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  1. 3 Weeks later and...... 6 further posts. This cup is setting the world on fire. For what it's worth, Queens have the reverse of the matches I would have prefered. Still hoping for second place but it's Queens, any place from one to five. Reasonable signings so far, but still basically half a team including a goalie who is crocked. Things will improve.
  2. The excitement that this cup group has created is breathtaking! Page upon page,of posts of people who can't wait for this cup to start. Honestly, are things really this dismal folks? For what it's worth Queens will be looking for 2nd place I expect.
  3. Shitbags it usually when a shot is on. Far too many times he will be in a good scoring opportunity and he will choose to pass rather than belt one at goal.
  4. Thing is, we did, until around East Fife/October( ish) then after that shitfest Naysmith decided that defence /don't lose boys was the better option.
  5. Circe Link... Lost at sea/Notes from the madhouse.
  6. Should Mercer be on his way,don't be surprised if Ayr are on the case.?Inside info if it comes true.
  7. Correct. Clark and Paton 2 goals each and an own goal. Reilly with the sixth in the second half. More of the same tomorrow and/or Saturday please!
  8. Im in. Count me out as it means having to go to Palmerston.
  9. No food available. But the Glenpark in Lochside have accomodated a couple of Hibs buses in the past. Three minute straight bus ride to Palmerston.
  10. They were from Uttoxeter. Arrived in Dumfries at 10.32 already half pissed. Hang a banner briefly over the railings at Wetherspoons. Warned twice about their noise as there were families eating in the upstairs area. Other than that they seemed ok. That was at half past 11 mind.
  11. The worrying thing is we go to The Pars on Saturday which earlier was the worst game of the season so far. And that was a game we WON. Saturday is really gonna be a blast!!!
  12. Yes, we are good enough, but the players themselves don't believe so. Basically we are fucked.
  13. Dobbie????? Heh heh! Now there's a surprise! Wonder how many submit a team WITHOUT him in it!
  14. Is the wee bakers across the road from Munns Vaults still open? Cracking bacon rolls.
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