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  1. Our Pool of Players

    Northern Ireland ended up with an attacking force of MgGinniss , Lafferty and Jones ffs, amazing what a decent manager can do.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    Kriss Boyd should step in as manager, let’s face it he predicted players like Shinnie weren’t good enough for a Scotland squad
  3. Dundee v Celtic

    You can use that boast in the championship,
  4. Steve Gerrards supporters club day oot
  5. 2 Horse Race Now.

    No good for the cattle.
  6. 2 Horse Race Now.

    Toss up between them and Dundee hopefully, actually don’t mind you c***s
  7. 2 Horse Race Now.

    Dundee derby here we come.
  8. Hibs vs Rangers

    Poor little new team.
  9. Hibs vs Rangers

  10. Hibs vs Rangers

    Yep , they looked terrified in the cup replay against us a few weeks ago.
  11. Killie v Motherwell

    Know he got subbed today but I’d hate our defence to be up against Curtis Main every week.
  12. Killie v Motherwell

    If some twats didn’t take the piss by grabbing more than their entitled voucher then maybe the vouchers would still have stood.
  13. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Don’t need Twitter, was there, walking into stadium and at the stadium was plain to see. I know plenty of decent Celtic fans who were there and they were appalled, one of whom stays in an adjoining street to Rugby Park, lets just say he didn’t appreciate the vermin with green and white scarves pissing in his garden and then telling his wife where to go. You keep telling yourself everyone is making this up.
  14. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    What chance do we have with utter fannies like you about, blinkered scum that doesn’t mind all the shite that shame the filthy 2.