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  1. Get the highlights of the 6-1 game at Brockville on a pissing wet Tues evening 5th March 2002.......... hat-trick for Carrots (Brian Carrigan) and Leigh Hinds.......unexpected brilliant evening Just a thought bring back both Brian and Leigh, should be in their 40's now and with 50 years old Danny in mid-field, and that could slow down the Mighty Bairns Champions elect juggernaut.... Seriously though, a tightened defensive formation and a focused 90 minutes on home 4g turf, need to be implemented. Falkirk are the level above at present, however they are there for the beaten, if the belief and effort are applied............. Safe journey Bairns and do come in healthy numbers and enjoy your day (apart from a winning scoreline)
  2. Clyde 1 - 1 Falkirk Dumbarton 1 -1 Stranraer East Fife 1 - 1 Airdrie Peterhead 1 - 1 Forfar Raith 3 - 1 Montrose ( don't underestimate the Mo') where's my boy who laughed last week!!
  3. Airdrie 2- 2 Clyde.............................never going to keep a clean sheet yet, however will score as usual Falkirk 4- 1 Montrose....................should be an easy win for the Bairns, however don't underestimate the Mo' Peterhead 3 - 0 Dumbarton......should be a routine win for the Blue Toon as Jim's well assemble Duffers still fail to shine on the Rock Stranraer 1 - 2 Raith Rovers.....great win for the Rovers last week against the not so Mighty Bully Wee and Stranraer having a selection problem with injuries
  4. East Fire 2 - 1 Peterhead Falkirk 3 -0 Dumbarton Forfar 2 - 1 Stranraer Montrose 1 - 1 Airdrie Raith Rovers 2 - 1 Clyde
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed Saturdays game, proverbial game of two halves, East Fife looked a decent side and should be there in the mix come May. Thought if we had taken a two goal lead then we could have consolidated the lead. Looked as though a few were breathing heavily midway through 2nd half and to be fair it was pretty muggy and the new park would have been a contributing factor. Should see a huge difference when Rankin comes back to lead and encourage others around, in addition to a fully fit Love and Norway. First time viewing recent signings and pleasantly surprised, although I still think more quality and contribution to come when all fully up to speed. Solid performances required over the next three games against full-time outfits, remember they're no Barcelona!!.......... C'mon the Bully
  6. Airdrie 2 v 1 Forfar Clyde 3 v 2 East Fife Dumbarton 0 v 2 Raith Rovers Peterhead 1 v 1 Falkirk Stranraer 1 v 1 Montrose Enjoy the season ahead everyone and looking forward to a better standard of football the new venues
  7. Auch well it's all about opinions, most of the same directors are there............remember we had a huge debt to pay back with a reduced player budget to work under hence the struggle, but good times are back after the austerity years now under the current regime we are progressing without the same constraints as previous, therefore onwards and upwards.......... positivety........
  8. All the best for next season, always enjoyed our games.......keep the faith Jakey....decent Clyde signings over the years McDonald, Lowdon, Currie and Nicol
  9. Another fantastic day to remember as a Clyde supporter. so proud of the club, management team, players and fans. The football played this year has been a joy to watch, the togetherness for all involved unrivalled, and that's what is probably the envy of most teams in our division. We are a family and we all buy into the vision and direction of our club. We've been down for so long and do not forget that we paid all the debt inherited (Sevco!!..) after our failed bid to reach the Premier league so many years ago. We had one of the lowest budgets for numerous years and that led to the detriment of the playing squad. However there was always a belief that once we cleared off the debt, an upturn in fortunes could emerge and they did that handsomely in the appointment of Danny & Allan and of course a new Chairman in Norrie Innes. All the very best to Norrie. Praise to all football fans of other clubs who did complement and have a balanced football view and perspective:- my good friend Vodka Vic, rhilston, Bring your own socks, Bendtner Bairn, Ayrtroopmajor, onecowden, Frank Grimes, SJP79 Gordon EF, Annanbear, The Judge, Ammo Airdrie, gmca, Chapelhall Chap, JunkyBairn, headtheba, BBBino, Its a stramach, Sarge Bullman, Williebraveheart, The Minertaur, and probably Jakey SAFC (has passion and he wholeheartedly believes in his own team and players) Unfortunately for those who could not bring themselves to praise the famous Bully Wee on their football abilities then so sad and a fond farewell to:- Muzza81, Aberdeen Cowden, Jim Thorburn, Peternapper, Tenkay, Shputnik, Jagfox99, 19QOS19, weeredbook, athletic1, Christophe, marco44, EFFC 1938, The Spider, Alimcg, Pele, badgerthewitnes, Hossy87, tbsouth, spider4ever, Annan Massive, Bluetoon 87...................... Have a wonderful summer............................
  10. Hopefully the team can continue their tremendous effort for another week and a half, only half-time v Embra, however back at Broadwood should give us that advantage, an early goal should settle the nerves.......not even going to speculate further............. We have injuries, however this is a collective team spirit and we all battle together (inspirational Lennon & Moore), just like Liverpool last night who were missing a few key stars, however they managed to gain a historic victory...............both Liverpool and Clyde playing in all red!!!........just saying
  11. Well done Vic, all the best for next season and a massive improvement under Harper.........................3 points and Smarticus as a helping hand.............we're not too bad noisy neighbours to have or hopefully had!!....Good to catch up with you last Dec.......
  12. That's an all time low even for you sweetcheeks Annie. We only laud really good football and that's what's its all about. As well documented previously this is not the platform for being so righteous, you may even get your wish for your team to sink further than the Lowland League!!.........
  13. Will be in the Hanover Tap on Hanover St, pre and post match for some liquid refreshments prior to jumping onto the No27 bus just outside the establishment down to the ground and back Looking forward to seeing the Mighty in action..................C'mon the Bully Wee
  14. C'mon the Mighty Bully Wee. All the very best for today, I'll be pacing up and down the hoose for 90 mins checking my phone and staring at Sky Sports for the updates. Coming down to Embra next week for the game so another 3 points would be magic, might even bring the other flag....lost one at Elgin so I always have a spare!!... Sing yer hearts out for the Bully Wee....... I was born under a shawfield flag, a shawfield, shawfield flag, do you know where.............
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