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  1. Fair point! Still think Kiltie is a better player than Dow, both been pivotal for us this season mind you. Worrying me now , comparing Kiltie to Dow.
  2. Cheers, good to hear. He’s been very unlucky with injuries and if it wasn’t for them he would probably be at a greater level than us.
  3. How did Kiltie perform in his time with you, did he have much pace?
  4. Even funnier if we had to buy our Alex Bruce replica tops from Sports Direct. Ya mugs !
  5. Not my son mate, but his Dad is very proud and travels everywhere to support him.
  6. He’s a good hard working lad who is obsessed with fitness and should be capable of playing at a higher level, was offered to stay at Killie but wasn’t treated well by a certain person there and to his credit just wanted to play football.
  7. Bryson told his agent to get him a move to Killie in March but the club never followed up, wages were never an issue for him just wanted to move home. McInnes lets him stay in Killie for a good part of the week.
  8. Rangers fans aren’t capable of making friends that would take social skills, hence they are despised out with their own.
  9. Aberdeen suffered a few injuries yesterday on the nasty grass pitches. Never to be highlighted.
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