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  1. On a serious point. If you have a programme collection that you would like to do some good with. Please consider donating them to Footballing Memories. They are an organisation working with Alzheimer sufferers. Sometimes it will drag somebody back into remembering who they are, their family, who they went to the game with, pint in the Royal or the 1066, Brockville , Players, Great games. Then they drift away again but for these few minutes it's priceless. I donated my programmes from the 60's till now home and away international matches the lot. Lucky enough to have the memories but you never know I might some day need them again, and so might you !
  2. Well ! The reason why not is reality of what it is like on the pitch. You could put together 11 players that are great in their individual positions but playing together their limitations expose the limitations of the great players beside them and its a disaster. Here is the scenario. Midfield player good allrounder but if ball player in behind him he is slow on the turn. This exposes the good all rounder centre back that is slow for his first 3 - strides. Result big hole in the middle of the park and games lost. What do you learn from that ? The best players don't make the best teams,sometimes conditions determine who gets a game, and sometimes the opposition can be exploited by a less talented player but with a game winning attribute. Get a grip Shadwell !
  3. This is where due diligence comes in. The clubs lawyers and accountants have a legal duty to ascertain that the commitments made during the bid process can be met by the potential buyer. These Lawyers and Accountants are not going to put their careers at risk by not following due process. It's all conjecture and personal opinion so far, so best to wait and see.
  4. East Stirlinghire should be a warning to us about new owners and their motives. Mackin stripped the assets and the rest is history. It was Bainsford's club and have fond memories of some cracking derbies and pints with their support in the old shires club after words.
  5. No ! I have a better one. Stirlingshire Cup midweek game at Brockville against the Shire early mid 70's. Goal kick for Shire at the car park end. The shire goalie called Gourley took a long run up. Slightly lost his footing and kicked a divot of turf which sailed majestically to the half way line as the ball tricked out the box. There was the bizarre sign of Gourley standing on one foot hopping about holding a football boot full of mangled toes. John Whiteford walked the ball round him into an empty net. People were staggering for a piss to the toilet or to the wall behind the goal. Funniest thing I have ever seen on a football pitch. People were bursting out in spontaneous laughter for the rest of the game as they re lived the moment in their mind. Anybody else remember this ?
  6. Wonder what he would have made of the guy that used to follow the linesman from the Watson Street corner flag to the half way line giving non stop abuse every home game at Brockville. That guy would have made Malcolm Tucker look slightly sarcastic, hilarious stuff. Anybody remember him ?
  7. Yes it was but it was a well drilled one. The biggest Falkirk side I have ever seen. Big Marshall and Burgess were standouts and both made the club money when they sold them on. He kept the club up with that win at Parkhead and did it with no money. He was a pragmatist that did the best he could with what he had.
  8. Great players and memories of happier days.
  9. The force can have a strange effect on the weak minded.
  10. This colt team nonsense is just marketing. There should be a straight reserve team league as there was in the 60s and 70's. With a mix of young players coming through. Injured and low form players able to get competitive game time to play themselves back into form. It used to be good seeing these games and now and again spotting stars in the making. They were competitive with players motivated to play well there used to be some cracking games that meant something.
  11. There are a lot of posts about Campbell and his suitability and financial backing to buy Falkirk Football Club. Due diligence is quoted often, But what it is has to be understood it is a very important part of changing ownership. It is a legal requirement with litigation should it not be done properly. Lawyers and accountants from both sides will diligently investigate not only the assets and liabilities of both parties. But the financial strength of the parties that they have where with all to fulfill the business plan going forward. What I would like to see from Campbell is an objective and a timeline. Setting out key performance indictors with 3 - 5 - 10 year objectives. Can you imagine the reaction for example. 4th Stand incorporating hotel with facilities to cater for local and international requirements, which will be a year round income generator. Completed stadium marketed as the first choice central Scotland venue. The club reverting to it's original ethos as Falkirk Football and Athletic Club catering for all sports. If you are good at sports you will be welcome. Those that remember the Falkirk Sports pre season will remember that ethos. Stating what he intends to take out the club as his share of the profits and his exit strategy. I will keep an open mind but we do require a lot more detail.
  12. That is complacent and dangerous that leads to turning up going through the motions. Have seen this since the 60's with some of the great Scottish club teams at Brockville. Cocky support waiting for a gubbing to be handed out then leaving with their tails between their legs. Good result with a good display and we should all enjoy the moment. But lets stay mean and keen and save the gloating till the end of the last game of the season.
  13. Agree if you are playing as a fullback. Then you are a defender first anything else you have in your game is a bonus.
  14. With Moore signed what the point of Laverty. He must have though being a left footed wide player he had a chance as the season went on. But with Moore signed the poor guy must be gutted. Suspect he will go out on loan then away at the end of the season.
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