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  1. Look at the positives, the initial 3 weeks may allow the park to de-frost!!!..........
  2. If only we can play you every week Sweet cheeks. I'II book hospitality for Broawood for you next time, as you wouldn't wish to spend your giro on seeing the Gypses pump you again. Respect and stay safe
  3. Brilliant, an absolute Diamond................in all fairness 5 months without fitba, and reading the debacles of the SPFL, we could effectively be playing in the the sevco 2012 fantasy "Atlantic League".............remember that being muted a few years ago!!.....
  4. Hiya Highlandmagyar 2nd, you've giving us so much joy over the last year and the gift keeps on giving......welcome home......looking forward to our battles, hopefully fans will be permitted into at least a couple of derby games, fixtures out tomorrow
  5. C' mon lads Falkirk would effctively be 4 points behind Raith as they had to play us again........ 3 pumpings from a part-time team.. and you're wishing to exclude us from a vote on reconstruction!!..... Anyway congratulations on your promotion next week
  6. There's the "Big Ugly Sisters" having a jobby, hope they clean it up......... oh no it's Keith from the Daily Ranger.......hail hail....... Have a serious discussion about Scottish Football and as all MEMBER clubs agree we go forward in season 21/22....end off
  7. Dumbarton 0 - 2 Falkirk East Fife 1 - 2 Montrose (Never underestimate the Mo') Forfar 0 - 2 Airdrie Peterhead 1- 2 Raith Rovers Stranraer 1 - 2 The Famous Bully Wee
  8. FWIW at least we manage to get some publicity and insight into the lower leagues, jesus pick up a broad sheet or tabloid paper and we're lucky to be mentioned in the fixture list on a Sat/Sun !!..... even Jeff Sterling gives us more info on the Sky results show rather than our national Daily Ranger or Current Bun..............
  9. Could you get a message to Shaugan from a "View from a Terrace" and ask him to predict another Clyde loss as he did last week, it really did help!!.................
  10. Airdrie 1 -1 East Fife Clyde 3 - 1 Dumbarton Falkirk 2 - 0 Peterhead Montrose 4 - 0 Stranraer Raith Rovers 3 - 0 Forfar
  11. Just an update from the weekend's game "is that cause you've been pumped three times from an apparent poor Clyde outfit?" what a delicate chip for the penalty, different class..... All the best for the rest of the season, be kind
  12. You should go for Tyson Fury as he'll stand out even more due to his size and appearance......................... and also he's shite at fitba Thanks once again guys (romain-bairn, ShaggerG, Senor Bairn, Grangemouth Bairn, NewBornBairn, badgerthewitness, Shadwell Dog, NavyBlueArmy 1876 & Bantabairn for your valuable insight and contribution throughout the thread) very much appreciated. At the end of the day it's only 9 points so far, with another 3 points up for grabs!!... Will praise you guys later in a few months once the promotion and more importantly relegation battles are concluded. Always be kind and respectful...........................
  13. I suggest therefore you speak to Ray McKinnon, he was really good for you As commented previously there is a great detest for the Ugly Sisters by the rest of Scottish football teams, and yet again when The The Sevco 2012 win a great tie against foreign opposition, the numbnut followers could be fined by UEFA due to sectarian singing. When will the penny eventually drop!!..................
  14. Clyde 2 - 2 Falkirk Dumbarton 0 - 2 Raith Rovers Forfar 1 - 2 East Fifie Montrose 2 - 2 Airdrie Stranraer 1 - 1 Peterhead
  15. Awe sweetcheeks, I think you should be concentrating in your own team and specific forum You'll be needing a lift down the road new year when we're playing in the same league😘
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