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  1. West Premiership predictions

    Totally agree.
  2. Player for sale - Craig Molloy

    No fire sale we have 23 players
  3. Cambuslang will welcome offers for central midfielder Craig “tiger” Molloy. Craig has vast experience and has played for St mirren , Brechin and Hurlford as well as being instrumental in our promotion last season. Enquiries should be made to our manager or by contacting myself on messenger on here. Thank you.
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Well obviously lesson learned as I said it's not the norm and the gaffer has apologised as we all agree it's not the time nor the place for such things I was at wishaw game last season and the songs were on . To be fair it works so got to get on with it if it helps bring people in .
  5. Player available for Transfer

    Very harsh comment. Players read these sites and comments like that aren’t required. Scott has had a successful career up until now and i am sure that will continue. It hasn’t worked out at us but he goes with our best wishes
  6. Player available for Transfer

    Scott a top player and a top pro . Wasn’t involved on Sat and to be fair the lad just wants to play.
  7. West Premiership predictions

    We shall see.
  8. Cambuslang are willing to listen to offers for experienced front man Scott Davidson . Enquiries via private mail or by contacting the manager.
  9. Big J££N won’t be happy at shotts

    No problem mate hope you get back in soon.
  10. Today's scores

    I thought Cambuslang were excellent today . Rob Roy were well in it until we scored and then they fell out of it. A great start to what will be a learning curve for us this season and hopefully we can consolidate.
  11. Big J££N won’t be happy at shotts

    What an utterly nonsensical post. Believe me Shotts and Big John will click . He’s a top coach and manager. Seems to me like your someone who applied for the job and didn’t get it.
  12. West Premiership predictions

    All good players but we have made some good replacements in Craig Mcleish, Jack Breslin, Darren Ramsay and Ciaran Lafferty as well as the core of the squad have remained.
  13. West Premiership predictions

    I’m going to say this will be Polloks year . Cambuslang have no chance of winning the league- staying in the division would be a great season for us. We believe we have a squad capable of that .
  14. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Tomorrow 1pm at home to Shotts.
  15. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Good luck to all at Darvel . Good to see them speculating with some very good signings. The best performance I saw last season was them when they battered us 4 0 . Good club and nice people . All the best.