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  1. Tory Government: each day before sunrise, DPB shall be kicked squarely in the bollocks at least three times. DPB: this is a fantastic policy, we’ve become far to accustomed to not having our testicles volleyed.
  2. You can, it’s extremely common and in many places, compulsory.
  3. So, you had the option of French, Belgian and British suppliers but now the Brits have a more captive market they’re offering better terms than before. Seems legit.
  4. What was stopping you buying from UK suppliers before Brexit?
  5. Companies posting record profits, year after year. Record number of £10m+ houses being sold. So why is there still a limited pot of money to be spent? The pertinent question is, who’s hoarding it?
  6. “Tell me what company you keep, and I’ll tell you what you are”
  7. In-work poverty has gone through the roof the last 12 years yet you’re against workers demanding a pay rise that half attempts to keep up with the rising cost of living. Make up your mind, fs. Your empty rhetoric is galling.
  8. Bramble wine, extremely easy. And what’s better than getting pished for free.
  9. Man, you are unbelievably thick. Or at least I hope you are.
  10. Average age of a nursing home resident is 85, they’re leaving it a bit late to give their kids a leg up with their inheritance.
  11. Those aged 60+ are the wealthiest demographic. 1 in 4 have a net worth >£1m. It’s also the demographic most likely to vote and to vote Conservative, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.
  12. “trans ideology” isn’t a thing, you thick c**t. And yet here you are desperate to interact with them? What a pathetic individual you are.
  13. I think I aged about three years watching Thomas plate his desserts but they did look cracking to be fair. Glad to see the back of Farokh, that act was wearing very thin and the sweaty forehead was making me boke.
  14. Imagine being so obsessed with something to the point of all-consuming seethe and still not even grasping the fundamentals. I’d pity him if he wasn’t such a loathsome character, he deserves the unhappiness he so clearly wallows in.
  15. If you can’t tell the difference between a momentary lapse in memory by someone who is photographed every waking hour she’s in public and the repeatesd hosting or attending boozy parties in their own home and then repeatedly lying to the HoC and public about whether they even took place or not then your either a worse troll or a lot thicker than people have given you credit for. Take your pick.
  16. Hope you at least warn them that it’ll only be a little pr*ck.
  17. Talking to one of the guys I know who got punted from his ship yesterday. He says there’s barely any difference in the T&Cs between British, French and Dutch crew and where there is it’s the Dutch who’re the bigger earners. Becoming obvious they’ve been fucked over as P&O know that with this Tory Govt it’ll be lip service for a week or two then business as usual whereas they’d be up against it with the French and Dutch Government. This shower of c***s need punted asap before this kind of thing becomes normalised.
  18. I’d imagine the PR department were having kittens too. I get a tasty discount on P&O ferries through work and have used them quite a few times for short breaks to Netherlands and Belgium. Scumbags will never see another penny from me.
  19. Aye, the day of the British Merchant Navy is dead but they’re still piling cadets through colleges to pick up their tonnage tax relief. Ironically ferries were seen as the last stable job for British seafarers. The issue is we’re now struggling to recruit for shoreside positions such as Harbour Master, Vessel Traffic Services, superintendents etc. Nautilus (biggest Union) has been highlighting this for years but you won’t be surprised to hear it’s fallen on deaf ears. I’ve been a Pilot, in a major UK port district, for 5 years now and I could count on one hand the number of British Captains I’ve worked with.
  20. It’s actually “gangway” or “accommodation ladder” depending on the system used. I am a seafarer (or was, I’m a Pilot now) and have a few mates who work for P&O, a total disbelief this has happened to them. A guy I know is onboard in Cairnryan, not only did security turn up, they were rigged out in balaclavas, a fine way to treat your staff, some who will have been working there for decades. To put this in to perspective, P&O paid out £270m in dividends in 2020. Additionally, P&O have stated there will be disruption to service for a few days. Whenever I’ve joined a vessel for the first time, I usually do a “parallel sailing” with the guy I’m relieving so that I’m comfortable with the ship’s systems and more importantly, can respond to emergency situations effectively which happen far more often than you’d want to believe. In fact the Pride of Hull recently had a fire onboard and the crew were praised for saving the vessel. I’d hope the MCA would be all over this as every ship should receive a full Port State Control Inspection before being given permission to sail.
  21. For a man that appears to know the square root of fúck all, you make a lot of noise. Keep drinking, maybe acceptance is at the bottom of the next bottle.
  22. Ok, m8. You continue to make the argument that it’s the ScotGov’s fault that Scottish students aren’t studying in England. But aye, I’m the one thick as pig shit. The state of you, btw.
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