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  1. As you come to the end of your career. You compensate for your declining fitness with the experience you got in your earlier career. Two players come to mind at Falkirk George Miller and Alex Scott, the pace had gone but their football brain was on another level. Great players that made better players of those around them - that's what made them great. Most club supporters could give similar examples. That's where a good manager comes in. Spotting these players that can make that transition.
  2. After the starts to the last few seasons there is precious little patience or good will about. Unfairly if we start badly Sheerin will be blamed when its clearly not his side. Players are not stupid and potential signings will be put off by the distinct possibility of a clusterfuck after the first 10 games. If ever we needed a good start to the season its this one.
  3. Using past examples of FFC kickstarting careers is like the punch drunk slugger ' I used to be a contender ' That line was trashed over the last 4 years and that reputation will take years to rebuild. If you are the type of player Falkirk are looking for then FFC are the last mob you would go to unless there are no other takers. That mindset is shown in our signing or more pertinent the non signings.
  4. Dempsey & Purdie were superb at the back for us that season.
  5. As I have said before it is because of the league we are in and the level we deserve at this time. Not helped by out reputation and an untrustworthy hire and fire outfit. FFC will have been matching if not bettering other clubs offer. The potential players will have looked at our track record over the last 3 years in player turnover plus players talk to each other and we ain't going to get glowing references. Come to the conclusion its not worth an extra 10 pound per day. Sad but true.
  6. It was a tip, But it was our tip, It was Brockville and I miss it dearly.
  7. Glad he got the move. Young player that was never going to progress or hold down a 1st team game at Falkirk so was a wasted season for the lad. You never know Gretna may be the making of him.
  8. Then punt him out on loan so the guy at least can get first team football even if its back to Camelon.
  9. No doubt they have tried for the quality of players required. But we have to face the fact that we ain't got a reputation of a good employer to work for. Disfunctional board. Reputation for hiring and firing managers and players there is just not the trust they will have a secure job. On top of that a fan base that would turn on them at any time. They have had better offers and the ones we have signed have required 2-3 year contracts to tempt them. Nothing will change till we get promoted and have stability.
  10. We have to wait misgivings and all to see what the team does on the pitch. That's only fair because if the fans are on the teams back from kick off on the first game then failure will be the outcome. If ever we needed a good start to the season its this one.
  11. Just how many high heid yins does this club need ?
  12. When Kevin McAllister skinned Frankie Gray Scotlands left back all game. Then that fight in the Railway Bar after the game with the Leeds hard men found out they were not as hard as they thought.
  13. FFC is but a line on a balance sheet in his investment portfolio. Good question but suspect gives him a foot in the door for future buy out.
  14. Any agent will try to get the individual to a club playing at as high a level as possible. He does his job on behalf of the player and a bigger payday for the agent. Falkirk at the level they are at will not even be considered. Any signing will will have nothing to do with Rawlins or his associates.
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