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  1. Football tribalism? How does that work when your Neanderthal hordes come to our towns and abuse all and sundry shouting about religion?
  2. Anti-racism/ anti-sectarianism, you’ll need to explain, I’m struggling over the difference. Think you’ll need to explain .
  3. And we’ll not mention the abuse Ste Lip service as you trade on bigotry.
  4. Yeah yeah, says the man who has never recognised old problems. Bigotry and sectarianism are the same mate , no matter how you sugar coat it to suit your own agenda.
  5. Well done Rangers, totally agree with the stance they have taken, now time be so vocal on the bigotry side. Mmm wait a minute they’ve had years to do that.
  6. Cases of domestic violence rise after an old firm game.
  7. Greig Taylor tackle on Joey Barton also the Steve Clarke “ bye bye Rangers “.
  8. The Steve Clarke times when we owned the new The Rangers. How bitter they are now for that, great how we still stay under their skins. Doesn’t matter what division we play in , we don’t do walking away.
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