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  1. Tbf Thomas has had this following him around at Killie and Well. Bit of a character and really good on his day unfortunately that isn’t consistent.
  2. Beggars can’t be choosers, it’s a cup and it’s there to be won and give the troops a day out., end of the day you guys wouldn’t really know that cup winning feeling.
  3. Strongest team in the league, well done Super Ayr.
  4. Looks like Granda has been done, £60 is the going rate for a stick to be updated. He’s a thieving wee cub.
  5. Joke club, chuckle, chuckle. Can’t wait to sample your toilets with my new pish proof waders. How’s the half and half *** scarves doing?
  6. If they are going to get 4000 home fans they had better hope The Rangers aren’t playing at the same time.
  7. Tbf Wright looks as if he’s done okay with our signings so far.
  8. Rumoured down our way that Callum Hendry is coming to us, anyone at yours heard anything about him moving?
  9. Think the Aberdeen connection with Brophy was well wide, if they wanted him I don’t think he would have joined you.
  10. Give you a wave on the way past, did you really think it was going to go well this season recruiting from a relegated team ?
  11. Oh well, tell him if he sticks in he could maybe do better in life. Chicken factory indeed, poor boy.
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