sligo vs Bala matches will be avilable legally on TV/Streaming in some way? I do hope to watch and see how our opposition will be like before out match.
  14. I mean, it's been nearly 15 years. These guys might not have even been born when Phil past away and are not aware of what happened to the number 10. A sobering fact indeed. Or they are just another pair of roasters.
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