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  1. With a good % of the contracted players that are still going to be in the squad next season. Together with the budget and squad size McGynn is going to have to get a tune out of them. Either with coaching, signings that compliment their talent and shortcomings with team set up and style of play. Who do you think can make it ? Being realistic there are going to 4 - 6 minimum playing most weeks and to be fair they have had a torrid time last season with managers so like McGynn said its a fresh start for them so lets give them a chance.
  2. Now there is a name that sends shivers up my spine ! FFS we spend 20k on him Biggest rip off from Dundee since we swopped Bobby Robinson and Bobby Ford for Mervyn Bryce
  3. One thing that sticks out from the forum listing their all time great teams over the decades was that the Falkirk scouting, contact network consistently picked up gems of players. Either written off by other clubs or out of favour and they did the business for us.
  4. Was heart in your mouth stuff as he walked the ball out the box beating 2 - 3 players launching an attack but he always did it.
  5. Great player should have played at a higher level but as usual Falkirk was not a Daily Record side Markie Miller Gibson was the finest half back line I ever saw for Falkirk they were a multiplier for each other.
  6. Donaldson was close and so was Markie Miller and Gibson the finest half back line as a unit I ever saw play for Falkirk the understanding was telepathic and a multiplier to their effectiveness. Stewart Wheatley was an able replacement when any of them got injured.
  7. Bit of summer trivia. From Falkirk players you saw play select your all time great 11 maybe they would not be a team that would work on the pitch for reason as lack of dig etc. Just great individual players in that position. No rights or wrongs just re living great memories. Here is mine Parks Kennedy and McLaughlin, Weir Irvine and Gillespie. McAllister Stainrod Johnson Latapy Stokes
  8. My father was of the same opinion stating that his footballing brain was 2 moves ahead of everybody else on the park and a lot of the fans. Dennis Law once said 'If John had lived Scotland would have qualified for the 66 world and England would not have won it'
  9. What a footballer and could have been Scotlands Franz Beckenbauer. One of Scottish footballs what if he could have and his clubs addressed his personal problems - tragic loss to football. Was a shadow of the player he was when he played for Falkirk but the occasional glimpse of what a phenomenal player he was could be seen now and again. It was shown when Falkirk got a free kick up to 40 yards out. The opposition were all back, 2 players on the goal line, a wall and terrified. They knew all to well what he could do.
  10. 175 years geez its even worse than was thought. It should be the boards long term ambition and plan to buy out the council. Put some numbers together with an independent valuation. See what the cost would be over a 45 year loan and the difference between the repayments and what the council rip up the club every year. Councils are strapped for cash so the club putting a casher on the table as a one off boost to their funds could well work. The status quo in not acceptable and the longer it goes on then the more money bleeds out the club. All that is needed is the ambition and the drive to do something about it. Post was most informative - respect
  11. Then got regally screwed in the process. Take the playing surface FFS we own the pitch but not the land it sits on have you ever heard of such an inept arrangement what we own is worthless. Then to compound the stupidity owning seats but not the stand they sit on and saddled with a 125 year lease. Council are making a fortune out us. We don't have one physical asset we can borrow against if the going gets tough which it will over the next few years.
  12. Could well be waiting for the release lists from the leagues above. Considine from Aberdeen would have been a great signing and just the quality and experience needed for a 1 or 2 year deal but most likely will be at Cove next season.
  13. The Main Stand was a Falkirk Council demand and an ego trip for them. Far to big for what the club needed and could have had 2 stands half the size give a better atmosphere and spectator experience. Awful place we don't own but we are stuck with it and the council will screw the club year on year. They know the club have nowhere else to go and there is no way they would give planning permission even of we got a gift of land and a wealthy fan funding the stadium. The boards long term ambition should be is to buy out the council and own the stadium and surrounding land. Then with a bit of imagination try to improve the place. Filling in the corners. New lower roofs that keep the weather out. Last stand built.
  14. Sounds fair they should also look at increasing the size of the leagues and the teams in each league to let more new clubs chance. About time the format was given a freshen up.
  15. Found it on the web 'HATKO' interesting technology looks like that is the way forward.
  16. Going to be hard as personal finances are squeezed.
  17. There is the hybrid artificial / natural grass surface that would be worth a look at when our pitch is due for resurfacing. Was in a greenkeepers magazine 50% mix and the make up of the weave gave durability of about 1000 hours of playing per year. Read about it a few years ago and is FIFA , EUFA approved was Hatco or Harko or similar name would suspect the club will look at it as an option. Could give the best of both worlds
  18. Its in McGynn's interests to give the contracted players to prove themselves and be seen to be giving them a chance at redemption and so should the fans. It cant have been easy for any player to give their best last season. He spoke well and deserves out patience and goodwill. If ever we needed to have a flying start to a season its this one.
  19. Plenty of shop and office space in Falkirk town center. Makes sense and breaks the councils thinking that that mob have no choice but to accept the deal offered. The council doesn't and never has had goodwill for Falkirk Football Club.
  20. Don't think we will see any movement until the season finishes in the leagues in Scotland and the frees are announced.
  21. One of the easiest thing to massage up well above inflation just like the PFI's. Seen it done 500 pound for replacing an out of date fire extinguisher company I worked for sold them to the service provider at 85 pound each. Hopefully one day the club can buy the stadium but that's in the future. But it should be a long term objective for the club if we want to maximize the income we generate.
  22. What was the club thinking about getting tied into such a contrived arrangement. They got well and truly screwed with no leverage with the council having a vested interest to have a tenant that knows there place and just has to accept above above inflation increases year on year. When we reach a level of financial stability and success in the leagues the club should play hardball with the council. Nothing to lose as they have no goodwill towards us as it is. The club should negotiate how much to buy them out. Therefore a basis on what to do to get the funding together because this should be the long term policy of the club. Owning our own stadium
  23. The club should go further and relocate the offices out of that Council ego trip and white elephant of a stand letting them stew in their own juice. There you go council your new offices ready to move into. Club could buy a shop in the town center with offices above. Its a win win with lower running costs and better access for the fans.
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