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  1. Poor wee Ali, comes on here wanting a bit of seethe and he's the one that ends up seething, some boy.
  2. Some buzz poor wee Ali must be, away on holiday and all he can think about is coming on here, boring wee c**t.
  3. Funniest thing about this thread is Dundee and Dundee United fans thinking they're in any sort of position to slag other teams. Doondee Derby's next season will be fun.
  4. RandomFud also said this Seems the guy knows what he's talking about
  5. Jack Ross sacked after losing in the play off's to then be appointed Dundee manager, 2 year too late right enough but better late than never
  6. I once missed a penalty that would have won my amateur team the league in a league decider, I've been told by quite a few people that it was the worst penalty they've ever seen ( we went on to win the league anyway). Last night I sent them all the video of Jackson pen so they could all see that he has stolen my thunder. I paid a 5er for a game then, this c***s earned thousands over the years and that's the best he could muster. If I was OK last night I've have subbed him straight after and told him to f**k off up to Broxden services to hitch a lift a home. Being honest we go into each game with minimal chance of winning, playing one man up front in these games and hoping we've still got something to play for in the last 20 before bringing on a second striker is a shambles. The fact that we also choose to play high balls upto a wee guy upfront just makes it even worse. I'll not say we're doomed yet because I don't think Dundee are much better but regardless of who finishes in the bottom spot and who ends up in the play offs we'll both most likely go down anyway, We've made a total arse of this season.
  7. Aw has it, we were drinking in there for a few months when we were in Dundee working, last we were in was November there. It was some place, dodgy sky box, wires hanging everywhere, packets of fags getting punted from behind the bar. The owner Davy reckoned he was good friends with Tony Fitzpatrick, he told me the week before we sacked stubbs that he would be gone within the week.
  8. If your a fan of Shameless make sure you get yourself along to the lochee sports club for a pint. Thats about as close a pub you'll ever see to the Jockey. Some crowd in there.
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