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  1. Older heads ? f**k me must some age ! Your no a spring chicken yerself mate. Rember the night that auld 50 year old gave you 5 yards at the Bens and still coasted by you. lol Hamstring still no right. lol. All the best mate, know how professional you approach things. Well done on your appointment.
  2. Drive me to more than drink mate, conceding 31 goals in 3 games must be tough to take, fair play to you for keeping a fantastic wee club going. Loved my time down there, although has to be said it was more like a Pollok, Priesthill, Nitshill select back then. Keep your chin up and all the best for the rest of season.
  3. Probs cause in your league, but me thinks your being a little diplomatic there wee fella.lol
  4. This used to happen often, with both Uni teams, as it would be who was available due to studies or home leave.
  5. Stairt acting yir age then, yir bairns must be so proud of ye
  6. The wee guy has never hid from anything, unlike you and your multiple user names, come out from behind the shrubbery and name yourself , if your prepared to bad mouth peopleat least have the balls to say who you are . KING of the jungle is a lion, your just a pussy
  7. Behind his back ?? from what I heard he helped pick them, PUSSYOFTHE JUNGLE, DEEPINTHEPUSSYOFTHEJUNGLE, just stick to one user name yer confusing yerself noo !!!
  8. What have you won ?????? ya absolute cock
  9. well done the day mate, fae auld gnger mcardo
  10. Don,t. know if that,s tongue in cheek pal, but as i suggested in earlier post credit were its due. If your oot watching games on a Sat , you must be a bit of a player yerself. NOT
  11. Defo mate , but these lads took pelters after their last round and were written off as no hopers. Fair play to them. AULD Jonsey is older than me and is still at it, lol.
  12. Another big scalp for a so called gang. Well done to Southside , some of the knockers should eat humble pie and give these lads a bit of credit, including myself as i tipped Harestanes to win this one.
  13. Milton, Colville, Cambria, Pennies, Cupar, Murieston, Bannockburn, Dumbarton, Eastfield, Glasgow Uni, Harestanes, Hurlford, Motherwell, Craigshill, Oban, St. Joes
  14. I , but yer patter was no bad Micheal
  15. Even at that, 4 games for dissent seems a bit harsh ,think there must be more to it.
  16. f**k me is wee Jimmy that age ! Sun tan must make him look younger lol Been about for years right enough, no many characters like him going around now. (great wee guy) In saying that I,m in ma 50,s noo so that's about right. The Lie could do a lot worse
  17. where will Shortlees play their senior Scottish ties
  18. Can,t blame the occasion, they,ve been in enough of them last few seasons
  19. Whit about us auld over 50,s mob Gibbo, a could be doing with a wee holiday, and am still better than Boaby
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