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  1. Also surprised how low down Marc came on the goalie voting!
  2. I agree, I like Malks, but the appointment of a guy on the verge of getting the punt from a team two leagues below was always gonna be a risk. It’s one that’s not paid off so far
  3. Post on Dumbarton thread stating Forbes was at their training tonight. If true, hope these squad shake ups work!
  4. Be interesting to know who and what formation we played!? Also who got the goals? [emoji1303]
  5. Just a thought; Darren Dodds was at the east fife game. Wonder if he knew something we didnt!?
  6. I wonder if that may mean a less experienced manager coming in and utilising Smith’s experience.
  7. Totally agree, Forbes attitude is terrible. I’d stick Kirkpatrick in where you had Forbes and bring in McLean; thought he’s looked ok. Two losses against Falkirk and the mo might be enough for Jim to go!
  8. Thought wee Coupe did well when he came on today. Not a great performance but 2 goals and a clean sheet. Anyone know if Burns is injured or everyone at the club just figured out he’s pish?
  9. Anyone know what happened to Chris McLaughlin who we had on loan from United? Sure he played for Dumbarton then went to oz? Liked him at left back
  10. Good result today; worked hard for it. Agree with the Arbroath fans that on another day they could have had a few. 4 league wins on the bounce for the loons though!!
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