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  1. Power to sign for Killie. Not sure I’m impressed but hey ho.
  2. You still sitting in the house watching your team on the telly, or do you actually go to the games now?
  3. You know this how? Kyle Lafferty was not on £6k a week, certainly was incentives but not massive. The manner in which he left after last season made it a wee bit easier to negotiate. He’s wanting to stay but he’s going to be part of a wage structure.
  4. Lafferty wasn’t even close to £3k a week but nice story anyway.
  5. Oh my, you wee darlings are so easy wound up by us thick Killie fans.
  6. Not that you’re raging, bet you were out your seat at 1-0. Really quite pleasing this morning knowing that your bitterness is eating at you. Enjoy your relagation battle loser.
  7. Tbf couldn’t hear much noise from the Arbroath fans.
  8. It’s maybe for a dressing room for the female pundits.
  9. Your photo library is brilliant, really enjoyable.
  10. It’s called banter, unfortunately since the kids were born I don’t get to the boozer as often to participate in it. Nothing personal, truth be told I don’t actually hate yous that much.
  11. For Ayr fans not caring about what Killie fans think, you guys don’t half bite
  12. Hence the reason why you’re shite and have a pathetic support that shows no great interest in a team that if supported properly could do so much better.
  13. If you’re going to bite as easily old mucker you’ll need to do better, you mug.
  14. I have family in Arbroath, Brechin and Montrose and it seems to be a common theme to have a wee shine to one half of the arse cheeks whilst sometimes watching your local team.
  15. Administration , your going to have to explain this to our 2 extremely wealthy board members. You’re excuses make me realise why you have such a small support.
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