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  1. Was appalling! it all kicked off when Connor got sent off for spitting at Manley in front of the linesman the ref had no choice with spittle all over Manleys face and top. Got worse minute by minute by the Aberdeen players kicks and punches off the ball to try and get Falkirk players sent off as well then ending with a 9th minute injury time fabricated penalty for a draw.
  2. The 1986 mid week 3 all draw. Nearest I ever saw to there being a riot at Brockville.
  3. Darvel in the cup - you heard it here first. Have never laughed so hard for ages at Darvel knocking out Aberdeen, Could not have happened to a more deserving bunch of whinging cheats. Did I ever tell you about a game at Brockville against them?
  4. That's going to be a hard away Scottish Cup Tie against Darvel
  5. One of the best punter commentaries I ever heard was a guy who sat in the Main Stand at Brockville in the 1980's and did a match commentary for some blind people. He was superb people that had pleasure of overhearing held him in the highest esteem. His words, pace of delivery, tone of voice and use of language was faultless. Described the build up, teams, game program, weather, fans, crowd reactions and his knowledge of the game was obviously extensive. Like the FTV commentators, they don't get the recognition for what they do. If people think they can do better, put their name down to do an audition.
  6. Did you hear the Deliverance banjo tune from your veranda when you were typing that. Naw will leave that sort of that inbred perversion to the inhabitants of Dark Sweaty Kingdom of Fife which by the look of some Pars fans is rife in the club catchment area. Why not visit the Lochgelly draft sherry and spring fertility celebration and diversify your supports gene pool.
  7. Family and personal finances are the main contributors to the take-up Rightly so these are a priority in particular with people coming off the Electricity and Gas fixed deals and finding that outlay doubling and more throw into that job insecurity with the loss of employment protections caution is understandable. The take-up so far should not be looked on as disappointing
  8. Personal issues are personal and we should respect that it could be anything. Surmising adds nothing and may be hurtful to the individual, we should move on he's gone with the clubs, and fans best wishes that whatever the issue is it is resolved.
  9. Think any signings will be loans. Once the certainty of what league we are going to be playing in next season is known. The club will be in a position to sign the best quality player at that level.
  10. Comments have been made regarding posts made regarding leaks regarding signings. I have been vocal in the past about this practice so would like to clarify the reasoning behind my position on the subject and regrettably taken offense that was never my intent. The point I have been making regarding leaks from the club is that it reflects badly on the individuals running it and therefore how the club is looked upon by players and other clubs the very source of these potential signings. It was one of the symptoms of the last regime that highlighted everything that was wrong in the stewardship of the club. No integrity, standards of behavior, and going about the day-to-day management of the club. Have felt strongly on this matter since the Brockville days when Jeffries and Brown were about to sign Richardson from Blackburn and some arsehole at the club tipped off the Daily Record and Aberdeen nipped in at the last minute. So whoever it was in the club who tipped the wink should have a look at themselves. Because sooner or later we will lose out on a signing because of it and that is not in the best interests of the club. So you are either bothered or not bothered about leaks from the club and the consequences it's one or the other. Take your pick. Will not comment ever again on the subject but there is my position - make of it what you will
  11. Player safety comes first, one of these things. Shame for the home club as it would be one of their biggest crowds of the season.
  12. If it is true and the board are leaking potential signings again then they need hunted. The return of a favored few attention seekers getting snippets of inside information for their self-gratification does not bode well for the future stewardship of the club. Hopefully its just the ramblings of somebody wanting attention that told you.
  13. It is the season to be cliche fa la la la la lalalala
  14. Right Back and 2 engine room players in the middle of the park are desperately needed. It's obvious that the opposition see Falkirk as a soft touch and get stuck in at the start on our midfield. Will get the best out of McGinn to create chances for the forwards while protecting a defense that sadly always have a silly goal to lose at any time. So if a team in a higher division have suitable players requiring 1st team games in a competitive league then if McGlynn is doing his joub has them lined up for signing next week. We will soon know
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