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  1. For a man that appears to know the square root of fúck all, you make a lot of noise. Keep drinking, maybe acceptance is at the bottom of the next bottle.
  2. Ok, m8. You continue to make the argument that it’s the ScotGov’s fault that Scottish students aren’t studying in England. But aye, I’m the one thick as pig shit. The state of you, btw.
  3. I’ve lurked this forum for years, perfectly happy to sit back and read other people’s opinions on just about anything. Felt the need tonight, for the first time ever, to comment just to say how much this auld, jakie cünt makes my skin crawl. So blinkered by his own self-loathing that he can’t see how fúcked up and backwards his own hypocritical and contradictory positions are. I’m pretty sure if I met him I’d hate him but instead I just pity that he has such a sad existence, probably rejected by his English buddies and reduced to being the token Jock, apologising for his accent and laughing at the jokes of him being a tightarse and an alchy (at least one is likely to be true), just happy to be there anyway. I bet he even has different voices for different groups of people. Servile, pathetic excuse for a man.
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