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  1. But everyone used to criticise him, because he talked pish and was a cock about it..... Actually, scrap that, he talks pish and is a cock. Why the obsession with you...... Mancrush? Edited to add, appears I should have read the other posts.... This has already been suggested.
  2. It's been worse than it is now and it will get better....... the fucknuggets that are causing the issues will eventually get ignored and will leave (like h29), hope it's happens soon, what else am I supposed to do on my lunch hour?
  3. His temperament is questionable, but I would argue that with Adams as manager, and senior players such as Brittain, Tokely, Munro, etc in the squad, there is more leadership than at previous clubs - especially hibs where they have been lacking leadership for a long time now. If we sign them we can only speculate as to whether he can be controlled, and whether he can perform, but we have to try something to get a bit of creativity in the team. He's got that little bit about him and has the talent to do what he wants on the pitch (it's about whether he really wants to or not).
  4. Norwich, Swansea and QPR, the three promoted teams to the EPL last year, are case and point as to why we shouldn't try to drastically change the squad. The desire and togetherness that the first two have shown has proved way more effective than signing million pound journeymen on silly wages. That said I think we need a replacement for Gardyne and a few more players to add a bit of squad depth in key areas for when injuries/suspensions kick in.
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