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  1. You've paid for the name - he is not the player his father was. I would imagine they haven’t paid f**k all yet and all these mutants will still buy into their pish that they have money to burn.
  2. One of my favourite non Killie games ever was the play off at Fir Park, loved the way you never gave them a big allocation and then got it right up them at the end. Other favourite was the Hibs v The Rangers cup final. Closely followed by any game where they get beat by anyone.
  3. Congratulations on your 3rd place, always pleasing to see the self entitled sheep with their considerable budget lose out again.
  4. Will miss you guys ,easiest place in Scotland to pick up 3 points.
  5. Ahh , the start of the central belt glory hunters
  6. Scottish football is run by the old filth and the authorities are scared to upset one of them in case they get their media pals involved, get the 2 of them to f**k
  7. Maybe Harper but the only person who thought Meldrum was good was Meldrum
  8. Campbell Money was class from what I can remember of him
  9. Best keeper for Killie in my time either Gordon Marshall or Dan Bachman, worst was undoubtedly Colin Meldrum
  10. Not paying your taxes is wrong. Being a Rangers or Celtic fan is wrong, same team different colours. In a time when even politicians are pulling together these 2 are still trying to point score. Vermin the 2 of them.
  11. Hearts are silly c***s who can’t look after their pocket money after they were given a reprieve, no sympathy .
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