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  1. Tory Government: each day before sunrise, DPB shall be kicked squarely in the bollocks at least three times. DPB: this is a fantastic policy, we’ve become far to accustomed to not having our testicles volleyed.
  2. You can, it’s extremely common and in many places, compulsory.
  3. So, you had the option of French, Belgian and British suppliers but now the Brits have a more captive market they’re offering better terms than before. Seems legit.
  4. What was stopping you buying from UK suppliers before Brexit?
  5. Companies posting record profits, year after year. Record number of £10m+ houses being sold. So why is there still a limited pot of money to be spent? The pertinent question is, who’s hoarding it?
  6. “Tell me what company you keep, and I’ll tell you what you are”
  7. In-work poverty has gone through the roof the last 12 years yet you’re against workers demanding a pay rise that half attempts to keep up with the rising cost of living. Make up your mind, fs. Your empty rhetoric is galling.
  8. Bramble wine, extremely easy. And what’s better than getting pished for free.
  9. Man, you are unbelievably thick. Or at least I hope you are.
  10. Average age of a nursing home resident is 85, they’re leaving it a bit late to give their kids a leg up with their inheritance.
  11. Those aged 60+ are the wealthiest demographic. 1 in 4 have a net worth >£1m. It’s also the demographic most likely to vote and to vote Conservative, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.
  12. “trans ideology” isn’t a thing, you thick c**t. And yet here you are desperate to interact with them? What a pathetic individual you are.
  13. I think I aged about three years watching Thomas plate his desserts but they did look cracking to be fair. Glad to see the back of Farokh, that act was wearing very thin and the sweaty forehead was making me boke.
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