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  1. You don't need to work terribly hard nowadays for a degree ! You have come up with some nonsense in the past - but jeez you need help.
  2. We have a core of a squad 6 with contracts for next season with a further 6 on a short term contract as maybes. It is reasonable to expect that M&M know the style the team will play. Would be happy with 3 -4 quality signings with the rest made up of part timers with a point to prove and motivated to take the chance when it comes. If its another season with last minute signings of the leftovers there will be a lot of unhappy people - and rightly so.
  3. He requires the right type of player beside him. Somebody that's mobile and can read the game in the John Markie - Gary Smith style. The two center backs are the fulcrum that everybody else plays off. McCracken knows his stuff and am willing to trust him to get that position sorted.
  4. If we go for McManus and Alston it would have to be on a 2-3 year deal to temp them to the division we are in.
  5. FFC had 6 players on contract so the club will have reckoned buying out the contracts was not the best value for money. Keeping the further 6 gives a sensible fall back as we await some certainty on crowds and other constraints. Lets say we end up with 10 being kept. That leaves 8-12 signings to be made. That's reasonable when you consider the league we are in.
  6. Right get on with it then ! 5 times up and down the steps in the grandstand to give you time to think.
  7. Can we get the thread onto taking about the future rather than chewing the fat of past players and their merits and shortcomings it's getting boring. Positions that must be filled for the coming season. Goalkeeper, Right back, Left back, Midfielder with a bit of pace and an engine, Midfielder come winger, Forward. We have enough experience so players in the 19-25 year old bracket with maybe the exception of the keeper. So any thoughts folks. Anybody from other clubs got any comments on who could do a turn ?
  8. That's what I thought would be the best course of action. Something along the lines of a pre contract agreement that kicks in at an appropriate time to start pre season training. With the appropriate get out should the worst happen and kick off is delayed. Players I would think would get comfort from the certainty of getting fixed up early. There will be a tendency to take the offer so you can stay in the game, knowing many won't. We should get in early !
  9. Looking at the future not the past. Any forum contributors got any names of available players that could do a turn for us. I do hope we don't go for the usual last 2 -3 week signing frenzy picking up the leftovers.
  10. Would have kept Brough, ok he was a bit slow but he was not a bad player and as good if not better than some we have signed after him.
  11. Size of squad will depend on the budget and what the club is prepared to pay as a wage. Plus if done right some part time players. There will be a glut of players looking for a club and not enough positions to go round. So it's an employers market with players available with a point to prove so no lack of motivation to ensure they stay in the game. Assuming on top of the 6 signed for next season the 6 on short term deals get a seasons extension. The club require - Back up goalkeeper - Right back - Left Back - Center half - Midfield playmaker - Midfield box to box player - Midfielder come winger - Forwards x 2. Should be looking at the 19 -24 year old age group as we have enough experience of older players already signed. Think anything less could leave the squad exposed when injuries , suspensions , drop off of form come into play. As I said, nothing wrong nothing right its just an opinion.
  12. Back onto all thing FFC. We know the league we are in. We know M&M have the gig for the foreseeable future. We know the core of the squad. We know after the Deans interview there will be signings so can expect a 20 -22 squad. This is the first bit of certainty the fans have had for months. What positions do other forum users think required to be signed and what age range. ? No rights or wrongs in the answers but opinions made would be of interest to all. Lets get discussions back on track and leave Pandemics and Junior football to the appropriate forums.
  13. Have always thought Dixon would better playing as one of the center backs.
  14. Have not seen him play to make a judgement but could be the leader on the park we require. Suspect he will get an offer at a higher level though.
  15. Does Alston still have it in him do that role ? So many hero's have come back and not worked out for them. .
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