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  1. We will go into the Alloa game knowing what result we will need with Hibs playing on the Friday night.
  2. Kerr will walk into your starting 11 (plus most out side of championship/league 1), far too good for mo and will be on a helfy wage. There are far better teams in the league pushing for top 4. Waste of a wage imo. Should of got a goal scorer.
  3. Levels boys, forever in the Arbroath shadow. 10 points is the most we took of a team last season, guess who it was agasinst????
  4. Good to see Terry Masson has taken a break from kicking boys off the park to score the winner against the Perth saints.
  5. Good to see the people getting behind LD 🤟🏼
  6. Kris Doolan incoming, same kinda thing as Gaston FT academy work at spl work to make up for the ages cut.
  7. Was a fan of the Arbroath kit in that style a few year back, Pity we got relegated wearing it...
  8. Airdrie are sore on the eye and we can’t be arsed, announce full time.
  9. Going to be an open game today, all our attacking players playing. Plus Darren hill in the pins. Get your money on 6-6.
  10. Hope we can get an early goal to settle any tension or nerves. The players deserves to be backed for 90 minutes for being such a handsome bunch of dudes.
  11. can understand reasons for segregation but always pish not getting behind the goal we’re attacking and not exactly much room to squeeze up at the segregation fence.
  12. Maybe a blessing that bobby didn’t play today, he’d of been kicked half way back to Dundee the way they Montrose (I’d say tinks but someone has already taken offence) b*****ds were going about their business.
  13. Pished on their trophy massively and to win the league against them aswell would just be cruel, it’s 2019 and some folk can only handle so much :/ Be good to take over Brechin next week and scud them too. Hope mckenna scores out title winning goal.
  14. Think last week was a bit raw after defeat but we didn’t play badly. The More you look back at last Saturday it’s criminal we lost that game, even a point would of kept the ball rolling but to get stung at the end was a sore one. Mckennas chances, Doris header, Whatleys shot past the post and few good saves from McCallum if we’d of went 2-1 it would of been game over. Id go with the Waldo and Doris up front again.
  15. Good reverse psychology there kid. All pressure on Montrose. We’re walking towards a league title and Montrose tinks scraping a play off place.
  16. If carlserg did wins to stay in THIRD place x
  17. McKenna back in the team and we win, coincidence? I think not. Gav Swankie also very good today.
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