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  1. I actually didn't mind him. He is a cautious 1-1 merchant though.
  2. It doesn't make you Nostradamus to predict a match involving Jack Ross would finish 1-1.
  3. Those Herman Munster shoe/trainer hybrids they all wear do my head in.
  4. The biggest minter is when English supports sing it. Ellow Ellow...........
  5. Shankland for top scorer eh? I must've imagined him being bang average at Dundee Utd in the top division two seasons ago.
  6. Stop employing Chick Young. He's absolutely chronic.
  7. Rookie is the one that does my head in. When did that nonsense become part of Scottish/British vocabulary?
  8. Knowing our luck his knee would explode on his second day back at training.
  9. That picture sums Mueller up. Running into a dead end with his eyes fixed on the ball.
  10. Ah well. Cregg's silly tactics were always going to come a cropper eventually. McCann seems to have heavy hands, not many of the ladies do.
  11. Eh? Tony Kahn would pay Lesnar whatever he asked for. Kahn employs utter guff like Dr. Luther and Jack Swagger, I'm sure he could find the money needed for Lesnar down the back of his da's couch.
  12. I hope Double J ends up running the show. We'd get to see what TNA could've been if they'd had a budget.
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