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  1. Not that concerned after today, Taylor deserved the red card which made it an uphill battle, 2nd half we looked decent considering, full backs, Polworth and Armstrong were good. Hibs being at home against 10 men with the wages they have available were very average, something about them as a city team that can’t quite cut it.
  2. Having watched some of your games this season it could have been worse. Thanks
  3. Apart from Martin Boyle I don’t think I would take any Hibs players, you guys pay big wages for very mediocre players.
  4. Well said, he does seem to know everything.
  5. Well done the wee fannies that trashed The Clansman boozer , you do realise the owner is a Motherwell fan ya knobs.
  6. There isn’t a team in the world that I hate more than The Rangers.
  7. You’re not specifically a weirdo but you’re definitely an absolute tit.
  8. What better chances mate, don’t recall Hemmings having a save. They chased down in spells but absolutely no drama.
  9. Mmm, best of luck in Division 1 next season.
  10. More family pictures , slightly better than last years.
  11. Not to fussed about McInroy, Lafferty past it….. Mmm someone’s rattled.
  12. That’s us linked with Stephen Kelly, was that another one that played on loan with you?
  13. I find all this rather amusing, rewind a couple of weeks and you guys were desperate for him to stay and now he’s really not that good. I do enjoy salty tears.
  14. He probably could still cut it but he's not for me he's a bellend and that's from personal experince. Can’t say I know him personally but know a couple of younger players who have trained with him and they and their parents couldn’t speak more highly about him. Honestly don’t think he would be the worst at your level and he was no hassle at Killie.
  15. He will still do a job a league 1 level, he just brings far to much baggage to be even considered at Ayr IMO. What a load of blinkered pish, he would still be one of your best players going by last season.
  16. My 11 year old son pointed this out and ridiculed it , thought Halberg looked very good and was the main man.
  17. Power to sign for Killie. Not sure I’m impressed but hey ho.
  18. You still sitting in the house watching your team on the telly, or do you actually go to the games now?
  19. You know this how? Kyle Lafferty was not on £6k a week, certainly was incentives but not massive. The manner in which he left after last season made it a wee bit easier to negotiate. He’s wanting to stay but he’s going to be part of a wage structure.
  20. Lafferty wasn’t even close to £3k a week but nice story anyway.
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