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  1. Wishaw - Where has it all gone wrong?

    Wishaw have nobody to blame but themselves for the downturn in there fortunes. Make no mistake about it if Wishaw has kept the core of the squad that was built under John and Chris they would be challenging at the top of the league above them. You only have to look at summer there when Everyone left they pretty much all went to bigger teams. Wishaw s low wages and only paying people when the games are on has caught up with them. This team got to the semi final of the Scottish last year. To blame Kieran is wrong. He has had to build a brand new team and if they avoid relegation it would be a good result for the club. Wish them all the best.
  2. Player available for transfer

    Surprised about that. Tam a real top player and a great lad . Every time I see frew he is there top man.
  3. Betting Odds Saturday 15th September

    Should be a great game . Looking forward to the game .
  4. Kilbirnie Ladeside Squad

    Did rafferty never come back?
  5. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Be interesting to see who gets it . I know the pie man and noddy where out together last night. Darvel should be doing better.
  6. Betting Odds Saturday 8th September

    Kilbirnie will win that . They are better than you are giving them credit for.
  7. Pollok vs Talbot

    Pollok beat us (Cambuslang ) 3-2 . That game could have gone either way. I think they are missing a raft of players . That’s what we were told. So far I have saw Of the top teams Beith, Pollok and Glenafton. For me Beith were very strong and Glenafton were good on sat - we were a bit lucky. For me Beith and Talbot will fight it out again . Hurlford doing well but haven’t really played many if any of the top teams yet. This is a great league. I’m sure Pollok will start to pick up when they get players back.
  8. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    They only lost once at home to Talbot last season apparently so we are very happy. Largs and Lang have more than competed this season.
  9. Ladeside 18/19 thread

    Enjoyed my visit to a Kilbirnie. Nice wee ground with passionate fans. Thought we deserved it in second half but not many teams will win down there.
  10. Today's score 25th Aug

    2-1 camby
  11. pollok 3v2 cambuslang goals 18.8.18

    I just challenged someone on there comments . I asked if he would like to come and tell John his thoughts . No fights or confrontation. All banter but maybe letting a fan come and speak to Gemmz would provide clarity on Johns appearance.
  12. pollok 3v2 cambuslang goals 18.8.18

    Not half as much as you love Cambuslang Rangers .
  13. pollok 3v2 cambuslang goals 18.8.18

    Little man haha DM sent .
  14. pollok 3v2 cambuslang goals 18.8.18

    Will DM you now.
  15. pollok 3v2 cambuslang goals 18.8.18

    Why not come down to any home game and let John know your feelings about his appearance and I’m certain he won’t laugh it off. John is as light now as he has been at any time since he joined us 18 months ago . Any game just DM me and I can arrange it for you. It would make a good video I think - let’s see if your such a good sport now?