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  1. Poor wee Ali, comes on here wanting a bit of seethe and he's the one that ends up seething, some boy.
  2. Some buzz poor wee Ali must be, away on holiday and all he can think about is coming on here, boring wee c**t.
  3. Funniest thing about this thread is Dundee and Dundee United fans thinking they're in any sort of position to slag other teams. Doondee Derby's next season will be fun.
  4. RandomFud also said this Seems the guy knows what he's talking about
  5. Jack Ross sacked after losing in the play off's to then be appointed Dundee manager, 2 year too late right enough but better late than never
  6. I once missed a penalty that would have won my amateur team the league in a league decider, I've been told by quite a few people that it was the worst penalty they've ever seen ( we went on to win the league anyway). Last night I sent them all the video of Jackson pen so they could all see that he has stolen my thunder. I paid a 5er for a game then, this c***s earned thousands over the years and that's the best he could muster. If I was OK last night I've have subbed him straight after and told him to f**k off up to Broxden services to hitch a lift a home. Being honest we go into each game with minimal chance of winning, playing one man up front in these games and hoping we've still got something to play for in the last 20 before bringing on a second striker is a shambles. The fact that we also choose to play high balls upto a wee guy upfront just makes it even worse. I'll not say we're doomed yet because I don't think Dundee are much better but regardless of who finishes in the bottom spot and who ends up in the play offs we'll both most likely go down anyway, We've made a total arse of this season.
  7. Aw has it, we were drinking in there for a few months when we were in Dundee working, last we were in was November there. It was some place, dodgy sky box, wires hanging everywhere, packets of fags getting punted from behind the bar. The owner Davy reckoned he was good friends with Tony Fitzpatrick, he told me the week before we sacked stubbs that he would be gone within the week.
  8. If your a fan of Shameless make sure you get yourself along to the lochee sports club for a pint. Thats about as close a pub you'll ever see to the Jockey. Some crowd in there.
  9. That first half performanace from us was embarrassing as f**k. I felt at half time exactly how United fans must have felt after getting skudded 5 zip off Ayr live on the tele. We were a wee bit better 2nd half but that's probably down to the fact United knew the game was won and decided to sit in and let us have the ball and then the red card. We deserved nothing though and that was a canter for United. Speaks volumes that OK is constantly changing his system early in games after we concede goals, happened on weds night and again today although for some reason he seen fit to wait til half time and we were 2 nil down. Oran appointment is looking more and more like another shocker from our board.
  10. It's a wee bit late for a school wean still to be up is it not? Away you go to bed now sweetheart, don't want you falling asleep in class tomorrow. Night night
  11. Yeah I can see your point but at the same time since being relegated with United he's floated about China ( I think) and lately played in a struggling Bradford side. The majority of all St Mirren and Dundee signings are relatively unknown to everyone so I just found it strange that ours were written off so quickly. Anyhow, Windows shut and our squads are now sorted for the remainder of the season. 3 team shootout between Saints, Dundee and Accies, best of luck lads but I hope you's both go doon
  12. What exactly are you basing this on m8? You've spoken highly of Tansey before on here so I take it your not referring to him here. Of the rest of our signings (8 I think) have you actually ever seen any of them play apart from maybe the game on Sunday there? Scott Wright seems like a great signing for Dundee but who else have they signed that makes you think they'll be clear of us by the split ( I'm sure you've said this on the Dundee thread)?
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing us play with a bit of width in the team. Having guys willing to take people on for a change and not just looking to get rid of the ball first chance we get should make a difference . Hopefully we get a decent target man to play up top in the next week to feed off Dryer and McA
  14. Yeah I get what your saying, it's a toss up between the 2 tbh but I don't think we've been making any signings this window with the expectation that any of them will be sitting on the bench right enough. Would you keep stick with Baird and Popescu today?
  15. The chance to go 10th should be a massive incentive for the players tomorrow. Pretty sure it was the same scenario before we played Hamilton at home though and we all know how that ended up. I'd like to see Ferdinand back in tomorrow beside Popescu and also McAllister and Dryer start on either wing. It could be the first time this season we've played with genuine wingers rather than full backs and forwards filling in there or a past it Ryan Flynn or worse of all , a not very good Ryan Edwards. Absolutely no point though if we're just lumping balls up the park to Jackson.
  16. Alfie Jones away back to Southampton now as well. Did the signing on Friday actually fall through or has it possibly just been held up. Not seen McG or Div ( the 2 who are genuinely ITK) actually say the deals now off.
  17. Does Jordan Jones realise he's got half a season still to play for you boys before he joins the tribute act? Wee bit early for all the #WATP pish is it not?
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