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  1. Hi , Sorry that this happened and I am ashamed if anyone did say this to you. I’d like yourself and your grandson to come along as my guest to a match of your choice and I Will give you guys a tour , meet the players and watch the game from the hospitality area and a few beers. Since I have been in charge we are trying to move forward and I hope you accept this invitation. Any furthers questions please ask. Kind Regards David Kerr Chairman CRFC
  2. Hi The Bairns, Thank you for your input . To clarify we are in no way a toxic club as you suggest . If you want some figures - go on this then we have sold 160 strips in 2 days now I may be wrong here but I would suggest that in the many years since you hung up your overalls at The Hoover we haven’t sold that many strips . We sold 8 last season . Have we touched on an old design of a Rangers Strip -yes but it means that the club can now go and buy a new tractor. So for me it was a worthwhile campaign . When the hoover factory Sadly closed and many good local people lost jobs it meant that CRFC lost a huge amount of footfall both attending matches and visiting our social club . I believe 10,000 people were employed there at 1 time. Which has hit the club hard and has never fully recovered from this closure. I am happy for yourself and a friend to come along to a match next season and see the good work that is being done in the community and our fantasy academy. Hopefully we can change your opinion. Kind Regards David Chairman
  3. I think it was 5 0 actually lol you gave us a right doing. I’m sure Lafferty that plays with us now scored a good few that day. Thanks for the nice comments mate.
  4. Sometimes it is better to say nothing . Yes we are doing up our office with donations ie people giving us things ie old desks and chairs and a local shop Is giving us paint. It has not had any work done on it in approx 30 years - it badly needs done. If you are a fan as you say you are you would know that the concrete on the terracing is crumbling in areas and has never even been redone. We again are doing this ourselves. i thought I’d heard it all to be honest but coming on and moaning that we are trying to improve facilities is a first. David
  5. Hi Archie, Thanks for the post. I Wouldn’t normally come on here but it’s the only way to update some people. Regarding the management team. We are happy with the management team . It’s been a difficult season but I think I it’s hard starting from scratch like we did 18 months ago . Hopefully we can stay in the league this season. Regarding the Nivens I can’t really comment to much on that but the club is clear that it does not anyone any money. The club is now debt free - which is very different from when we as a committee started Jan 19. Regarding turmoil - it’s been a very difficult period but I’m sure the club will come out the other side stronger and continue to represent the community for a long time yet. To reply to the other poster . We are considering our options in regards to league set up and a committee decision will be made in the next week . Hope that answers your questions chaps. David Kerr Chairman
  6. The manager resigned. What do you want us to do? If you read the post it explains that we are looking for potential candidatesTo get in touch. I don’t know what you find strange about that.
  7. As a neutral I took in today’s game . Airdrie the better team first half . Glass was running the show. A big mistake by Adam for 1st goal and the lad Ferguson was sleeping as well. Adam had a bit of a nightmare first half but has genuinely made a world class save in the second half . To be honest there wasn’t much in the game . Thought Dumbarton were much better in the second half and the introduction of Armour changed the game . 2 fabulous goals from Dumbarton . Dom T is a standout at this level. Also cammy ballantine was excellent as well. All in all a draw was a fair result.
  8. From my meeting last week I’ve been told there will be no point deduction. I took charge on Tuesday night - there was no players . I watch an amateur game every sat morning before Cambuslang game so I do have quite a decent contact list . Christie, bishop and treacy are all friends and ex juniors who hadn’t been playing. Hope that puts that 1 to bed . Thanks
  9. Believe me this was not planned. We would have to be off our head to plan this.
  10. Get well soon Kris. Great lad and great player.
  11. I (David Kerr) left after 3 months as I had doubts about the interests of some people on the committee that I inherited . Wasn’t really planning on coming here to explain but I will give a brief explanation. i went to my work on Tuesday as normal. I was Told by phone call that at 6pm that night the 2 remaining committee members were handing over our keys to hampden and that the club was going out the game. As a lifelong fan this obviously alarmed me . So I phoned the person in question and this was true. I offered to take the keys/documents etc without going to hampden - this was declined. So I appeared at Hampden that night at 6pm to try and stop was about to happen and believe me on Tuesday night that 120 years of history were almost gone. After 3 hours at hampden the club was transferred to myself and we have survived. To make it clear I had no intention of taking over but I was left with no option as it means to much to too many people. The previous regime let all but 4 players go so we are faced with a difficult task but we do have a team and we are in a position to play our cup tie on Saturday and fulfill our fixtures for the season. We now have a small committee ( always looking for more) . Our management team until the end of the season will be announced today as well. Lastly I would like to offer out a huge thank you to everyone who has offered support and wished us well. The juniors is a family and I realise that more now than ever. Thank you David Kerr
  12. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. Mr Bamford still under investigation- and from what I am led to believe will be facing criminal charges for assaulting a Cambuslang official. Be interesting to see how that unravels.
  13. I was quoting someone who said we would get beat up there. Without being disrespectful we were miles ahead but credit where due use fought until the end.
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