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  1. can’t see any Arbroath updates for this one but I’m assuming segregation?
  2. They certainly got fed money for years, gates of 150 a week would never sustain a higher end league 1 budget/championship wages, it really goes to show if you don’t live within your means it’ll come back to bite you in the arse.
  3. will Brechin fold if they go into highland league? The pull of players will change from central belt to up north and surely they will be severely financially out muscled. Brechin v fort William will be a crunch match next season.
  4. 3-0 Arbroath, wighton bobby and gav Swankie and all dish out knee slides and GIRFUYS to the Derry.
  5. Well pointed out, surely the clubs would prefer a Saturday to a mid weeker.
  6. Big game tomorrow night, win would be huge but avoiding defeat is paramount keep the gap at 7 points at least.
  7. Could of waited to see if we were both out the cup and played it on Saturday 8th of February if we both had a free week.
  8. Cany afford to go 2 down at any level, thought Morton were extremely street wise and saw the game out by any means they could. Always feared for us second half, even the second half of last season when we pissed the title we couldn’t break teams down when they just sat in and soaked all the pressure we’ve not got enough creativity, too many aimless punts. We can only look after ourselves though and a few big games still to come. 36-0.
  9. When I seen whatley starting at right back I feared the worst but he put in a good shift. Our defence is solid and our energy and pace middle to front is fantastic. In the end a fully deserved victory and should of been more than 1, Ridgers with a couple of great saves and Spences miss when he turned on it just in front of goal and put it wide.
  10. Used to have good highlights home and away but the boy who ran the 36nil tv took no well and gave it up.
  11. There like the temporary stands u get at the circus
  12. What a long way the club has come. Was at the game when we lost 7-0’in the challenge cup groups a few years back and to come up the road now and beat them is tremendous, the Campbell’s deserve immense credit for building up such a team unit.
  13. In your head rent free for 4 months. Brilliant.
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone except the Montrose c***s.
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