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  1. Went for a pie at 35mins when I got to front of queue female with blonde swept back hair and black t shirt looked over my shoulder and served woman behind who she was on first name terms with. When women asked how much she said don't worry it
  2. Tom lang not in the dunfermline team today hope their not gonna waste him
  3. As far as Barry ferguson goes he should have been sacked after the formatine Scottish Cup when he had the cheek to slag off the Clyde fans who booded him #"chancer 1 other pt why didn't someone have the foresight to offer mcstay & lang terms before contracts ran out 1 deal for L1 and another for L2
  4. Remember the fuss some fans made about Dylan Easton leaving and Danny didn't seem interested in keeping him. Shows how far we've come as he wouldn't get a game for us now. Would like to keep all our regulars and 1 striker and I don't think we would be dissapointed nxt Yr
  5. It's match day need to get some positivity going don't want the team picking up on nerves from the stand am sure goodie will want to run them ragged after his penalty miss they have nobody of his class our home record is good enough to be a 1st division team tonight we are the bully wee
  6. wasn't there today but what a fantastic result don't expect anything from the appeal but a bit ironic the gap is now 4 pts as far as I concerned we lost 7 pts that sat we were 16 unbeaten no Way would Elgin have won that match the form they were in if Clyde had been in right frame of mind mind also don't understand why Berwick not thrown their weight behind our appeal as it looks like it will do for them as well and they are completely innocent. also totally agree with cfcuk we have had plenty big names on the way down over the yrs who were not interested but DGW gives his all every game we're lucky to have him if he was scoring 3 every week he wouldn't be with Clyde but his class tells in making openings for others
  7. does anyone know how many non season ticket holders are in that section are they being scapegoated here? think all supporters of non old firm have more in common than divides us
  8. does budge think no one in that section put money into save hearts when they had the begging bowl out? now she wants a seat on spfl board they are expendable. if budge hadn't bought into hearts no one outside Edinburgh would have heard of her doesn't know much about football if she supports old firm colt teams and has saddled the jambos with her pal levein who is unsackable no matter how bad results get. I don't understand why fans allowed themselves to be persuaded season tickets were the way to go in the old days you could vote with your feet if things were not to liking now all the power is in the hands of the owners for better or worse
  9. thought Clyde played all the football today but all 3 goals should have been stopped think if we go up we will need a new goalie haven't seen lyon do anything of note yet not sure if he needs a run in the team to show his worth or he isn't good enough every time I see Peterhead they are a team of giants as opposed to our smaller trickier players. finally no idea what the stewards were doing preventing cars leaving the car park after the game no wonder ppl were getting annoyed actions like this and cashless turnstiles just piss ppl off
  10. I thought it was because right at their foundation they had an albion lorry with seats on the back which served as a grandstand
  11. didn't Hibs bring in effe ambrose from celtic as an emergency signing out with the transfer window
  12. didn't appreciate getting searched in the way in wonder if the home support have to put up with this
  13. just an obvious point but if the arrias lounge wasn't in the middle of nowhere where fans mostly drive to it would probably be busier
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