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  1. Not that concerned after today, Taylor deserved the red card which made it an uphill battle, 2nd half we looked decent considering, full backs, Polworth and Armstrong were good. 
    Hibs being at home against 10 men with the wages they have available were very average, something about them as a city team that can’t quite cut it.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Hawkeye the Gnu said:

    How the f**k can you begin to justify that. Moronic behaviour.

    while I agree that the vast majority of Well fans are decent, when was the last time our fans behaved like that.

    You are always quick to make your opinion felt but sometimes you can come over as very condescending..

    Please reign it in.

    Well said, he does seem to know everything.

  3. 29 minutes ago, PrestersKTID said:

    Yes, first half anyway we were torture. 
    Montrose had the better chances, they chased us down all over the park, only a couple times did we not just lump it aimlessly up the park.

    scored out of nothing then we’re quite comfortable second half without doing much. Third goal was nicely worked but Montrose were dead on their feet by then. 

    What better chances mate, don’t recall Hemmings having a save. They chased down in spells but absolutely no drama.

  4. 1 minute ago, Roxanne's man said:

    I don't like the Idea of Kelly in Killie Colours. Obviously he's out of Ayrs grasp now but I like to think he was with Ayr long enough to not go to Killie. Personally I think he's too good for them now.

    Mcinroy I'm not too fussed about, he came from Airdrie and went to Killie, being a dreg must be his thing. Lower championship to the premier League is a jump and a half though, not the opportunity he might have thought.

    Lafferty is past it, though I did laugh at the talk of Adeloye.

    The whole thing screams that we'll be seeing Kilmarnock in a relegation battle imo.

    Not to fussed about McInroy, Lafferty past it….. Mmm someone’s rattled.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Oceanlineayr said:

    McInroy was at times a very good player for us and he scored some vital last minute goals during his loan.

    Would have said a move to Dundee or Partick was more likely, never thought McInroy was top flight ready the same way Stephen Kelly was.

    I find all this rather amusing, rewind a couple of weeks and you guys were desperate for him to stay and now he’s really not that good.

    I do enjoy salty tears.

  6. 1 hour ago, Superhursy7 said:
    1 hour ago, Killiefan said:
    What a load of blinkered pish, he would still be one of your best players going by last season.

    He probably could still cut it but he's not for me he's a bellend and that's from personal experince.

    Can’t say I know him personally but know a couple of younger players who have trained with him and they and their parents couldn’t speak more highly about him. Honestly don’t think he would be the worst at your level and he was no hassle at Killie.

  7. 1 hour ago, Superhursy7 said:
    1 hour ago, QoS99 said:
    I’m personally really happy he’s signing (apparently), despite him being a complete fanny 

    He will still do a job a league 1 level, he just brings far to much baggage to be even considered at Ayr IMO.

    What a load of blinkered pish, he would still be one of your best players going by last season.

  8. 26 minutes ago, GazH6 said:

    Still got to win in. Rangers has a massive budget in the championship but hearts won it. And Rangers lost the play off to a Motherwell team who had a much inferior budget  than Rangers. 

    Rangers did win it the next season but Hibs whose budget dwarfed Falkirk’s who beat them in the playoff semi final. Falkirk went on to lose heavily to Kilmarnock in the play off final. 

    I think your being unfair to kevin Thomson and James McPake. Thomson done the job. McPake done his job and got promotion despite Kilmarnock having a bigger budget than Dundee. Lafferty on 6k per week! 

    Thomson has it wrapped up early, McPake found form when it really mattered. I’d like to see both as end management team. 

    Lafferty wasn’t even close to £3k a week but nice story anyway.

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