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  1. Neither would I. One of the greatest players I have seen in a Falkirk jersey
  2. If not Rice then Latapy as Yogi's No 2 would be a good option. Anybody know where the genius is ?
  3. Worse than the post Cunningham wilderness years in the 70's
  4. Sacking Sheerin reinforces the perception ( which is correct ) FFC are a hire and fire outfit. So there ain't going to be a big pool of managers that will look at us because of it. That's Sheerin's managerial career over for example. If we do sack him and its a big if - then there has to be someone in the pipeline that can be announced next day. For no other reason time is not on our side and cannot afford to fanny about for 2,3,4,5, weeks. It's got to be Yogi !
  5. Good point Brown did well but Ormond's squad were in a different class with that never say die attitude. As for Roxburgh well Gough had a different take on it but to be fair they did the business on the park. Oh for the 74 squad now !
  6. What Clarke has got going for him though is 'Team Spirit' and its the best I have seen in a Scotland team since Willy Ormond's great 1974 side. So credit to him for that at least.
  7. If that is the case and Sheerin does not have complete control of team matters them more fool him for not insisting on that when he took the job. Therefore in this instance I disagree with you. Sheerin by not laying down the lay before he took the job is in the BoD camp when it comes to taking the blame. In the wonderful book 'The 3 Kings' Shankly, Busby, Stein had control over all matters regarding the playing side and woe betide any director that crossed the line - they were soon told and in many instances in public.
  8. Think it was Clarke that signed Marshall and Burgess
  9. He can only work with the squad he has but that is no excuse as he knew that when he took the job. With the exception of 3 or 4 if the rest left they would be no great loss if we got promoted. Airdrie is never an easy game and if we come away with a point I would take it. Sad how your expectations drop - taking a draw at Airdrie dear oh dear
  10. Great Memories maybe but it was the longest last 10 minutes watching football in my life
  11. That was about the longest 10 minutes I ever spent at Brockville.
  12. Decent man and a good manager. My goodness we could do with somebody of his caliber now. Had an eye for a player to fit into a system. Bryan Purdie as sweeper being good example
  13. Agree but that's the way it is Ruth is not our player
  14. Their player and can do what they please. Not an issue ! not what FFC would have preferred but what's our preference does not come into the matter.
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