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  1. 4 - 6 years till we see a payback minimum. That is hopefully selling a 20-21 year old gem for a few million. Got to be a long term investment and not the first target for any cost cutting
  2. That only works for a possession based style of game. We don't have the players elsewhere in the side to pull it off. Anyway the Bairns won and that is the main thing. Falkirk do not do it simple ! Pampers time at Cove methinks !
  3. On Housty I disagree he got a lot right. Playoffs against clubs with massive budgets, cup final. thrilling games and a team spirit and never say die attitude we could badly do with now. Ok it ended badly but rightly should be remembered for what he got right and a great player and servant of the club. If he game back to a game I for one would be on my feet applauding him.
  4. Clyde will fancy their chances and with good reason.
  5. Sunken eyed and the body language said more than words could. What a mess !
  6. 3 points clear 3 games to go jeeze ! Falkirk don't half put you through it supporting them. So FFS last home game come out all guns firing and play it as a must win cup tie - because it is. None of this playing yourself into the game nonsense over the first 20 minutes. Anything but a victory then what confidence is left will collapse in the team and management.
  7. Falkirk should be in a position to put out a lineup with an attitude, this is how we are going to play try and stop us. High press, high tempo dictating the game. We don't because we can't. With 2 or 3 exceptions would not be bothered of they dumped the squad and started again. Have a bad feeling Cove are going to pip us to the title.
  8. Jock Stein summed up your post when asked about possible defensive weakness in his 1967 European side. Its the opposite said Jock Celtic are a very defensive team. Interviewer ask incredulous What ! He answered ' When we have possession in the opposition half that is the best defensive formation any team can have' He was right and it worked because the players made it work.
  9. Sometimes you have to look to the past for what to do in the future. Would give a few teams a fright of you went out with 2 wingers a big center forward and the original inside forward style of forward line. 2 fullbacks and a center half partnered by 2 old fashioned half backs. FFC did that against Coventry in the Texaco cup in the 70's and they did not have a clue how to cope with it. For one game go out and try it people just might be suprised - Coventry were !
  10. If ! FFC go up we have to set our sights on a squad that can at least challenge for promotion. Securing our place in the division ain't good enough. Can only think of 3 - 4 players that are on our books that are good enough to do that. Think most of the higher league clubs will have a shake out of players and reduce squad size. M&M should be on the ball with who they want with none of this rush of signings 3 weeks before the season starts. Do M&M know the style of game they want to play ? sometimes I wonder.
  11. We have to aim for a squad to challenge for promotion, that requires the management to be ruthless. As far as I am concerned if we don't make the playoffs its failure and M&M would have to go.
  12. Sometimes its not having the right type of player beside them. Seen it over they years, new player signs and the players around him preform like new signings. As my Gym teacher said at school dont try anything on the pitch your not good at.
  13. One of these players that consistently does not play as well as he can. Has the skill. Has the vision. His problem has always been that the management cannot be sure he will turn it on. That in the end is why he is playing where he is.
  14. Get the spine of the side sorted. Goalkeeper - 2 x center backs - 2 x midfielders - 2 x forwards then the rest is build on these players attributes and weaknesses. So who can we say can cut it on displays, age etc in a higher league Mutch - Miller G - Morrison harsh but its true. Think Dixon could be in there but will be a year older. Jury is out on the rest of the squad. Lot of work to be done to challenge for promotion. Just staying up ain't a good enough target to set.
  15. Think a lot of individuality is coached out of kids these days. You played football with your mates and had you range of tricks and touches. Learning how to make the best of what you were good at and how to make your weaknesses less damaging. Would Jimmy Johnstone or Jim Baxter make it now ? not a chance !
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