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  1. Sneddon and Malcolm should have been offered a deal to go and cut the losses giving the guys a chance of playing a regular game somewhere. Let's say 8 month salary and go. The club saves 4 months pay, NI, Pension, Insurance both parties win. Thats near the funds for 1 new signing. Which brings me back to my original post about the player churn over the last 5 seasons that's been a disgrace. Contributed to our decline and most certainly will have put off potential signings. We desperately need a 7-8 player shoe in every week in key positions.
  2. I do feel sorry for the signed players with no future but being held back through the reasonable security of a contract in these times but no other takers in the market. Take the likes of Snedden, Ross, Wilson left clubs where they were playing hoping to step up a level and ended up in limbo that could end their careers
  3. There is the rub. If your a clinical striker or a young player on the up and going to be one there will be better offers going than Falkirk. The player churn over the last few years does not help in tempting the quality you speak of due to that reputation. We desperately need a bit of continuity and stability and I just don't see it in the squad as most will get punted at the end of the season.
  4. Suggested that option a while ago and was advised the terms of the lease dictate that we are charged whether we use it or not. In other words FFC are committed to the whole package
  5. Plus the council will be loading charges for day to day running the facility. Water, Electricity, Cleaning etc all will have a nice% surcharge added on. The stadium situation has been discussed and debated on the forum before. The club are screwed and there is no get out unless the club buys out and that ain't going to happen.
  6. That was very mild Bryce was shite and finished think Cunningham hoped he was getting an Alex Scott type of experienced pro but was not to be.
  7. Remember that his foot slid just as he hit it and it was United. Wonderful technique accuracy, pace, confidence The more I think about it Cunningham signed experience Totten, Miller, Scott, and Roxburgh followed by Ferguson they improved the younger players already on the books and it just gelled. Punted Baillie and Lambie who I liked but deemed disruptive and made an example of. Getting rid of Ford and Robinson was stupid though it was obvious they were cracking players.
  8. Spot on but as a team they were something special. Fergie also had the knack of winding up every opposition player on the park, he was sneaky bugger. They would be in the top 6 in the present Scottish premier league no problem.
  9. This one is unaware of Rennie Abel McLaughlin Markie Miller Gibson Hoggan Roxburgh Ferguson Shirra and Young how sad. That team inspired a generation of fans and a standard every player and team since has been compared to. To give you an idea how good they were in 50 years since there are only about 5 - 6 players who would get in the squad. You have to feel sorry for them
  10. Oh for a George Miller! Low side foot drive to the left aimed just in from the rear stansion going in 2ft in from the post ball never over 1ft above the ground. It was just taken if we got a penalty it was a goal and the opposition had the same mindset superb footballer.
  11. It is very likely it played a part in how Clyde set out their team and tactics so whoever leaked the original story should be having hard think to themselves. Those passing it on while not a desirable thing to do the one with the loose tongue at the club is to blame. Would expect that all the staff at the club will have had briefing on the importance of what happens in the club stays in the club otherwise its a slippery slope to the return of the attention seekers with 'I know somebody at the club' 'Spoke to somebody from the club at the supermarket' It's something nobody wants to return to.
  12. Thought they had sorted that out with the new board and the way the club conducts itself. Hope its not the slippery slope return to certain attention seekers getting snippets fed to them. How can you have credibility with the support if those running the club don't conduct themselves in a professional and confidential manner
  13. Hopefully some of the contracted players not in the manager's plans will be open to a pay off, loan deals come the transfer window to allow the funds for one or two new players in.
  14. Was told he played for Dundee but never got it verified. Got a source help very much appreciated.
  15. Bit of help, please. Been looking at the 1957 Cup Winning Team. Does anybody have any information on Alan Irvine the Center Half? Nothing on the web. Any information appreciated
  16. It's the opposite plenty of differences for example Collars of different designs, Crew neck, Vee neck, Collars of different colors. Then you get to cuffs and the cut of the material same with the shorts. Thats the thing with good design minimal changes but it keeps to the design principle and the selling point. Being different than every other team in the league nothing wrong with that.
  17. What would be a surefire commercial success as a team kit would be one as plain as possible. The club has tried materials of various patterns over the seasons with the majority being forgettable. Blue Tops White Shorts, change strip White Tops Blue Shorts with a mix of various coloured socks. Mix and match between the two job done. It would break from the norm and therefore not being one of the crowd the better the chance for replica sales which is the driving force behind changing strips every season.
  18. Take your point it's a matter of perspective in the geographical area and what is seen as the norm. Mate of mine who lives in Perth ( the Aus one ) drove for two days including an overnight stop for a friends minor celebration for a few hours and drove back again. Commented 'its seen as the norm' nobody bats an eyelid doing it.
  19. Wick 'A Wild and lonely place desolate and bleak' Best said in a Private Frazer accent from Dads Army
  20. It's the reality of where we are in the scheme of things. In the hunt for the play off's but teams now have a handle on how to play us and we don't have the squad quality to mix things up.
  21. Squad we have is in the mix and where we are now I will settle for. We just don't have the players at this time to put out a settled 11 and challenge the opposition to match us. It stands to reason managers of all teams have a handle on how to stop Falkirk as Kelty proved. Hopefully come the transfer window things can be freshened up a bit.
  22. Vince Boardman from Bo'ness is the earliest I remember doing that sort of thing in the 60'70s. He was very good because you never noticed him, that's the sign of a well-refereed game.
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