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  1. All things Dundee FC

    Enjoy Somerset
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Ahh, back to blaming refs. Personally speaking I think it all went down hill after Jordan Jones diving. Or Neil McCann is a dick. Either way 2 s up.
  3. Rangers vs Aberdeen Sun 28th

    With Shinnie gone you’ll also have nobody left to help the referee.
  4. I’d love an Ayrshire derby although don’t think I could suffer any more humiliation at Scumerset. It would certainly excite me more your lot at ours than the horrible Glasgow 2 but I’ve watched a few championship games due to the sudden increase in live coverage of your division and I can’t see it.
  5. Both teams struggled for quality over the 90, 11th place nothing to fear.
  6. At least Boyd’s not a sex pest like that drearie old fart.
  7. Ha ha , only one fanny under the Killie banner commenting on this thread.
  8. Poor mans Zander Diamond, oh and I’m totally thick and wee. Also Willie Miller is needing to get put in a home, senile old twat that proves that heading a ball is bad for you.
  9. McKenna is vastly overrated, lump of wood.
  10. Sorry I couldn’t see the others as they were hidden behind their Scottish Farmers.
  11. 120, jeez oh Hamilton bring more.
  12. Our Pool of Players

    Northern Ireland ended up with an attacking force of MgGinniss , Lafferty and Jones ffs, amazing what a decent manager can do.
  13. Next Scotland Manager

    Kriss Boyd should step in as manager, let’s face it he predicted players like Shinnie weren’t good enough for a Scotland squad
  14. Dundee v Celtic

    You can use that boast in the championship,