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  1. You're still good. As long as you pick before the early games on Sunday.
  2. Honestly, we've always been 25 from the start. You expanded to 30 for draft picks. I'm actually fine with more spaces in dynasty leagues. Just sayin tho.
  3. @jagfox99 Doesn't look like the roster size has been cut back down to 25 after the draft.
  4. Yeah, of course. That's me stepped down and made you Commish, I did invite you and Silvio to be Commish last week but I don't think it's worked. You should be able to invite him or you could just rule with iron fist on your own if you please.
  5. Yeah, I will do. I'll go do that now. Yeah, I'm keeping my team. Just don't want to hold up the league which I did this year.
  6. Why would you trade for a 7th I'll give you my 5th next year as compo?
  7. Also got 5-folds and all 6 for a total of nearly £7,000 People sleeping on the Lions.
  8. Well that can be your first order of business as the new Commish! I have been drafting for him based on the top rookie available on an IDP ADP site I found. I'm going to end the draft after round 5 has been completed. Free agency will run until this coming Wednesday then normal waivers will start. I have appointed @Silvio & @Fife Saint as co-commissioners and I will step down when the draft is over.
  9. Okay, that's the draft started. Leave it at 24 hours just now but if it's slow I'll reduce it.
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