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  1. Thought wee Coupe did well when he came on today. Not a great performance but 2 goals and a clean sheet. Anyone know if Burns is injured or everyone at the club just figured out he’s pish?
  2. Anyone know what happened to Chris McLaughlin who we had on loan from United? Sure he played for Dumbarton then went to oz? Liked him at left back
  3. Good result today; worked hard for it. Agree with the Arbroath fans that on another day they could have had a few. 4 league wins on the bounce for the loons though!!
  4. Totally agree, we looked a better team last season with him dictating play
  5. Good goal from Baino today, looked all the better in the new kit! Anyone know who the trialist was?
  6. Delighted with this. After the car crash that was Bolan and the high percentage of crap he signed in the summer, I think we all would have taken staying in the league. Hats of to Weir and the board who have signed up a good number of the better players for next season, Travis the exception, and brought in Hilson and the good loan that has been Dingwall. Also enjoyed seeing Matty given playing time and developing over the season; Murray too!! Hopefully we can carry on in the same manner and do better next season! Mon the loons
  7. Gutted he left, whilst up and down he always gave 100%. Gave us some much needed drive. Hope Bain doesn’t follow him!
  8. What’s happened to McBride, injured? Or just gash?
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